8 Effective home remedies for oily skin

If your skin is too dry, then you probably like that sheen a little bit of oiliness on the skin could bring. But, in case, you have oily skin, you probably know what troubles one has to face with excess oil on the skin. Here, we will talk about home remedies for oily skin.

home remedies for oily skin

That oily sheen on the face does nothing to make a person happy who is suffering from so many problems that an oily skin could cause. But have you ever wondered what is it that causes the skin to become excessively oily?

Well, oily skin is a result of hyperactive sebaceous glands. When these glands produce a lot of oil or rather more oil than what your skin requires, then this condition, popularly referred to as oily skin, is caused.

For people, who don’t know what sebum is, it is an oily substance that resembles wax, produced by certain glands under your skin called sebaceous glands. This sebum not just hydrates your skin but also protects it. So, that means it has a great contribution in how healthy your skin looks or feels.

A lot of oil on your skin can cause several problems, some of which are acne and clogged pores. If you want to get rid of oily skin, then you will have to take good care of your skin. And guess what, you will have to make it a habit, only then you will be able to steer clear from this problem.

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Symptoms of oily skin

Before we get deeper into how oiliness on the skin can be reduced, let’s look at the symptoms of oily skin. So, some of the most common symptoms are:-

  • The skin appears extremely greasy or shiny.
  • The pores on the skin look large and very distinct.
  • The skin does not just look rough, it also looks thick.
  • Pimples on the skin could also be the result of an excessively oily skin.
  • Blackheads and clogged pores are also some common symptoms of oily skin.

Although these are the most common symptoms, different people having different types of oily skin show different symptoms. Not just that, even the severity of oily skin could differ from person to person. Genetics could also be a big factor on which your skin’s oiliness depends.

Yes, there are lots of problems that a person having an oily skin has to face. But one of the problems that women can readily relate to is this- finding the right makeup products.

Yes, finding them for oily skin is extremely difficult. No matter what makeup you choose, it is going to mix with the sebum on your skin to leave a different consistency than what you would expect from it.

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8 Effective natural remedies for oily skin

how to handle oily skin

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular home remedies for treating oily skin. Have a look at how to handle oily skin:-

1. Jojoba oil

You might cringe when we say that you should apply jojoba oil to reduce the oiliness on your skin. But this oil has magical effects on oily skin and can treat problems like acne effectively.

When you apply jojoba oil on your face, your sebaceous glands are forced into thinking that it is sebum, as this oil imitates natural sebum. As a result, these glands produce less sebum and problems that are often caused due to its excessive production get solved.

But one thing that you will have to keep in mind is that it’s not a great idea to apply a lot of this oil on your face. Even a little bit works wonders on the skin.

  • Just take a few drops of this oil onto your palm and then apply it evenly on your skin.
  • Do this a few days a week and see how your skin reacts to this remedy.
  • If you think your skin is reacting positively, you can apply this oil on a daily basis.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are loaded with salicylic acid. And salicylic acid is just amazing to treat acne. The reason why tomatoes are such a great remedy for oily skin is that the acid in it cuts down the excess oil on the skin because of which clogged pores get cleared out. This is the best cure for oily skin.

  • You can create an exfoliating mask with tomatoes and apply it on the skin to see great results.
  • For the mask, you can take the pulp of one tomato and then mix it with a spoonful of sugar.
  • Now, use this mask to apply on the skin.
  • Apply evenly in a circular motion and then leave it for around 5 minutes.
  • After that, the tomato mask needs to be rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • If you don’t want to take this pain, just apply fresh tomato pulp or tomato slices on the skin to get similar results.

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3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an amazing remedy for a lot of skin problems. Oily patches on your skin can sometimes cause it to become flaky. If you are suffering from this problem, then Aloe Vera would be the best remedy for you.

A lot of people having an oily skin resort to this remedy to treat this condition.

For best results, you can apply the natural Aloe Vera gel on your skin before bedtime and then sleep with it on. In the morning, you can wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.

If, however, your skin is extremely sensitive, then you could get a little allergic to this mask. And that is why it is advisable that you do a patch test before you actually use it.

4. Almonds

To treat the problem of oily skin, you need to grind fresh almonds and then create an exfoliator out of it. Here is how to make this scrub.

First, you will have to grind fresh almonds in such a way that you get around 3 teaspoons of almond powder out of it. To this powder, you need to add around 2 tablespoons of raw honey.

This needs to be applied on your face in a circular motion. Once you have scrubbed your face with ground almonds, it’s time to rinse it off with warm water. Pat the face dry.

If you don’t want to scrub your face, you can also use almonds as a face mask. For that, you will have to grind the almonds in such a way that they turn into a thin paste.

After this, you need to add the honey to it. Apply this mask on the face and leave it on for around 10 to 15 minutes. After you rinse it off with warm water, you really get to see amazing results.

But keep in mind that this remedy is not for people who have a nut allergy.

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5. Orange peel

The orange peels you get after you have oranges should be dried in the sun. These dried Orange peels should be ground to form a fine powder.

This orange peel powder can be mixed with raw milk to create a paste-like consistency. Now, this paste should be applied on the face evenly. After you leave it on for around 10 to 15 minutes, it should be washed off with cold water.

6. Sea salt

Sea salt is an amazing remedy to treat the problem of oiliness on the skin. But one thing that you will have to keep in mind here is that sea salt can be extremely drying on the skin.

And that is why it is not advisable that you use it regularly. You should limit its use to at most once a week. Now, how to use it?

Well, for that you just need to take some water and add a teaspoon of sea salt in it. Since you have taken just a little water, you will get a smooth paste out of the combination of the two things.

Now, you need to apply this paste on your face. After you have kept it on for around 10 minutes, you need to rinse it off with warm water. Skin oiliness will reduce considerably with the consistent use of sea salt.

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7. Mango pulp

You can also use mango pulp on your face to get rid of its oiliness. All you have to do is take some pulp of fresh mangoes and then use it to offer your face a good massage.

You can also use it on other areas of your body where there is excessive oiliness. Make sure you massage it in a circular motion. To wash it off, you need some warm water.

8. Cucumbers

People love to have cucumbers in their salads. But did you know it is also an amazing way to tone down the oiliness in your skin? Cucumbers are not just hydrating, but they are also an amazing astringent. And that is why they can be used for tightening the pores on oily skin.

Cucumbers are rich in magnesium, besides having a lot of Vitamin E and Vitamin A in them. That is why they also act as an amazing antioxidant.

If you want to cleanse your skin naturally, cucumbers can help you immensely. For the best results, you can grate a cucumber, mix egg whites with it and then add a dash of lemon juice to it. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for around 15 to 30 minutes. Wash it off later.


Aren’t these some really amazing ways to bid adieu to the problem of oily skin and the host of problems that it brings to the table? Well, why not! So, what makes you wait? Try out these home remedies to get rid of oily skin once and for all.

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