How to increase weight fast at home naturally

How to increase weight fast at home is a common question in the mind of thin people. Often, some people say that they eat much, but they do not gain weight. To get rid of a lean slim body, it is not enough to eat just a lot of food.

To increase body weight, you need to eat high-calorie foods in your diet that are rich in nutrients. Such as a diet rich in protein, enhances muscles and improves your weight in the right way. In this article we will know how to increase weight using weight gain foods, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

How to increase weight fast at home

What is the reason of thin body?

  • Long intervals between breakfasts, lunch and dinner.
  • Reduced food intake and work harder than it.
  • Due to weakness of digestion system body do not able to digest food properly.
  • The effect of any disease associated with constipation, gas or stomach affects the digestive system.
  • Cancer, TB, hormone imbalance, and prolonged illness.
  • Eating less according to your daily work capacity.
  • Distraction of food and lack of appetite.
  • Do not digest food properly. (Weak digestion)
  • Chronic, frequent diarrheal diseases.
  • Frequent illness, Feeling fever.
  • Worrying and Thinking More.
  • Lack of food with vitamins and nutrients
  • Do more physical work, exercise or GYM than limit.
  • Do not eat food if you feel hungry.
  • Lack of metabolism.
  • Weeknines of thyroid gland.
  • Mental stress, due to this, the body does not grow.
  • Do more fasting.

Fact: Children of 1 to 14 years grow very quickly, because they have no mental stress, they are totally free minded. To increase the weight, you also need to be stress-free, this measure will be very beneficial for increasing weight.

Weight Gain Foods List

  1. Almonds, raisins, cashews, and walnuts are main dry fruits for weight gain. Dried fruits have more fiber, calories, and nutrients. Walnuts have required fat. To increase the weight, eat 20 grams of walnuts every day.
  2. Cashew nuts are an easy way to get beautiful skin and shiny hair. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in weight gain. One cup of almond contains 530 calories and 1 cup raisins contain 450 calories. Almonds and raisins have high fiber and these dry fruits have a lot of calories.
  3. Vegetarian weight gain foods such as cream, butter, milk, cheese are high-calorie foods. These are very useful in keeping the body healthy and having good health.
  4. Fat is high in cheese and it also contains essential nutrients which are useful for fast weight gain. Cheese also contains calcium, cholesterol, and protein, besides calories.
  5. If you want to increase weight fast then consume fat-rich milk instead of fat-free milk. It’s one glass contains 130-150 calories. Apart from this, it also has vitamin A and D.
  6. Pasta is also a good and delicious food on the list of weight gain foods, which can also be called calorie food. Carbohydrates are high in pasta.
  7. Potato is a vegetable which contains a lot of carbohydrates. Potato is the first in weight gain vegetables. It also has nutrients like fiber, starch and vitamin C. Eat potatoes with peel because peel has protein too. A medium-sized potato has up to 150 calories.
  8. What fruit should you eat for weight gain, if you have the same question then the answer is banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple. Make a salad of these fruits or smoothes and take it in your diet. If you want home remedies for weight gain, then eat 2 bananas every day. It also improves digestion.
  9. If you prefer to eat non-vegetarian food than low-fat red meat is high in calories. Protein is also more in it. Include it in your weight gain diet. Salmon fish also increases weight and also reduces protein deficiency in the body.
  10. Eggs contain 5 grams of fat and 70 calories. Eggs contain proteins and many other nutrients. It helps in increasing fat if you eat the yellow part of the egg. For this, eat boiled eggs and increase weight faster.

How to increase weight fast at home naturally

Weight Gain Foods

Eat a lot of food (do not kill hunger)

This is the second most common cause of low weight. If you do not eat enough food then how will the body get power? So fill the stomach with vitamins and nutrients rich food.

And do not kill hunger. Any time when you feel hungry, you should eat food. Normally, we consume tea to eliminate hunger, which makes a lot of harm to the body.

So always eat food if you feel hungry, or have plenty of breakfast with some protein. That is, if you feel hungry, do not eat or drink anything that is harmful, such as drinking cold drinks, tea, coffee etc. This is the perfect answer for how to increase weight fast.

Sleep well to gain weight fast

When we are in Relaxation State, our body is growing. Do you know why small children whose age is 1 to 5 why they sleep more ??? The reason is that, in this age, the growth of their body is very fast. And for that reason, he sleeps too much. So start taking a deep sleep for 8 to 10 hours for 2-3 months.

To get deep sleep, take a bath every night and apply cow’s pure ghee on the soles of your feet and apply cow’s ghee on the head. By sleeping in this way, sleep comes very deep.

