How to increase platelet count naturally (thrombocytopenia)

Platelets are tiny cells in the blood responsible for stopping the flow of blood at the site of injury in the body. You need the least amount of blood platelets in the blood failing which you may begin to bleed without injuries or may have excessive bleeding for ordinary injuries. In this article we will talk about how to increase platelet count naturally. This is also known as thrombocytopenia.

Top 19 Natural Remedies for Low Platelets Count

Natural remedies to increase low platelet count (thrombocytopenia)


Beetroot is rich in iron and antioxidants. Eat beetroot for a few days and see your blood platelet count shoot up. The most effective way is to have it in the form of juice. Add two to three teaspoons full of beetroot juice with one glass of carrot juice and have it daily before lunch. Find beetroot health benefits.


The red colour of pomegranates is indicative of the high iron content. If you eat pomegranates regularly, they help boost the platelet count. Also, they have enough amount of vitamins that give you energy even if the blood platelets count is low. Drink 100-150 ml of pomegranate juice daily for two weeks if you suffer from low platelet count.

Sesame oil

The cold-pressed sesame oil helps improve the blood platelet count. It does this naturally and controls the radical damage. It increases the blood circulation and reduces the inflammation. You can use sesame oil in two ways. One is to have sesame oil with the food, and the other is to rub the oil on the places where the lymph nodes are present.


The chlorophyll in the wheat-grass resembles the hemoglobin in its structure. This is natural since the chlorophyll is the ‘blood of the plants.’ Eating chlorophyll increases the production of blood platelets in the body.


Use the extract from the papaya leaves to improve the blood circulation. Take two or three leaves of the papaya and put in water that is mildly hot. Now, raise the heat until it begins to boil. Wait until the water reduces and then cool it. Drink this daily with the midday meal. It will help you increase blood platelet count.


The calcium in the milk helps boost the production of the blood platelets. Calcium needs fibrinogen and vitamin K for this. Fibrinogen is a milk protein. Other forms of milk such as cheese and yogurt also help you achieve this same aim. Be sure to include some form of dairy produce in your daily diet. But, milk increases the production of the mucus and so many people prefer to avoid it.


When we exercise, the blood circulation improves. This promotes the production of blood platelets. You have to exercise according to the level of blood platelets in the body. If the platelet count is 150,000 –200,000 per micro-litre of circulating blood, then you can do gentle sitting and standing exercises. It goes up all the way to 600,000 per ml where the person can do aerobics and cardio exercises.


All the tissue repair and building process occurs during the sleep period. This is why one must get enough sleep. If we don’t sleep enough, proper growth will not take place. Sleep stimulates the production of blood platelets.

Folate food

Deficiency in folate results in low blood platelet count. Include folate rich food such as orange juice and spinach. The recommendation is to have at least 400mg of folate in the daily diet. Asparagus and fortified cereal are other methods of increasing the folate in the food.

No to alcohol

It is advisable to avoid alcohol when you have a low platelet count. Having alcohol will aggravate the condition, and this might lead to life threatening conditions.


Vitamin K is present in spinach. This is one of the vital ingredients for the production of blood platelets. Vitamin K also helps cure cuts and injuries. Eat spinach as a side dish or boil some spinach in water and drink it. Find spinach health benefits.

Lean protein food

The main constituents of lean protein food are proteins, zinc, and vitamin B12. These reverse the effect of thrombocytopenia – low blood platelet count. Turkey, chicken, and fish are good sources of lean protein food. Include lean protein food items at least two to three times a week.


Pumpkin has a rich content of vitamin A which takes part in the production of blood platelets. It also regulates the protein production in the body. Both of these contribute to blood platelet count. Have pumpkin juice or include it with your curries.


Blood cells are mainly protein and water. Drinking water is necessary but avoid drinking cold water as this will prevent the absorption of the nutrients from the intestines. Instead, drink warm water with your food. Or, at least drink water that is at room temperature.

Vitamin K rich foods

Since vitamin K is another essential ingredient in the production of blood platelets, we must include food items that have lots of vitamin K. These are egg, kale, and liver. Blood platelets last only for 10 days in the body, then, they remain lost. So, we must replenish the lost platelets by eating the right food.

Cod liver oil

You need to strengthen the immune system since autoimmune disease is one of the major causes for low blood platelet count.

Indian gooseberry

Vitamin C is present in large amounts in the Indian gooseberry. Vitamin C helps to increase the blood count. It also improves the health of the immune system in the body. Include gooseberry in the diet or drink its juice to get the full benefits. Find Indian gooseberry health benefits.

Aloe Vera juice

The juice of Aloe Vera is a blood purifier. It helps prevent blood infections and maintains the health. The blood plate count increases when one has regular intake of Aloe Vera juice. Find Aloe Vera medicinal uses.

Vitamin A rich food

Vitamin A is essential for healthy platelet production and making proteins in the body. You need protein regulation for the cell division and growth of tissues. Some food items you can include are kale, pumpkin, roasted sweet potatoes, and carrot. Otherwise, have a glass of carrot juice daily.

Platelets are very important for the proper functioning of the human body. You see that you can rectify the problem of low platelet count by changing your diet and including the things shown above.

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