Piles treatment at home, symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids

Piles treatment at home is very effective to cure this painful health problem. Talking about piles, these are swellings which grow inside and around back passage (anus). Here the anal canal is the last portion of the huge intestine and is around four cm long. In this article, we will talk about  Home remedies for piles without any harmful medicine. Piles are also known as hemorrhoids.

Home remedies for Piles treatment at home in bleeding

At the lower end of the anal canal is the entrance to the outside which is generally referred to as the anus. Through it, the feces pass. At the upper end, anal canal links with the rectum, which is also a part of large intestine. There exists a net of tiny veins inside the lining of the anal canal.

Such veins at times get wider and inflamed with more blood than normal. The inflamed veins and the covering tissue might then convert into one or more tiny swellings called piles.

There are internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are piles, which develop above a point two or three cm inside the anus, the upper portion of the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids are generally painless as the upper anal canal possesses no pain nerve fibers.

Talking about external hemorrhoids, these are ones, which grow below that point, in the subordinate portion of the anal canal. These external piles might be painful because the lower part of anal canal possesses many pain nerve fibers.

What Causes Piles?

The precise cause of why alterations in the veins inside the lining of anal canal take place and head to piles creation is not clear. There are some piles which seem to grow for no clear reason.

However, it has been believed that an augmented pressure in and around back passage anus and anal canal might be the main factor in various cases of piles.

Various instances which contribute in the chance of hemorrhoids emergence are:

  • Firstly, constipation, passing huge stools and strain at the toilet. Such instances augment the pressure in and around the veins in the anus and look like to be a simple cause of piles to grow.
  • Aging is also a common factor of piles. As we grow older, our tissues in the lining of anus might get less supportive.
  • Then during pregnancy, hemorrhoids are common. This is likely because of pressure effects of a baby lying above rectum and anus. The effect of the alteration in hormones while pregnancy might have on the veins.
  • There can also be hereditary factors. There may be people who receive a weakness of wall of veins in the anal region.

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What are some piles symptoms?

There can be diverse types of symptoms of hemorrhoids. Sometimes there might also be no symptoms but piles.

  • The commonest symptom experienced by the piles sufferers is bleeding after going to toilet to pass the stools. The blood is, generally, extremely bright red and might be noticed on toilet tissue, in the pan of the washroom or simply coating the stools.
  • A pile might hang down and could be felt outside the anus. Frequently, it might be pushed back up after one has been to the washroom. However, extremely severe hemorrhoids might remain permanently prolapsed and might not be thrust back up inside.
  • Tiny internal piles are generally painless. Huger piles might cause a mucous discharge, pain, itching, and irritation. The discharge might annoy the skin around back passage. One might have a feeling of fullness in the anus or a sense of not completely emptying his back passage when he goes to the toilet.
  • A likely complexity of hemorrhoids which hang down is that they might get strangulated. It might be extremely painful. Another likely complication is the emergence of a blood clot in hemorrhoid. It is not common, but it causes much pain if it takes place. Such an intense pain generally mountains for forty-eight to seventy-two hours, and then, slowly vanishes over seven to ten days.

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Home remedies for piles treatment at home

First You have to avoid constipation using constipation home remedies in adults and stressing at the toilet. Just keep the stools soft and no need to strain on the toilet. You can manage this by using following home remedies for piles:

1. Pomegranate

  • Take pomegranate peel powder. Consume 2 gm of this powder with fresh water 3 times a day. Follow this for 10 days. This is the most effective home remedy for bleeding piles. This is one of the best home remedies for hemorrhoids treatment at home.
  • Mix 50 gm pomegranate seeds powder with 100 gm jaggery. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture 3 times a day.
  • Take few pomegranate leaves and crush to make candies. Now cook these candies with little butter and consume. It will destroy lumps.

pomegranate peel power for piles treatment

2. Figs for piles treatment at home

Take 2 figs and soak in water at night. Eat these figs in the morning with empty stomach. Now soak 2 figs in water in the morning and eat these figs at night. Within 5 days, it will stop bleeding from hemorrhoids. This is the effective home remedy for piles treatment.


3. Alum to ease hemorrhoid pain

  • If you have pain in piles clumps, then add 10 gm Alum to 20 gm butter and apply it to anus area. It will give you relief from acute pain and burn. It will also make these hemorrhoids lumps dry.
  • Mix some alum powder in water and wash your anus area with this water. Also, mix some alum powder in curd and consume every morning and evening.

