Home remedies for pink eye and eye pain

The blow of urbanization, being a boon to mankind, has taken its toll on the healthy eyes of many, of course owing to it the most advanced electronic goods and makeup items. Here, we will talk about home remedies for pink eye.

Be it television, be it the smart phones, be it the overworking on computers or be it the unwashed eyeliner and kajal from the last night, leisure, fashion or work, eye sight of numerous people is being affected.

The major issues of impaired eye sight are well cured by the advanced medications, but what about the issues we face on a regular basis, which don’t qualify as a major defect of eyesight?

Redness of eyes, pink eye, sore eyes, puffy eyes and eye pain are most common issues, despite facing which people don’t take proper care or medication. As visiting the doctor’s or chemist’s might not seem to be urgent enough for these eye issues, so take a look at the below-enlisted home remedies for pink eye and eye pain.

Natural remedies for eye problems like pink eye, sore eyes and eye pain

Home remedies for pink eye and eye pain

Cold overdose

Mostly ladies end up too tired after a late night party or a long day at work, to remove their eye makeup or any makeup they had applied whatsoever.

If not a complete face wash, then at the least removing the eye makeup with a medicated water-based remover should be the mandatory checkbox in your list.

Yes, your eyes are far more sensitive than your skin, and sleeping with the eye makeup especially a generous amount of mascara or kajal can give you a swollen eye in the morning. Itchiness and watery eyes can also be the result.

In case of sore eyes, get an icepack, and dab it gently on your closed swollen eyelid, for relief. In case, you don’t have icepacks, you can wrap ice cubes or frozen food packets within a cotton towel and take it as an icepack.

Chamomile tea bags

Tea bags work wonders upon your dark circles. In particular, chamomile tea bags are a healer for your itchy & pink eyes. All you need to do is strain the chamomile tea bag in a cup full of boiled water.

Once it cools down, dab a bale of cotton in it and apply on your eyelids. The cooled down tea can also be used as your soothing eyewash- that helps reducing redness and itching feeling of your eyes. Find Chamomile benefits.

Cucumber slices

Cucumber juice when applied on sun tanned skin, it renders your skin softer and fairer- owing to the flavonoids and antioxidants packed in cucumber.

These flavonoids and antioxidants also help reduce eye irritation, rendering a cool effect. For redness and irritation in your eyes, put two slices of cucumber, on your eyelids, after having it soaked in chilled water for about 10 minutes.

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At times when there is a bacterial or viral infection in our eyes, the skin around the eyes becomes puffy. In case, carrying any homemade eyewash to your workplace isn’t the feasible option, the tea bags can suffice the cause.

If green tea bags are available, then place it on your eyelids, after moistening it with cool water. It helps cleansing the swollen eye combating the infection, thereby reducing the itchiness and redness. Black teabags can also be used in case green ones aren’t available.

Chilled cold spoons

Sleepless nights can also end up in strained eyes. If at all there are no teabags, your teaspoons can sort it out to quite a good extent. Yes, it may sound weird, but chilled cold spoons are the easiest home remedy for redness and the pain caused due to it.

Dip a pair of teaspoons in icy cold water and place one on each eyelid. Arrange for two more spoons as once the first pair of spoons become warm, you can switch to the other pair.

The cold metal teaspoon actually aids in constricting the blood vessels around your eyes. Applying chilled cold teaspoons needs to be repeated for quite a good number of times until the swelling and redness subsides.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel, the astringent comforts your eyes in case of infections or inflammation. The astringent properties of witch hazel help reduce the swelling of your eyes. Soak a bale of cotton or a little gauze pad in witch hazel and use it to compress your eyes.

Aloe Vera

Not only your skin and hair, Aloe Vera is also a magic gel for your eyes. Mix a little of cold water with pre-frozen juice of Aloe Vera; soak a cotton bale in it and dab it on your eyelids. Redness, itchiness, and pain – almost all your eye issues will be sorted within a day. Find Aloe vera health benefits.

Castor oil

This one has anti-inflammatory properties to combat redness and swelling of eyes. Castor oil aids in combating the dryness of eyes, by improving lipid production in your eye. It also inhibits tear evaporation.

Pour a drop of castor oil in the affected eye of yours with a dropper, just before going to bed. This may cause you a slightly clouded vision, but it would be soaked up over the night while you sleep.

Honey and warm milk

Another of the homemade eye washes is the milk and honey mixture. Mostly used as a homemade remedy for conjunctivitis, honey’s anti-bacterial properties play the key role here.

Mix equal parts of honey and slightly warm milk, until it goes as a smooth mixture. You can apply it as a compress, dabbing a cotton bale, soaked in it, on your eyelids.

Also, it can be applied with a dropper for a couple of times throughout the day. Besides soothing your eyes, it helps in inhibiting infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A solution of apple cider vinegar in water works effectively in combating eye pain and infection. The apple cider vinegar is rich in malic acid which helps fight the bacterial infection. Apply with a cotton ball soaked in the solution.


Slice it up or grate it, the potato is enriched with the properties of astringent that aids in reducing inflammation.

Rose water

A bale of cotton soaked in rose water soothes your eyes to the utmost and relieves the burning sensation if any. Rose water is best natural home remedy for pink eyes.

These home remedies are as helpful as any basic eyewash from the chemist’s, so in case you wake up with a pink eye or sore and puffy eye in the oddest of hours, your remedy is right there at your home.

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