Remember, to be fat, in the solution, you only have to sleep at night, that is, do not sleep in the day, take out the entire sleep at night. Because the sleep of the day is not good for health. Take full sleep at one time only. This is the effective answer for how to increase weight fast.

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Do exercise and yoga daily

Exercise increases the strength of the body, which increases the growth of its parts. You should exercise for 30 minutes daily for weight gain. This will cause fatigue in the body and deep sleep. This is totally beneficial.

For this, you can also go on walking every morning and evening. You can also do stretching exercises. That is how to keep your body moving fast. These methods are very helpful in weight gain.

Consume milk and bananas every morning

Milk is rich in proteins. Milk has the high potential for the growth of the body and strengthening of bones. And bananas have plenty of calories. By taking milk and bananas together, your body will easily get protein + calories, which is very helpful in increasing weight.

Instead of tea, drink 1-2 glass of milk and eat 2-3 bananas in the morning. You will begin to feel the benefits by using it for a month. This is the perfect answer for how to increase weight fast according to Ayurveda.

Eat Potatoes

Carbohydrates are found in the potato. If you eat food with potato vegetable once a day for 1 month continuously, your body weight will increase in just 30 days. You can eat lots of potato dishes, such as salad, potato curry etc.

Eat 2 boiled potatoes Daily. It will be more effective than potato curry. Boil 2 potatoes in 2-3 glass water and then take out the top of them and eat them. Regularly use it for 1 month. This method is beneficial in weight gain because the potato has weight gain properties. It increases the fat.

Eat cornbread – Quick way to gain weight

Most of the fat is found in cornbread. If you eat cornbread two times a day for 30 days then your weight will increase very fast. If you consume only potato and cornbread, it will be even more beneficial. There are lots of fat in corn, which is why it is the most effective home remedy for weight gain. It also has no side effects.

Eat Soya Bean and beans to increase weight and strength

Soybean is rich in Proteins and Carbohydrates, Calcium, Fiber, Vitamin B, and Iron. Soybeans will increase your body weight as well as strengthen your body. The strength of the body will increase. By the way, you can also use red beans, black beans, lima beans, but soybeans are the most effective.

Soak one cup soybean in 1-2 glass water at night and then wake up in the morning. Now take out the soya bean and throw the water. Now eat soya bean as it is. It is very beneficial in strengthening the body and muscles.

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Eat eggs every day

Egg is the most popular breakfast for fat, proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamins and proteins that are needed to increase the growth of body are found in abundance in the eggs.

Eat 4-5 boiled eggs in the morning and evening every day. By eating 5 eggs in the morning and 5 eggs in the evening, you will know the difference within one month. This is the proven answer for how to increase weight fast.

Eat paneer and butter everyday

Paneer is rich in Protein, Calcium or Fats. There are many ways to eat paneer. You can eat paneer with bread, vegetable, etc. Always eat paneer 2-3 hours before sleeping, because it takes a lot of time to digest the cheese.

You can also increase the weight easily by using butter. Eat butter with the bread in the breakfast. Butter can be found in every home. If it is not at home, then buy it from the market and use it.

Eat raisins and figs

Raisins and figs contain nutrients to increase weight. You can eat raisins and fig after drinking milk. Eat both of them in a short gap. Fig also helps in increasing the mental ability along with weight.

Eat curd to improve digestion

Curd also helps to increase body weight while making the skin beautiful. This also helps to digest food too quickly.

Eat Noodles and Pasta (Fast Foods) to be fat

High calorie and fats are found in pasta & noodles. Eat fast food once a day for a month. Because fat is very rich in foods. If you want to increase the weight quickly, then eat more fast foods instead of normal food. Take breakfast in the market.

Quick weight gain diet tips

  • To increase or decrease the weight, it is very important to take care of calorie intake. Taking excess calories in diet means more weight.
  • To remove leanness and to increase weight, take 2500 to 3000 calories per day in the diet.
  • To gain weight, it is important that you take 500 calories more than your diet needs.
  • Taking high calorie in meals does not mean that you eat anything. Diet plan should focus more on carbohydrates and protein-rich diets to increase the weight properly.
  • To increase obesity, eat heavy breakfast and eat light dinner at night.
  • Even if you do not feel hungry, eat some nutritious things in between 2 to 3 hours interval.
  • If you want to increase weight fast, than add exercise and yoga in your daily routine.
  • If someone’s weight is low due to thyroid, then treat it so that thyroid can stay in control and your weight increases.
  • Instead of taking powder or tablet to gain weight, use natural methods.


If you have a question in mind that how to increase weight naturally then this is the right place for you. Follow our weight gain tips to increase weight fast and be happy.

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