Home remedies to quickly remove tan from face and body

Summer comes and there comes the tan! It is the darkening of the skin of face and neck that complicates many things in life. You need to look dazzling for the party, but here you are looking like an escaped demon from hell. Here, we will talk about home remedies to quickly remove tan from face and body.

Not to worry, you can put it all behind you if you try some of the home remedies to get rid of tanned skin. Here are the simple solutions for your new and bright face.

Home remedies to remove tan from face and neck

Home remedies to quickly remove tan from face and body

1. Turmeric and Bengal Gram Flour

When you use the Bengal gram flour, add milk or curd. The action of gram flour is to make the skin soft and white. People add turmeric because it has antiseptic properties. Actually, they add it because of its other property – it whitens the skin. So, people with a tan add plenty of turmeric powder. It bleaches the skin; the gram flour makes the skin soft and brighter.

Mix the flour and turmeric with the curd and set aside for five minutes. Apply this to your face with the tips of your fingers. Use rotating motion on the cheeks and neck.

Make sure you have a uniform layer of flour on your face. Wait for ten minutes and remove the dry flour. Wash with warm water but do not use soap.

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2. Yogurt and Tomato to prevent sun tan

Yogurt has a double effect on the facial skin. It makes the skin soft and adds a layer on top. The dead cells get removed by the tomato juice. The tomato juice also removes all the oil and opens the pores out. The whitening occurs due to the acidic nature of the tomato.

To prepare the facial pack, first, make the juice of the tomato. Strain to remove the seeds and apply this on the face. Let it dry. Then, apply the yogurt. Make sure there is yogurt all over your face.

Let this dry. The juice of the yogurt will seep into the facial skin. It helps rejuvenate dry and dead skin. After 10 minutes, wipe and wash with warm water.

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3. Honey and Lemon Juice to remove tan from face

The action of the lemon is to whiten the skin and remove the acne marks. Honey has good antibacterial properties. Rub the cut piece of lemon on your face to remove the dead skin.

Apply the juice on the dark spots and acne overnight. Wash after you get up in the morning. The vitamin C will repair the damages and improve collagen production.

Honey will kill all the bacteria and whiten the skin. Mix together 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this before you go to bed. If you want to moisturize your skin, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the honey and lemon juice. Apply this mix to the face and wash off early in the morning.

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4. Cucumber extract

One may use the cucumber in many ways for skin whitening. Because cucumber contains 80% water, it hydrates the skin. The vitamin A content helps to improve cell development. Vitamin C helps improve the elasticity and collagen production to improve the skin tone.

Cucumber acts as a moisturizer in the first place. It then is a toner because it makes the skin soft and white. You can use the cucumber juice as this is potent. We can use cucumber slices as this will be enough to activate the bleaching action. You can combine cucumber with honey or aloe vera to get a better effect.

5. Potato for tan removal

Potato juice is wonderful for removing the tan on the face. This is because the catecholase in the potato has natural bleaching properties. You can crush and extract the juice of a potato or boil and mash the potato and use it. To enhance the bleaching action, add yogurt. Yogurt makes the skin soft and helps moisturize the face.

Cut and mash the boiled potato. Add the yogurt and mix well. Then, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to enhance the bleaching action. Apply this paste to the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Then, wash with water and wipe dry. Do this twice a week until you see visible whitening of the skin.

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6. Masoor dal with Aloe Vera and Tomato

To improve the tone of the skin and remove the tan, you can use masoor dal. This is a common household ingredient and you can prepare the face mask with ease. Masoor dal not only whitens your face, it also gets rid of the fine facial hair.

Aloe vera is a common garden plant and you can get the juice of the leaves with ease. Be sure to cut the lowermost leaves so you get good growth again. Mix in the masoor dal with the aloe vera and stir well. Add the juice of one tomato and mix well.

People use masoordal powder with sandalwood paste for better skin tone. Sandalwood helps to add luster to the skin. You can add an orange peel to get glowing skin.

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7. Honey with Papaya

Papaya is rich in beta-carotene. It has powerful enzymes and phytochemicals that help add health to the skin. The papain in the papaya is the substance that helps to make the skin light. It can treat black spots and remove acne marks.

Honey helps to soften the skin and remove the bacteria. It also helps whiten the skin. To prepare the face mask, crush some ripe or semi-ripe papaya until it is a paste. Add honey and mix well.

Apply this paste to the face and leave it for 10 minutes. You can also eat papaya since it has a good amount of vitamin C and lots of fibre.


The skin is the largest organ you have and needs the most care. It protects your internal organs and so you must protect it by using the right things to give it nourishment all the time. And what is better than natural ingredients? If you use home remedies to remove tan from face and neck, you will have a lively, fresh complexion that makes everyone attracted.




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