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4. Radish, Turmeric, guava and Papaya

For the treatment of piles, radish juice is also helpful. This remedy is going to diminish the pain and swelling linked with piles.

  • Eat fresh turmeric with white radish. It gives relief in pain and bleeding. Eat Guava fruit every morning with empty stomach to avoid constipation.
  • Mix half tablespoon turmeric powder with black salt in same quantity. Consume this with fresh water or gout milk. Find turmeric powder health benefits.
  • Radish is a very effective to treat piles. Radish juice has amazing effect on hemorrhoids. Take 60 gm of radish juice and mix little bit of black salt in it. Consume this juice twice a day for 40 days.
  • Eat radish and papaya fruit every morning with empty stomach.
  • Consumption of radish juice in the morning and at night is amongst the finest home remedies for piles. Begin with one to two cups a day and then gradually increase the number as per the convenience. The application of radish paste blended with honey might also help in easing the pain. This is one of the effective home remedy for hemorrhoid treatment at home.
  • To prevent constipation, eat guava every morning with empty stomach.
  • Take some juice of unripe papaya and apply on lumps. It will give you big relief in pain.

turmeric radish to cure piles

5. Indian Gooseberry or Amla, Mango seeds and Honey

  • Take 3 gm Indian Gooseberry powder and mix with curd. Consume this mixture 3 times a day for 7 days. It’s one of best remedy for bleeding piles.
  • Honey is very useful for hemorrhoids. Add little Triphala powder to one tablespoon of honey and consume with cold water every day.
  • You can consume powdered seeds of mango with honey as a remedial alternative. The consumption of this mixture will certainly provide you comfort.
  • Take few soft young leaves of the mango tree and grind to make a paste. Now mix this paste in one glass of water with some sugar, strain and consume. Do this every morning and evening.

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6. Fenugreek seeds, Black sesame seeds and Sugar

  • Add small spoon Fenugreek seeds to 250 gm milk and boil for 10 minutes. Let it be cool and consume. Follow this process every morning and evening for few days. Read health benefits of Fenugreek seeds.
  • Take one tablespoon black sesame seeds powder, one tablespoon sugar candy powder and some butter. Now mix all and consume every morning. If piles are bleeding, then use curd in place of butter.

7. Bitter gourd, Red tomatoes and Cumin powder

Then leaves of Bitter Gourd are also effective. These leaves have medicinal worth. It will help to diminish the swelling and pain. Find Bitter gourd health benefits.

  • Add little sugar to bitter gourd juice and consume one tablespoon of this mixture every day.
  • Just crush leaves of bitter gourd and then extract the juice. Next, mix three teaspoons of the juice with a glass of buttermilk. Try to have this blend with an empty stomach every morning for around a month.
  • Take few red tomatoes and cut into pieces. Now sprinkle roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder and rock salt on these pieces. Consume these tomatoes in breakfast every morning.
  • Take 20 gm black pepper powder, 10 gm cumin powder and 15 gm sugar. Mix all these well and consume one tablespoonful of this mixture every day after food with fresh water.
  • You should also have one tablespoon of black cumin seeds, roast them and mix them with one tablespoon of un-roasted black cumin powder and seeds both together. Consume one or two tablespoons with a glass of water every day.
  • Take one bitter gourd and 10 green leaves of peepal tree (Ficus religiosa). Grind both to make a paste. Mix this paste with 250 gm water, strain and consume every morning. Its best remedy for bleeding hemorrhoid. Find peepal leaves health benefits.
  • Take one table spoonful of cumin powder, 1/4 table spoon of black pepper powder and some honey. Mix all well and consume 3 times a day for few days.

8. Carrot and spinach juice for hemorrhoids cure

Add 300 gm carrot juice to 125 gm spinach juice and consume every day. Try to consume plenty of fibre like vegetables, fruit, wholegrain bread, cereals and so on. Find spinach juice health benefits.

9. Water and fiber supplements

  • Try to drink as much as you can. If you are an adult, then you should make it a point to consume at least two liters, which mean six to eight glasses of water every single day. This way, one shall pass much of fluid through urine, but some get passed out in softens feces and gut. Many types of drink shall work, but alcoholic drinks might cause the body to lose fluids and might not be good. So much of caffeine must also be evaded.
  • Then there are fiber supplements too. In case a high-fiber diet is not proving helpful, you might consume fiber supplements such as methyl-cellulose, ispaghula, sterculia, and bran. One can easily buy these at medical stores or get them on a prescription. Methyl-cellulose too proves helpful in softening feces directly which makes them handy to pass.

