Home remedies for morning sickness & vomiting in pregnancy

Most of the women undergoing pregnancy experience morning sickness, especially during the first three months. It is a rather common phenomenon, and you are fortunate if you have a smooth-sailing pregnancy-phase, without vomiting and feeling sick. Here, we will talk about home remedies for morning sickness & vomiting in pregnancy.

The one thing that you need to understand at the very onset is that morning sickness is a normal symptom, and there is nothing wrong with you or the baby.

However, for some, the vomiting and nausea reach such an acute stage that medical intervention becomes unavoidable. However, you may also take recourse to home-based remedial measures to lessen the misery in the first trimester.

Home remedies for morning sickness & vomiting in pregnancy

Common causes of morning sickness in pregnant women

The biochemical reaction in the body of a pregnant woman that causes morning sickness is not yet clearly ascertained. The most probable cause is the hormonal change that the body undergoes after conception.

The resulting changes in the contraction pattern of the muscle tissues of the stomach may be the causal factor behind the vomiting tendency.

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During this time, it is noticed that women experience irritability and intolerance towards various smells and odours. If they are subjected to those particular smells that are abominable to them, they feel the sickness.

If a pregnant woman undergoes excessive physical and mental stress, fatigue, or anxiety, then they may experience greater tendency towards feeling sick. Other contributing factors are mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the body.

When is morning sickness normally experienced and how long does it last?

In most cases, the problem persists throughout the first trimester and the beginning of the day is the time when the condition is the worst. However, for many women, the symptoms continue throughout the day, and may also hamper normal routine life.

In maximum cases, the problem loses its wind after 3 to 4 months. But for some, they remain for a longer time. On some days, the sickness can be really intolerable, leading to your getting bedridden and absenting from work.

On such days, and on the others, your best pal is the homely remedies that will help you a great deal to go through the ordeal.

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Home remedies for morning sickness & vomiting in pregnancy

As you need to go through your pregnancy and also attend to your normal routine life, you cannot let the problems of morning sickness, vomiting and nausea overpower you. Here are some homemade ways which are easy to follow or intake, and which will definitely help you in dealing with the situation:

1. Take walks and do light exercises

Although it is the last thing that you will feel like doing during this time, yet walking short distances and doing light stretching exercises, go a great deal in lessening the nausea and making the pregnancy period normal and bearable.

This has an easy logic. While you walk, you keep the level of progesterone hormone in a controlled quantity and diluted throughout your body. This helps in fighting morning sickness.

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Your digestive system also remains healthy and active with the regular walks, and it is extremely good for the general well-being of the baby. Only thing is that you need to be careful about where you are taking the stroll, as undulating or elevated terrain may be avoided to prevent falling. Moreover, the duration of the walk must not be too long.
light exercises and walk for morning sickness

2. Drink the juice of red raspberry leaves

red raspberry leaves to cure morning sickness
Red raspberry leaves

You can prepare tea out of red raspberry leaves and drink it first thing in the morning to lower your vomiting tendencies. These leaves are traditionally used for its relaxation effect on the uterine muscles.

Moreover, the juice is rich in many essential minerals and vitamins that are essential for the development of the baby. However, before using this remedy, you should consult your physician, as it may lead to abnormal uterine contractions.

3. Take sips of water in the morning

Before leaving the bed in the morning, you may take sips of water so that the stomach gets adjusted to the change. Then you get up slowly and get out of bed. Water, as you know quite well is the hydrating medium that keeps you and the baby in perfect condition.

It has also been found out that if you keep on drinking water throughout the day, your vital systems work well, keeping you healthy and in a good mood and also reduces the chances of your getting morning sickness.

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4. Use the smell of lemon to overcome nausea

lemon for vomiting in pregnancy

The sweet and tangy smell and taste of lemon naturally fights the bouts of nausea. The odour causes a soothing effect and prevents vomiting. You must always keep a piece of lemon handy or a napkin sprinkled with lemon essential oil nearby.

Whenever you feel like throwing up, just press it close to your nose, and watch and feel the difference. You may also try out drinking some lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water in the morning to prevent vomiting tendencies.

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5. Use of fennel seeds to overcome the feeling of sickness

fennel seeds
Fennel seeds

The taste and smell of fennel seeds during the early phases of pregnancy may reduce the problem of morning sickness. Fennel seeds also help in digestion.

Indigestion and stomach upset can also lead to vomiting, which may be arrested in this way. You must keep a small container with fennel seeds nearby and chew on a few of them whenever you feel nauseated or dizzy.

6. Use of ginger in prevention of vomiting

Ginger, in general, is a superb remedy against vomiting tendency. It works particularly well during pregnancy. It keeps the stomach happy by arresting hyper-acidity, a very common symptom during the early stages of pregnancy.

This also considerably reduces the bouts of morning sickness. You may keep a small piece of ginger or shredded ginger pieces in a container and put one in your mouth as soon as you feel sick.

The soothing smell and tangy taste of ginger also keep you fresh mentally and helps you to fight uneasiness.

7. Use of Vitamin B6 capsules

It has been found that vitamin B6 capsules have been able to keep your vomiting and nausea under control during pregnancy. You can take vitamin B6 supplements in medication or may opt for a diet that is rich in Vitamin B6.

However, if you go for medicines, it is best to consult with your physician about the dosage and the frequency of intake.

8. Eat crackers and do not remain on an empty stomach

Whenever you are feeling dizzy with nausea, take a bite into a cracker. An empty stomach increases the chances of your getting morning sickness.

Pregnancy is the time which is very crucial for mother and unborn baby both. Therefore, be healthy, be fresh, the baby itself will be the healthy by following these home remedies for morning sickness & vomiting in pregnancy.

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