Home remedies for longer hair growth naturally

Be it a dazzling Deepika Padukone waving at the audience, or be it the evergreen veteran actress Rekha- Indian cinema has seen faces, adorned with long and lustrous locks, ruling all over the place. It might cross your minds that what’s special with longer hair. Here, we will talk about home remedies for longer hair growth naturally.

Well, to start off with, longer hair is a canvas of the stylists or hair dressers. Though it takes a bit more on the maintenance part, yet your hair style plays a major role in adorning your look.

Home remedies for longer hair growth

Even knowing all the pros of long hair in terms of styling, there are times, we give in to damaged hair and cut it to a shorter length thinking of a less time-consuming hair care regime. No matter how much confident one is about short hair, there is a point of time wherein one wishes to have those long locks back.

Well, in case you are dying to shine in the longer lustrous locks on the next traditional occasion, here’s a list of easy home remedies for hair growth and thickness for you.

Home remedies for longer hair growth

1. Coconut oil massage

Indian households have always witnessed ladies applying coconut oil, since time immemorial. Well, in some villages of South India, you will get the purest form of coconut oil, without any preservatives or added fragrances. This home remedy is perhaps the best one till now.

  • Applying or massaging warm coconut oil and leaving it overnight, is recommended twice a week.
  • This rich in potassium coconut oil is a natural conditioner and an all-round hair remedy.
  • It puts a stop to dandruff, reduces hair breakage, repairs the rough and damaged hair, gives you a healthier scalp and also promotes hair growth.

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2. Coconut oil or olive oil + Biotin

This age-old thing with oiling your hair for it to grow longer and lustrous can never fail with. Yes, simply oiling your hair with coconut oil can give it quite a good luster, but when your hair damage is due to a deficiency of vitamin B, your hair needs something extra. Generally, a deficiency of vitamin B, one that’s found in green vegetables, especially the leafy ones, cause hair fall when deficit. A couple of biotin tablets work wonders in that case.

  • Crush about two or three biotin tablets and mix it up with our very own coconut oil.
  • All you need to do is apply it on dry scalp, with a light massage, and then leaving it overnight.
  • Wash it off the next morning.
  • This home remedy helps in renewing your hair follicles.
  • Also, you can use olive oil instead of coconut oil.

3. Onion juice for hair growth

Two medium sized onions are all that you need.

  • After peeling off the onions, chop it into smaller pieces, then blend it a little so as to squeeze out its juice.
  • Dip a bale of cotton in the juice and apply on your scalp.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to dry. Once dry, rinse it off with shampoo, preferably a mild one.

Well, this home remedy is widely accepted by many as it evidently results in the hair regrowth of new hair. Onion juice promotes re-growth of your hair, as it is enriched with sulfur, which in turn boosts up the production of collagen in the scalp tissues. This quick and easy home remedy for your hair can also be tried with shallots. Read Onion health benefits.

food-for natural hair growth

4. Aloe Vera gel for hair growth and thickness

In the small green patch in the backyard or balcony of your home, growing an aloe plant is not a bad idea. Well, one of the numerous positive effects of aloe vera gel is that it helps in hair growth.

  • On cutting an aloe leaf right through its middle or even from the top, you will find the aloe gel.
  • Scoop it out and apply on your hair and scalp, the entire length of your hair can be applied with it.
  • It may take about an hour to dry. Once dry, wash it off with a shampoo again prefer a mild one.
  • Apart from enhancing your hair growth, it also adds to the luster of your locks.

Aloe gel is enriched with proteolytic enzymes which stimulate the hair follicles, discarding the dead-cells from the scalp.  Also, the nutrients present in the gel of aloe vera, hydrate the scalp and hair. Find Aloe vera plant benefits.

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5. Green Tea

Green tea enriched with antioxidants is an excellent home remedy for damaged hair that promotes hair growth as well.

  • Soak a couple of green tea bags rather steam it in hot water for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Once it is a bit cool, apply it on your scalp and let it dry for an hour.
  • Once dry, wash it off with cooler water.

This one combats hair fall as well. It can be used as a hair wash as often as you wish to. Read Herbal Tea benefits.

6. Rice water

Rice water is perhaps one of the most common things to be found in any Indian household. Being rich in vitamins B6, E, K and other proteins it renders your hair healthier, and voluminous.

  • Soak about half a cup of rice in two cups of water, for about 15 minutes.
  • Once the rice is strained, apply rather pour the thick water on your scalp.
  • After a massage of about few minutes, wash it off with shampoo.

This home remedy can be used twice in a week for best results.

7. Henna

Henna is perhaps the most popular home remedy for damaged and dull hair. It is another of the natural conditioners that add shine and a reddish hue to your hair, also strengthening its roots, thereby catalyzing your hair growth.

  • Apply a pack of henna powder and yogurt, on your scalp and hair, as in from root to tip.
  • It takes quite a long time to dry, once it is dry, shampoo it off.

Weekends are the ideal time for this hair care regime. Read Henna benefits.

8. Egg mask

The egg is packed with a number of nutrients, starting right from proteins, iron, zinc, phosphorous, iodine, selenium, sulfur and vitamins A, D, E. Owing to its high protein content, eggs form one of the best hair-pack.

  • Depending upon the length of your hair, take eggs and add olive oil and honey in the proportion of 1:1:1.
  • Beat it into a smooth paste and apply to your scalp and hair.
  • In about 20 minutes, it will dry.
  • Once dry, wash it off with cold water and shampoo preferably one with a nice fragrance.

This home remedy works wonders on damaged hair, improving the texture, nourishing hair follicles and also reduces hair fall.

Gear up for the next festive season with all these home remedies for longer hair growth naturally and style it to your heart’s content, turning heads wherever you go.

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