10 Tips to become pregnant fast and easy

There comes a point in every couple’s life when they want a third member included in their family. The need for a baby might arise a little late, but it does arise in every couple’s life. In this post, we will talk about how to get pregnant fast and easy.

If you have finally begun to feel the need of a baby in your arms, then it’s time you had a talk with your partner. And if your partner has the same feeling as yours, then it’s time you put in some serious efforts to conceive the baby. For people who want to conceive faster, here are some tried and tested tips that could be followed without doubts and apprehensions.

10 Effective ways to get pregnant fast

how to get pregnant fast and easy

1. Stop taking birth control pills

No matter, since when you have been taking birth control pills, if you are serious about conceiving a baby, then stop taking them. One thing you must keep in mind here is that you are not going to get pregnant the very next day of your withdrawal.

If you want to get pregnant, you will have to leave taking these pills well ahead of time. This is basically to bring your hormones back on track.

Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that your body will start ovulating only after a couple of menstrual cycles of going off birth control pills. So, don’t make any haste; give your body the time to get back to its old self.

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2. Know about your fertile days

If you want to get pregnant fast, you will have to find out which your fertile days are. It doesn’t really matter how many times a month you have sexual intercourse with your partner, if you are not doing it at the right time; you are not going to get pregnant.

So, it’s important to know when you exactly ovulate. This will definitely increase your chances of getting pregnant. There are ovulation predictor kits available in the market. All you need is to opt for one to find out the time of the month when you actually ovulate.

get pregnant naturally

3. Do sex in morning

Although there is no specific time of the day when having sex could help you stand higher chances of getting pregnant, a lot of people believe the sperm count is highest during the morning time. If you are to believe these people, then morning offers you the most conducive environment to get pregnant.

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4. Lie on your back after sex

After you have sex with your partner, it is advisable that you lie on your back. By doing so, you allow the sperms to rest there without disturbance, which facilitates their swimming to your egg. It’s not scientifically proven, though.

Also, keeping your legs elevated can help this process. Although a lot of information sources claim that the missionary position is the best sex position to conceive, there is no concrete proof to support this claim. But because it keeps you lying on your back, it could have a little contribution in making you pregnant faster.

5. Use lubricant during sex

A lot of people believe that using lubricant facilitates the movement of sperms into the uterus. But this has no scientific backing. In fact, if you think about it with a better reasoning, you will realize that using a lubricant could only hinder one’s efforts to get pregnant.

There are many lubricant formulas that often change or alter the pH balance of the vagina, which could decrease the mobility of the sperms.

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6. Ask your man to save testicles from direct heat

An important thing that you must know is that sperms cannot survive in high heat. And that is why the testicles are designed in a way that they do not remain in close contact with the body.

Hence, you should ask your man to see to it that his testicles don’t receive direct heat from any source. If he prefers wearing briefs, it would be valuable for him to switch to boxers. While briefs cling to the body, boxers don’t. And the latter is definitely airier. So, they leave the testicles feeling cool.

7. Have sex frequently

Another amazing way to ensure faster pregnancy is to have sex frequently. Yes, you cannot have intercourse with your partner once in a month and then expect that one-time connection to get you pregnant.

If you know when you ovulate, then you might not need to have sex that frequently. But in case you don’t know, then it would be wise of you to go horizontal with your partner every alternate day. Try this trick out even if it seems a bit tedious for you or your partner.

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get pregnant fast

8. Do exercises or yoga poses everyday

To conceive faster, you need a healthy reproductive system. And for that, you need to do exercises or yoga poses that target reproductive system. If you don’t want to engage in any specific exercise, then you can also go for jogging, running or other such wholesome exercises that target your entire body.

Only a fit person can conceive faster and deliver a healthy baby. So, aim at fitness first, conception can always happen later.

9. Consume nutritious food

For faster conception, you also need a healthy mind along with a healthy body. And for both your body and mind, you need to consume nutritious food. There are many nutrients that keep our body systems, including the reproductive system functioning at their optimum.

You should do some research and find out what these nutrients are and then eat food that contains them. In general, you should eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Apart from that, your water consumption should be adequate and in sync with the requirement of your body.

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10. Take vitamin and mineral supplements

If you don’t have access to organic vegetables and fruits or the kind of vegetables and fruits you are looking for in the market, then it would be wise of you to take vitamin and mineral supplements. But before you do so, you must consult your doctor. Your doctor is the right person to tell you what exactly your body needs.


These are certainly some of the most amazing tips on how to get pregnant faster. So, if you are planning on getting pregnant sometime soon, then do care to follow the above tricks and tips.

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