10. Banana

Banana possesses fiber in it and works as a laxative. It is helpful in improving the bowel movements so that one doesn’t have to strain when he is in the toilet. When a person’s bowel movements get proper, the issue will get reduced.

  • Just boil a ripe banana in a cup of milk, mix it well. If you consume this mixture at least three or four times a day, it will help you in easing pain linked to hemorrhoids. You can feel some relief.

11. Ice pack

Ice is a very effective treatment for irritation and swelling. If you cannot use an ice pack, just crush a few ice cubes and wrap them in a plastic sheet or bag. Make use of a clean cloth for covering the plastic bag. Just place it on your back in a convenient posture and apply it on the anal opening for around ten minutes or so.

12. Shallots and Onions

Shallots are also effective for curing piles.

  • If you consume juice of onion supplementary to water with dashes of some sugar, it will also prove very effective and helpful in curing piles at home. Try to consume this mixture for at least a couple of weeks. Read onion health benefits.
  • Just peel twenty or twenty-five shallots and cut them into smaller pieces. Fry the stuff in oil or butter and eat it daily.

Other effective Indian remedies to cure piles

  • Take some Tamarind leaves & flowers juice and apply on lumps. It will give you relief from acute pain and burn. It will also make these hemorrhoids lumps dry. Find Tamarind juice medicinal uses. This is a proven method of piles cure according to Ayurveda.
  • Eat beetroot or take beetroot juice every day.
  • Eating sorghum (Jwar) is very good in this disease.
  • Consume 3-4 Tulsi leaves every day and apply juice of leaves on lumps. Find benefits of eating tulsi leaves.
  • Mix little rock salt and one spoonful of celery (Ajwain) power in one glass of buttermilk. Consume this everyday.
  • Apply some castor oil on lumps every day. It will make these lumps dry and give you relief in acute pain and burn. This is a proven natural way to cure piles at home according to Ayurveda.
  • Take some hot castor oil and mix some camphor in it. Leave this for some time to be cool. Now wash your lumps with clean water and massage with this oil slowly for few minutes. Do this twice a day. It will make these lumps dry and give you relief in acute pain and burn.
  • Take some Berberis aristata DC (Common Name : Indian Barberry, Hindi Name: Rasaut/Rasot) powder and mix with 50gm curd. Consume this every morning with an empty stomach for 3 days. Its best home remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Take some papaya tree root and crush to make a paste. Apply this paste on lumps (Masse).
  • Take some amla powder (Indian gooseberry) and mix with some curd. Consume this mixture 3 times a day. It will stop bleeding from lumps. This is an effective method of treatment if you have bleeding too.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2gm glycerine. Massage your anus area and lumps with this mixture every night.
  • If you have to bleed in lumps, then mix half tablespoon lemon juice in one glass hot milk and consume after every 3 hours.

Foods to avoid during piles treatment

  1. Green chilies: Piles patients should completely stop eating the green chilies. Chilies activate the wound again. Avoid excess use of red chili in food use in kitchen. Often, after the recovery of the piles, chilies activate it again.
  2. Spicy Foods: Piles patients should avoid eating hot spices and spicy food. Hot spices, spicy, pungent food always activates piles lumps again.
  3. Areca Nut or Supari: Avoid intake of Areca Nut, tobacco and all types of betel-nut mixture in Piles disease. The betel nut activates the wound again.
  4. Fennel Seeds: Do not chew fennel seeds in hemorrhoids. Fennel increases the wound.
  5. Celery or Ajwain: Chewing Ajwan in the hemorrhoid is harmful. Celery grains make the piles even more lethal. After recovering the hemorrhoids several times, the celery activates it again.
  6. Pickle or spicy pickle: One should stop eating pickles in piles disease. Pickle infects the piles wound. Pickles activates hemorrhoids frequently, even when the piles are cured.
  7. Alcohol/Drugs: Avoid drinking alcohol, beer, and intoxicating substances in the hemorrhoids. Drug addiction enhances the wounds further.
  8. Red Meat: Stop eating red meat and non-veg food completely in this disease. Red meat promotes the circumference of the hemorrhoids.
  9. Soda drinks: Avoid drinking cold drinks, soda and flavored drinks present in market.
  10. Outdoor Dining: Avoid eating outdoors completely. Eat a homemade salt, pepper and cleanly prepared vegan & healthy food. Outdoor unhealthy food increases the piles.
  11. Tea/caffeine: Avoid excessive drinking of tea and caffeine in hemorrhoids disease. Caffeinated beverages increase the hemorrhoids.

