How important is having your breakfast daily? Should you skip or not?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And no, you cannot lose weight by skipping breakfast. The difference between wakening your metabolism with a well-balanced meal and keeping your brain alert and skipping the breakfast is well known to most of us. One wants the nutrient levels topped up while the other wants to keep his or her mind open and clear.

How important is having your breakfast daily

The positive side of skipping breakfast

1. Makes you mentally alert

The brain is sharpest in the morning. This is the ideal time to make plans and work on difficult problems. For those who do not feel the compulsion to have breakfast, having something to eat will make them feel stuffed and lethargic.

So, when you want to tackle brain-intensive work (say, you are working on a project and need to solve a difficult problem), you must skip breakfast. You can fill in with a power brunch towards mid-morning.

2. Save time

You do save plenty of time if you skip breakfast. The preparation for breakfast takes anything from half-an-hour to one hour and fifteen minutes. You cannot do anything else during this period other than concentrate on your food.

And, you must give yourself a good half-an-hour to digest the breakfast. In all, you lose something like 1-2 hours when you are unable to do anything else.

Many people read their newspaper over their morning coffee, but we talk about getting things done on a personal level. When you skip breakfast, you have a massive two hours to go shopping, read your lessons, exercise, and much more. And, morning time is always quality time since your brain is so fresh after the long sleep.

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3. Boost the metabolism

Intermittent fasting can make your metabolism healthier. It helps speed up the metabolic rate by accenting on the hunger. The need for more nutrition makes the body crave, and this drives up the metabolic rate. Good, if you do it occasionally.

4. Autophagy cleans those faulty parts

There are many things happening in the body and the body does not have time to attend to all the things at once. When we skip breakfast, the body finds more time and it concentrates on removing the unwanted processes and junk it finds. This is termed autophagy where the cells destroy themselves, and the waste is cleaned from our system.

5. Good for micro bacterial growth

When we skip breakfast, beneficial bacteria grow, and the bad ones perish. This does not happen if we eat our breakfast since there is no break in which the bacteria will grow or perish.

Only when we fast, there is an opportunity for the bacteria to thrive. This increases the mucus levels and helps the body burn fat instead of sugar. It also gives your body a break from producing insulin.

The downside of skipping breakfast

1. Your cortisol level rises

You are fasting through the night, and your body needs adequate glucose levels to keep functioning. Sometimes, the glycogen stored in the liver is not enough to keep the level of the glucose in the blood up. The solution for this problem is to raise the cortisol levels.

When you have breakfast, the glycogen levels are replenished, and your body can manage to keep working fulfilling all its metabolic duties. The cortisol level will decrease.

However, when you do not have any breakfast, the cortisol levels will remain high to keep the glucose levels up. This will cause insulin resistance that makes you hungrier and keeps you hungry right through the day.

There is enough proof to show that cortisol keeps the belly fat levels up. Even for those who have breakfast, a supplement of proteins (about 25 grams) is needed to make the meal complete.

So, a balanced anti-inflammatory breakfast is the ideal way to begin the day. You will be without hunger or fatigue right until your lunch.

2. The level of acidity increases

When your body anticipates food, it secretes acid in the stomach. If you skip your customary breakfast, the acidity level is increased, and there is no food for it to digest. When we starve for two hours at a stretch, the acid will creep up the walls of the stomach, go to nearby areas such as the food pipe, and heart.

3. Your body has the lesser energy to perform its metabolic functions

Your body continues to work and perform metabolic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion, and more. It needs energy for all these things.

It gets the energy it needs by digesting the food and synthesizing energy from it. When you do not stock up on the energy, your body will carry on for some time but will soon suffer an energy crunch.

4. The risk for diabetes increases

Skipping breakfast has a direct correlation to the incidence of type-2 diabetes. You also develop a higher risk of obesity and insulin resistance. You will have trouble with hormone regulation and have a higher risk factor for heart attacks and hypertension.

5. Your immunity goes down

For most of us, this is true. Only when we have enough energy in the body, we can fight infections. When we lose the energy, we easily catch colds and fevers. This is because the number of immune cells in our body goes down.

When we feed the body enough nourishment, it nourishes the immune cells, and we maintain our levels of immunity.

6. Experience headaches and dizzy spells

For the few who cannot stand extended periods of low energy, headaches will be a common occurrence when you skip your morning meal. This is the way the body signals to show you that it need nourishment.

7. Your bad breath increases

You will have an increase in a bad breath if you skip breakfast. This is because the bacteria in your mouth does not have anything to act on. They just go on multiplying, and your mouth becomes unbearably stinky. Read how to cure bad breath.


One should eat every 2-4 hours ideally to maintain the blood glucose at optimum levels. This does not happen when we sleep. So, right after we wake up, we should replenish the body energy in the best manner possible by taking breakfast.


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