Home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Filled with hope, joy and eagerness to meet one’s little bundle of joy, a woman also goes through massive changes in her physical and emotional planes. In this post, we will talk about home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy.

Home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy

While the hormones swirl and change within to accommodate preparation for times to come, moods and bodily aches and pains affect her well-being. One such commonly occurring pregnancy issue is swollen feet, which can cause discomfort and distress in the expecting mother.

This problem occurs due to water retention in the body as the baby grows. This problem can also occur if the levels of magnesium are low in the body. But the saving grace is there are many home remedies to treat and soothe swollen feet in pregnant women.

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Home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy

1. Cucumber and Cabbage to treat swelling during pregnancy

These two veggies help reduce water retention in the body and thus lower the swelling too. Slice up a cucumber and place the slices on your feet for 15 minutes to reduce the swelling. Cabbage leaves are very effective in reducing oedema and tenderness.

Place cabbage leaves on the swollen foot to soothe and ease the discomfort. One can replace the wet cabbage leaves with fresh ones when required. This done twice in a day can bring down the foot swelling back to normal.

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2. Use the gravity to your benefit

Gravity makes swollen feet worse. You may have experienced swelling in your feet (even when not pregnant) if you have been sitting for long hours in one place (like a long road trip with no stops). Use gravity to your benefit by elevating the feet on a stool while sitting in a chair.

Oedema can be made better by elevating the feet for some time in a day. You should refrain from crossing your legs while sitting so that the blood flow remains unrestricted.

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3. Dips and soaks for swollen feet pregnancy

Dipping the feet in lukewarm water has been the most common practice since times immemorial. Swollen feet can be instantly soothed using this method. This method can work wonder even for pregnant woman’s swollen feet.

Just keep in mind that water should not be hot, just lukewarm, and the soaking should only be down for 15 minutes maximum.

Oedema also occurs when there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body. To counter this, adding Epsom salts to the lukewarm water can be a good idea. Soak the swollen feet in Epsom salt water to relieve pain and cramps too.

Regular bath salts are readily available anywhere and are a good home remedy for oedema. This mixture can be used even for sore and cramping muscles. Epsom salts are perfectly safe to use in pregnancy as well as even after childbirth. This is one of the best home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy.

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4. Improve your diet

Diet has a direct relation to everything our bodies go through and this fact remains unchanged even in pregnancy. The increased fluids in a pregnant woman’s body result in swelling, and good, fresh and balanced diet can help the body manage the extra fluids – the electrolyte balance.

Instead of processed food, one must opt for natural food items which have been minimally processed in order to help the body with appropriate nutrition. Trace minerals and salts ensure that there is negligible water retention and thus, no oedema.

This also helps in weight management during pregnancy. Excess weight can mean extra stress on the circulation system and a sluggish blood stream causes swelling in the feet. Proper diet will help keep the extra weight off and thus relieve oedema too.

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5. Nettle and Dandelion tea to cure swollen feet during pregnancy

Avoiding caffeine during pregnancy is widely advised because of the ill effects of caffeine on the developing baby. People used to drinking teas and coffee find it tough to keep off and sometimes might give in to the temptation. Caffeine being a diuretic causes dehydration and ultimately retention of fluid in the body and thus contributes to swollen feet.

Instead of indulging in caffeine loaded drinks, go for Nettle and Dandelion teas once or twice daily so that the caffeine craving can be replaced and also since these liquids improve circulation in the body, you can be relieved of swollen feet.

Dandelion tea also helps balance the electrolytes in the body, proving to be the perfect remedy for a pregnant woman’s troubles of swollen and tired feet. This is one of the effective home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy.

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6. Improve your Potassium intake to prevent swelling during pregnancy

Potassium found abundantly in foods like bananas, papaya, spinach, cabbage, dill and avocados (to name a few) is a very important element for an expecting mother because other than being required for the healthy development of the foetus, it is also responsible for the balance of salt to water in the mother’s body.

If this balance is skewed, it results in swollen feet. Make sure the intake of potassium from natural sources and if there is an inadequacy, opt for supplements. This is one of the best home remedies for swollen feet in pregnancy.

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7. Exercise optimally and safely

Gentle exercise like yoga for 30 minutes a day is essential for the expecting mother’s health and weight. Exercise even during the last trimester (prone to more problems due to heaviness around the womb) and accompany with appropriate food and hydration.

Sitting inactively for long hours can induce oedema and make it worse too. Exercise makes the circulation regulated (does not let blood pool up in the legs) and thus reduces the chances of swelling.

If one is still working or there is a need to sit long hours, invest sometime in doing some stretches to activate the circulation system. The stretches can be done twice a day.

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8. Coriander seed water for swollen feet while pregnant

Apart from changing lifestyle, one must also include foods which help making swollen feet better. For many centuries, coriander seeds have been soaked overnight in water and the strained water had for relieving swelling in the feet.

An alternate way to do this is to soak the seeds (say, 2 or 3 spoons) in a glass of water for a couple of hours and then boiling it until reduced to half, straining and drinking the concoction. This is an excellent remedy to make the swelling go away. This is one of the best home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy.

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Common problems can be treated the common way – there is a treasure of remedies in one’s own kitchen and slight tweak to one’s way of life makes it easy for the pregnant woman to feel better. Swelling in the feet can be treated easily using these home remedies for swollen feet in pregnancy. May you have a happy pregnancy and a safe and joyous motherhood!




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