Home remedies for lipoma removal, causes and symptoms

Lipoma is a fatty lump anywhere on your body. These lumps occur on the back, neck, arms or any other part of the body. In this post, we will talk about home remedies for lipoma removal.

The lipomas are a sign of the imbalance in the cleaning system and do not cause any harm. If you cure the imbalance, it will disappear naturally. Because these lumps cause embarrassment, it is best to remove these fatty tumors.

Home remedies for lipoma removal

Causes of Lipoma

When the body is unable to get rid of its waste through the normal channels such as the liver or the kidneys, it pushes these through the skin. The waste consisting of toxins or residues does not go out in full.

Then, the body covers this waste up. This shows up as a fatty tumor. Genetic factors like adiposis dolorosa and Gardner syndrome are other causes. It may also occur due to dietary causes. Next, we will talk about lipoma natural treatment.

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Home remedies for lipoma removal

The general consensus is that if the fatty lumps do not disturb you, do nothing to them. But, you have to address the root cause of the problem otherwise there is a good chance for the lipomas to return. Here are some of the best home remedies for lipoma.

1. Sage for lipoma removal

Sage oil is an essential oil with therapeutic properties. It has an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial nature that proves useful for dealing with all kinds of pathogens and dirt. It is also antiseptic and has antioxidant properties that help to prevent infections and destruction of healthy body cells.

Sage stimulates blood circulation and increases cell regeneration. It has found a use since the olden days for treating cellulite. So, it proves useful for lipoma treatment.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar for lipoma treatment without surgery

The imbalance of the pH on the skin is one of the reasons for the appearance of lipoma. Apple cider vinegar helps to restore the pH of the skin and so the tumor begins to reduce in size. You can also drink it by mixing 2 teaspoons of vinegar in 1 glass of water.

Have this in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to remove the toxins and improve the digestion. So, if the lipoma is due to the dietary causes, this method of treatment will work to cure it. For the topical application, mix 2 teaspoons of beeswax with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply this mix on the lipoma and it will become smaller.

3. Flour and Honey for lipoma treatment

This is one of the best home remedies for lipoma. Mix two tablespoons of grain flour with 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Mix well and apply the paste on your lipoma. Cover it with a light bandage and allow it to dry.

The flour absorbs the fluid accumulation inside the skin and makes it dry. The honey acts as an antiseptic and kills the pathogens present inside the lipoma. This will restore the lipoma to a normal state within a few days.

4. Natural Oils and Herbs

Use natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil to form the mixture with the herbs such as chickweed. You could also use neem leaves as it has good antiseptic properties. The oil soaks into the skin and makes the lump to burst. The herbs help to cleanse the body of all the toxic substances and make the skin normal again.

Use the mix daily; apply in the morning and leave it on until you have the bath in the evening. It is better to cover the patch with a piece of gauze to prevent the possibility of staining. This is one of the best natural cures for lipoma.

5. Turmeric for fatty lipoma cure

Use of turmeric has occurred since ages because people use it for many therapeutic uses. Use some olive oil to create a smooth paste with turmeric. Apply this on the lipoma and leave it for half an hour. The turmeric has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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So, it reduces the size of the lump by decreasing the toxic substances. It kills any foreign matter that is present. The olive oil prevents the tumor from increasing. But, one should take care as the turmeric will stain the clothes. It will also discolor the skin. Apply the paste both in the morning and in the evening. Do this for one week to get good results.

6. Ginger to remove a lipoma yourself

We can use ginger as a topical application or as a drink. This is because of the strong anti-inflammatory nature of ginger. It helps fight pathogens and so you use it on the lipoma. Crush a few pieces of ginger, three one-inch pieces and apply this as a poultice on the lipoma.

The ginger paste makes the lump become smaller. By drinking the tea made from ginger, you remove all the digestive problems. If the tumor happened due to the digestive problems, then drinking ginger tea will help remove it.

7. Cayenne Pepper

You can reduce fatty deposits by using cayenne pepper. The active ingredient in cayenne peppers is capsaicin that increases the blood flow. This increased blood flow helps to remove the deposits and clear the skin. You can use the paste of cayenne pepper on the lipoma daily in the morning. Be sure to apply some carrier oil as the pepper is hot and will burn the skin. You can use coconut oil or olive oil to mix with the cayenne pepper.

8. Garlic

Use either freshly crushed garlic or garlic oil to get rid of lipomas. Garlic is good for fighting inflammation and infections. It has natural curing nature and so it will rectify any digestive complains you have if you eat it.

Take garlic orally twice a day to get rid of stomach complaints. Apply garlic oil on the lipoma and it will become small in one or two weeks’ time. You can mix turmeric with the garlic oil to improve the potency of the medicine to cure lipoma.

9. Reduce Fat in the Diet

By decreasing the fat in the diet, you can help reduce the fatty deposit under the skin. Take a non-fat diet that includes vegetables and fiber for a week or two. This will improve your digestion and decrease the fat content in the body. Over time, the lump will reduce in size and disappear.



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