Top 8 Home remedies for ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

Ringworm, despite its name, is not caused by a worm. This infection is highly contagious, and it happens due to virus Tinea. Here, we will talk about home Remedies for ringworm.

Top 8 Home remedies for ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

When affected, we see red, scaly patches on the skin that form circles. Ringworm in humans forms on the arms and scalp but can form anywhere. You might see it on the nails or the foot. Jock’s itch is a common form of ringworm. So is athlete’s foot.

Anyone can get ringworms, but it is more common in people who have compromised immunity. Children are also susceptible. You can use common fungicides, but people prefer home remedies for ringworm treatment. Here is a look at some of ringworm home treatment.

Top 8 Home Remedies for Ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

how to get rid of ringworm

1. Licorice root – Best ringworm remedy for adults

One of the cures from ancient China, the powdered licorice root is a potent home remedy ingredient. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. It works wonders on the fungal infection and removes it fast.

  • Mix 6-8 spoons of licorice powder in three cups of water.
  • Bring it to a boil.
  • Let the water reduce and let it cool for a while.
  • Once the water has cooled, the mixture will turn into a paste.
  • Apply this paste on the affected area twice a day.
  • It will soon get rid of the fungus, and all the marks will disappear.

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2. Soap water solution is a natural cure for tinea

Hygiene is the best method for treating this ailment. You can remove the fungus by cleaning it with water. Use soap and water to rinse the skin both in the morning and the evening. This will remove the pathogen fast. Be sure to dry the skin as the fungus thrives on wet skin.

Maintaining good hygiene will prevent the spread of the infection. If you are not careful, the fungus will spread to other parts of the body. The healing time is shorter if you maintain good hygiene.

3. Aloe Vera for ringworm removal

This garden plant is chock full of substances with medicinal qualities. It has six antiseptic agents. It exhibits antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Get the fresh gel from the plant in your garden or use the gel from a readymade bottle. The Aloe Vera gel is skin-friendly. It soothes itches and heals bruises.

Apply the gel on the red, scaly patches twice a day. Let it dry and then rinse it with warm water. You may also consume the Aloe Vera orally as it contains useful vitamins. Mix it with some lemon juice and have it because otherwise, it might cause irritation to the stomach.

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4. Tea tree oil to treat ringworm

Tea tree oil is an age-old medication used in Australia for treating infections involving bacteria and fungus. You can use it to cure the ringworm infestation effectively.

Dilute the tea tree oil by mixing 12 drops in 6 teaspoons of any carrier oil such as olive oil. You can also use jojoba oil as the carrier oil.

Apply this mixture to the scaly patches on the correct spot three times a day. Be sure that you are not sensitive to the oil mixture by applying it to a patch of skin first. Do this and then begin the treatment.

5. Coconut oil to get rid of ringworm

Another wonderful home remedy for ringworms is coconut oil. It acts on the cell membranes and destroys them preventing the infestation from spreading further.

It soothes the skin and promotes the healing action due to its lauric acid content. The fatty acids present in the coconut oil, thus help in curing the person of the ailment.

Apply warm coconut oil to the scaly, red patches thrice daily. The contact with the oil will help to soothe the irritation and control the inflammation.

6. Garlic to cure ringworm on scalp

Since the olden days, people have used garlic for treating many fungal infections. These include infections such as Cryptococcus, Candida, and Torulopsis. It is an effective home remedy for ringworm infestation. It is simple to use.

Crush some pods of garlic and mix it with a soothing carrier oil. Use olive or coconut oil as this will prove the best. Spread the lotion evenly on the patches of red, scaly skin and cover with a gauze piece.

This must stay in place for 2 hours at least. After that, you can wash the spot with warm water. Do this both in the morning and the evening to get the best benefit.

7. Turmeric is a ringworm medicine

Turmeric is another famous home remedy for ringworms. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. The healing is due to the presence of curcumin that has wonderful antimicrobial properties.

You can take turmeric internally and apply it topically also. Prepare a paste of turmeric with oil or water. Use this on the red, scaly patches two to three times a day. To take turmeric internally, add a pinch of the spice to the dishes you eat.

8. Apple cider vinegar for ringworm cure

Good for fighting fungal infections such as candida, apple cider vinegar has respect for its medicinal properties. You can use apple cider vinegar both internally and externally.

Mix two drops of the vinegar in a glass of water and have it in the morning. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and use a soft cloth to apply it on the affected parts of the skin.

Methods of preventing ringworm

Prevention is better than taking treatment. But, the chances of getting infected by contaminated objects and other people aremore. So, we must pay attention to methods used to prevent infestation.

  1. Do not wear barefoot in communal spaces.
  2. Keep your skin dry and clean.
  3. Change socks and underwear daily.
  4. Avoid sharing towels and clothes.
  5. If your pet becomes infected, give it treatment immediately.
  6. Wash and clean your sports gear often.

The people affected by ringworm need not worry as the symptoms will clear within two weeks. Use of home remedies for ringworm as soon as you see the symptoms will help.

Before using essential oils, make sure you are not sensitive to it. If the symptoms persist for more than two weeks, see your doctor. If you get itching or stinging sensation when you use any of the home remedies, stop using the remedy. Wash your skin immediately and dry it. If you want to know how to get rid of ringworm then this is the right place.


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