Lifestyle changes to avoid piles

To prevent and cure this problem, you must make changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking lot of water prevent hemorrhoids and it is as important as eating healthy food. It reduces constipation and causes smooth movement of bowels.
  • Don’t make your bathroom a reading room: If you love to spend a long time in the bathroom, avoid it. Don’t put magazines or newspapers in your bathroom as your bathroom is not a reading room. Sitting for more time on toilet seat puts pressure on the blood vessels of anal. Both the situations may lead to piles.
  • Go when is required: Whenever you feel pressure, just go in the toilet and pass your stool. Delay in passing stool makes it day and hard. Then it requires extra pressure to pass it thereby increases the risk of piles.
  • Avoid dry tissues and if possible, use water to clean your anus.
  • Include fiber-rich food in your diet.
  • Do regular exercise because it helps in keeping proper movement of bowl thus avoiding piles.

Best yoga poses to cure hemorrhoids

Wrong eating habits or lifestyle can upset the stomach so that one gets constipated. This may be the hard stool that you find difficulty in passing or the delay in passing motion which leads to piles. Through yoga asanas, you can make your stomach happy and become healthy again. Here is a look at some of the common Yoga poses to cure hemorrhoids.

Best yoga poses to cure piles

1. Pawanmuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

Pavanamuktasana is also called the wind relieving pose, is beneficial yoga pose for people suffering from the indigestion and gas, spine problems, piles and constipation. It helps to release toxins and gas from the body and makes bowel movement smooth.

How to do Pawanmuktasana:

Begin from the supine position on the yoga mat.

  • Bring your right knee up to your chest and hold the knee with both your hands.
  • Try to touch your nose to the knee. Now let go of the leg and repeat for the other leg.
  • Do it two to three times. Then, bend both your knees and bring it up to your chest.
  • Try to touch your nose. Let go and relax.
  • Raise your right leg to your chest and place your hands on the soles of your feet.
  • It may be difficult for beginners and so they can use a towel or strap.
  • Pass the strap under the soles of your feet and then touch your nose to the knee.
  • Let go and do the same for the other leg.

Once you have completed 2-3 cycles, you must raise both the legs together to the chest and place your hands beneath the soles of the feet. Hold for 2-3 seconds and let go.

Keep your spine loose throughout the exercise. The benefit of this exercise is that it stimulates the intestines and abdominal organs. This helps you become free of constipation and piles.

Avoid if you just had surgery or have a hernia.

2. Ashwini Mudra Yoga for hemorrhoids

Ashwini mudra is also known as energy lock asana. In Sanskrit, Ashwini means horse. The Ashwini mudra poses copies horse’s act of shrinking their anus just after passing the stool.

How to do Ashwini Mudra:

The main action involves contraction and relaxation of anal area muscles.

  • Sit comfortably in common posture or in pranayama pose.
  • Take normal breath to make yourself comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the anal area.
  • Contract muscles of your anal area and try to shrink your buttock muscles for as long as possible without straining.
  • Come back to normal pose and repeat this 5  to 6 times.

This mudra gives you instant relief from pain and itching in pile lumps. Ashwini Mudra is best yoga for piles and hemorrhoids.

3. Moola bandha yoga or root lock pose to treat piles

Moolabandha yoga also is known as root lock pose, is an energy yoga pose. Moola means root and bandha refer to lock, and doing this yoga gives you control over the energy. It helps to cure constipation, piles and restores the normal functionality of the anal region.

How to do Moola bandha yoga:

  • Sit down in padmasana pose or lotus pose.
  • Stretch your hands over the knees and close your eyes.
  • Take a normal breath first, then focus your mind on pelvic region i.e the abdominal area.
  • Take a long breath and fill up your lungs with air.
  • Now contract the pelvic floor muscles slowly in an upward direction.
  • Hold this position for few seconds without overstanding the muscles.
  • Release and come back to normal state. Repeat this 10 times for each yoga seasons.

Moola bandhasana is related to breaths and muscles contraction so practice it regularly.


Piles are both painful and painless, but you can make your experience of hemorrhoids comfortable and free of pain using our home remedies for piles treatment at home. Just practice the talked remedies and lead hemorrhoids free life.

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  1. Greetings! Quite helpful guidance on this article!
    It truly is the little changes that make the biggest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Greetings! Very helpful advice on this post!
    It truly is the little changes that make the largest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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