How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying

Breaking down emotionally after facing a tough situation is natural. What is tougher is to get rid of the puffy eyes after crying that come from crying for a long time.

Bright red eyes and a swollen nose are sure to raise curiosity when you least want it. Here are some time-tested home remedies for puffy eyes to take care of your red and swollen eyelid in the best possible way.

How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying

What causes puffy eyes

The eyes have lacrimal glands that produce the watery part of the tears. The tears are of three types – Basal tears, reflex tears, and emotional tears. The basal film is always present in the eyes to protect it.

Reflex tears happen when you have any irritants such as smoke. Emotional tears occur when you experience strong emotions. When this occurs, huge amounts of watery tears occur. The fine tissues around the eyes absorb the watery tears making the eyes puffy and swollen.

Now, the autonomic nervous system, in response to the emotion, increases the blood flow to the face. This increases the appearance of puffy eyes. When you calm down, this will reduce on its own.

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Home remedies for puffy eyes

Be gentle with the eyes because you can cause much damage by squeezing or pressing hard on the eyeballs. Use a soft cloth to apply the pastes and ointments.

1. Tap or massage around the puffy eyes

Use the fingers to tap softly around the puffy eyes. Rub with smooth rotating movement around the eyes and the temples. The soft tapping movement will help get rid of the fluid accumulation; this brings down the puffiness fast.

2. Use potatoes to reduce puffy eyes

Crying, rubbing your eyes, and shedding excess tears will damage the tissues and fluids of the eyes. You can restore the health of the eye tissues by using potato slices.

Use cool potato slices and their astringent action will help draw the water out of the puffy eyes. You can also use grated potato poultice with equal efficacy.

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3. Use cool compress to get rid of puffy eyes

Wrap some ice cubes in a plastic bag and use this as a cold compress for the eyes. The cold reduces the blood flow, and so the puffiness will subside. If you feel any pain, stop.

Take a break and then resume with the cold compress. This is advisable only if the puffiness is excessive. Use light pressure while doing the cold compress. It helps to drain the fluid accumulated in the region of the eyes.

4. Rest for puffy eyes cure

Take a break from crying: Take some rest. Yes, it is good to cry, and you must indulge yourself. Cry out loud or cry to yourself but go the entire distance. After a while, it is good to stop crying and take a break. You can always resume crying after a while. But, the break will help to stabilise your emotional balance.

Go out for a walk or watch the television for a while. Go out to the garden or have a shower. Do some activity that takes your mind off of the crying.

By taking a break, you reduce the puffiness of the eyes. So, even if you cry, there will not be much puffiness. Try to stop crying for a while and then you can resume. Another easy way to take a break is to call a friend over or go over to a friend’s house.

5. Decrease fluid retention

When you have puffy eyes, decrease the salt intake. This will decrease the amount of water retention in the tissues of the body.

Increase potassium intake by including sweet potato, plantain, yogurt, and white beans in your diet. This helps decrease the cell pressure and improve the tension. Your body fluid will remain balanced well, and so you will not have any retention.

6. Improve blood flow to fix red puffy eyes

Small exercises can decrease the intraocular pressure and improve the blood flow to your eyes. Exercise the neck by nodding your head or moving your head around in circles.

Look at a pen at a distance of 30-40 cm in front of you with one eye. Then, look out of the window with the same eye at some far away object. Do this 3-4 times. Then, repeat the exercise for the other eye.

7. Yoga to get rid of puffy eyes fast 

This is easy since you have many yoga asanas to choose from. You can select from Paschimottanasana, Chakrasana, Salamba Varangasana, Salamba Sirsasana, and more.

Here we see Paschimottanasana and why it helps you. Paschimottanasana means seated forward bend. To begin this exercise, you sit on the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you.

Bring your head down to your knees and grab your ankles or feet with your hands. Hold the pose for a count of ten. Then, come back to sitting position. Repeat the cycle ten times.

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8. Stay hydrated

If your body accumulates toxins, it will show up in many places. This happens when you cry, the puffy eyes are one sign. By drinking water, you can remove the toxins build up and remove the puffiness.

Do not have alcohol as this will aggravate the situation. Alcohol interferes with your sleep. You will only have a restless sleep. Eat fruits, have milkshakes, and smoothies. This will improve the water quotient in your body.

9. Change the sleeping position to fix swollen eyes

Sleeping with the head flat on the bed will not improve the fluid flow. Prop up your head using a pillow while sleeping or resting. Soon the fluid will drain, and the puffiness will disappear.

10. Use tea bags

One of the age-old remedies is the use of tea bags for puffy eyes. The caffeine in the tea bags is the active ingredient that helps to remove the puffiness. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels in the region of the eyes.


Crying when you go through emotional turmoil helps release the pent-up toxins that build up when you are emotional. It helps you balance the hormones, so you are on an even keel again. So, when you cry, let yourself go, you can always deal with swollen eyes later on using home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes after crying.


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