How to get pregnant with twins baby

A lot of women want to conceive twins baby or multiples. The reason could be many. While some might say they love the idea of having similar looking kids, others might point out at the convenience one gets when they get two or more than two babies delivered at a time. Conceiving multiples is not that easy but if you will follow this guide than you may also conceive natural triplets.

How to get pregnant with twins : Tips to have multiples

How to get pregnant with twins baby

After all, you are free from the sufferings one has to go through every time they get pregnant. So, whatever the reason, if you want multiples, then here are some tips that you can blindly follow if you are trying to have twins.

1. Is there any special food that you need to eat to conceive for multiple babies?

There is no scientific backing to food determining how many fetuses you will conceive. But it has generally been seen that woman belonging to regions where yams or sweet potatoes grow in abundance are more prone to conceiving multiples.

Now, you must be wondering why this happens. This happens because yams increase the fertility of a woman and they also aid the ovulation process. And it is this reason why people consuming a lot of yams and sweet potatoes tend to deliver twins or multiples.

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2. Older women are more prone to conceiving multiples

A lot of scientific studies have proved that older women are more prone to conceiving multiples. You again must be wondering why this happens. Actually, just before a woman reaches her perimenopause state, her ovaries begin to release multiple eggs instead of one, every month. This could also be attributed to the spike in the levels of estrogen in the body, during this phase.

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3. Other factors to increase chances of twins

A few studies have also claimed that women who are older than 35 years of age are more prone to delivering multiples. But one thing you will have to keep in mind here is that in most of such cases the babies delivered are non-identical.

  • A lot of doctors recommend women to take higher amounts of folic acid before conceiving. Folic acid helps conception and also childbirth. So, its potential to help people develop twins can’t be ruled out. Conceiving twins with folic acid is famous method get pregnant with twins. Also Check: Foods to improve fertility in female.
  • We also have certain studies that claim, women having a BMI of more than 30 are more prone to conceiving twins than someone who has a smaller BMI. But you need to bear in mind that the healthy BMI range for a pregnant woman is 20 to 25. Anything beyond 30 will put her in the overweight category. And that is why it’s not at all advisable that you put on weight in such a way that your BMI increases. If, however, your BMI is naturally more than 30 and you haven’t been able to do anything about it, then there are chances that you could have multiple babies. Also Read: Home remedies for uti treatment during pregnancy.
  • A lot of people say that when you conceive after 3 to 6 months of stopping the intake of birth control pills, you stand a chance of bearing multiples. If you wait for more than that, you might lose that chance. Although there is no scientific backing to this assumption, there is no harm in trying this trick out.
  • It’s not just your own diet that could influence the kind of pregnancy you are going to have; even your partner’s diet could have a great contribution in this regard. Ask your partner to take a lot of green leafy vegetables, bread, seeds and oysters for increased sperm production. The reason why eating these food items increases a man’s productivity is because all of them contain high amounts of zinc. With more potent sperms, your partner gains the ability to fertilize more than one egg. Also Read: Natural remedies for stuffy nose during pregnancy.
  • Although a lot of people believe that certain sex positions help you conceive a particular gender, there is no study to back this up. Similar claims have also been made in the matter of conception of multiples. But then again, no research has ever proved it.
  • A lot of studies have proved that women who already have had babies are more likely to conceive twins or multiples than those who haven’t given birth previously. But that certainly should not make you hurry with your baby. Don’t get pregnant unless and until you have completely healed from your earlier pregnancy.
  • It is a proven fact that women who are producing prolactin and are breastfeeding stand higher chances of getting pregnant with twins or multiples. And that is probably the reason why it’s better to conceive while you are still lactating your existing baby if you really want multiples. Also Read: Home remedies to treat constipation in pregnancy.
  • This is a proven fact that anyone who has undergone any kind of fertility treatment such as IVF stands higher chances of conceiving twins. According to statistics, about 22 % of births that take place post IVF treatment, results into twins or triplets. Now, this is 20 times higher a chance than getting pregnant naturally.
  • There are lots of fertility drugs, consumption of some of which could make it likely for you to have multiple babies. These drugs help your system release multiple eggs at a time, which is why your chances of conceiving multiples increase manifolds. Also Read: Home remedies for morning sickness in pregnancy.
  • Although it might sound strange, taller people are more likely to have twins. When we say taller, we are actually pointing at women who are 5 feet 6 inches tall or are taller than that.
  • Does race or ethnicity have a role to play in this regard? Well, statistics have it that African American women stand higher chances of bearing twins. While Japanese women are least likely to give birth to multiples, Nigerian women are the most likely.
  • There is an element of genetics in having non-identical twins. If twins run in your family, then you stand a higher chance of having twin babies. So, family history matters a lot.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that you stand a chance of delivering twin babies if you are a twin yourself.

get pregnant fastAren’t these some really amazing things to keep in mind if you desire to conceive twins baby? Well yes, why not! So, what makes you wait? Try out the tips given above and increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. And while you do so, don’t forget to involve your partner too.

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