Irregular periods: Causes, symptoms and home remedies

Irregular periods: Talking about the menstrual cycle in woman, it is the monthly sequence of alterations a woman’s body goes through in grounding for the likelihood of pregnancy. Every single month, one of the ovaries discharges an egg, which is a process known as ovulation. Here, we will talk about home remedies for irregular periods treatment.

At the same while, hormonal changes formulate the uterus for pregnancy. If the ovulation takes place and egg is not fertilized, the lining of uterus sheds via the vagina. This is what we call a menstrual period.

Home remedies for irregular periods natural treatment

The menstrual cycle, which is also called periods is counted from the first day of a lady’s period to the first day of next. It is not same for every woman. Menstrual flow may take place every twenty-one to thirty-five days and last two to around seven days.

For an initial couple of years after menstruation starts, lengthy cycles are common. However, these menstrual cycles incline to curtail and get more regular as one age.

A woman’s menstrual cycle may be regular about the same span each month or slightly irregular. The period may be heavy or light, painful or painless, lengthy, or short, and still, it might be considered normal.

Most frequently, the first menstrual period is experienced by girls spanning in age from eight to fifteen and might start as irregular cycles of bleeding. The period cycle is controlled by the hormones of the body. Every hormone possesses an important role in periods and a particular task.

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Causes of painful irregular periods

Menstruation is a monthly incidence for women wherein the body sheds the lining of the uterus, which is, then goes through a tiny opening in the cervix and out via the vaginal canal.

Menstrual cramps, which are also known as period pains or dysmenorrhea are painful sensations sensed in the lower abdomen, which can take place both before and during a lady’s menstrual period.

The pain levels from dull and irritating to extreme and severe. Menstrual cramps incline to start after an egg gets released from ovaries and voyages down to the fallopian tube.

There are two main kinds of such tough or painful irregular periods, which are primary and secondary dysmenorrhea:

  • Primary dysmenorrhea is the commonest kind and is categorized by pain in lower abdomen and lower back pain starting one or two days before period and lasting from two to four days. There is no fundamental issue that is causing pain.
  • Then the secondary dysmenorrhea is categorized by cramping pains, which are due to a recognizable medical issue such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory ailment.

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Irregular periods symptoms

Remember that not every woman is going to experience the same premenstrual symptoms. Some of these common symptoms are:

  • Breast tenderness and swelling.
  • Occurrence of intense Tension.
  • Bloating.
  • Breakouts of acne.
  • Back, leg or stomach cramping.

What is this Premenstrual syndrome?

Some women may report feeling symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome which is also known as PMS. This common condition might include symptoms like:

  • Mood swings and alterations.
  • A Feeling of insomnia.
  • Bloating.
  • Dizziness.
  • Difficulty in maintaining concentration.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Weariness.

Such types of symptoms can differ in intensity. Other symptoms might include muscle or joint pain, fluid retention, headaches, constipation, and diarrhea. PMS might get caused by certain conditions like alterations in hormone or serotonin stages.

Natural home remedies for Irregular periods


Ginger plays a great role in regulating monthly periods; it promotes the flow of menstruation and also relieves ladies from the intolerable pain. This is one of the best home remedies for irregular periods.

  • For a proper consumption of ginger, just boil one half teaspoon of freshly beached ginger in a cup of water for around five to ten minutes. After this, add a little amount of honey or sugar to enhance its taste. Strain this blend and consume it three times every day after all the meals for around a month.

ginger to cure irregular menstruationTurmeric

The great properties of turmeric mend hormonal imbalance and control the menstruation cycle. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric diminish the cramping. Know about turmeric powder benefits.

  • Just take a one fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder and put it into the lukewarm milk. Consume it daily, until you feel improvement.

turmeric milk for irregular periods treatment

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are also helpful for regular periods. This is one of the effective home remedies for irregular periods.

  • Just take two cups of water and put a teaspoon of coriander seeds in it. Boil them till the amount of water gets reduced to half. Strain this solution and consume it twice a day for a couple of days before the beginning of your period.
  • Follow the remedy for around one or two months. On the other hand, one can also drink coriander juice regularly. Read about Coriander health benefits.


There is no doubt that carrots are a good source of iron, and they regulate the good functioning of the hormone.

  • You should drink one glass of carrot juice every day for three months for normalizing the irregular menstruation cycle. It would certainly show results down the lane.

Coriander seeds and carrots for regular periods

Some Important Points about irregular menstrual cycle 

Many times, some women might also experience issues with their menstrual cycle. Commonly experienced issues include:

  • Amenorrhea: It is a term to define the deficiency of a period in a young girl by the age of fifteen or no discharge or blood in a menstruating lady for ninety or more days. A few contributing factors to the lack of a period are pregnancy, eating disorders, breastfeeding, excessive exercising, and immense stress.
  • Dysmenorrhea: It is a condition wherein a lady experiences menstrual pain which is extreme at times. It may be caused by uterine fibroid, endometriosis or severe prostagland in which is a chemical generated by the body.
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding: Such a condition is labelled as any vaginal bleeding, which is not linked with a menstrual period. This bleeding might include bleeding between periods, bleeding after having sex, any sort of vaginal spotting, prolonged or heavy menstrual bleeding and postmenopausal bleeding.


Thus, every woman goes through periods, and this menstruation cycle may differ from individual to individual. We have already discussed some home remedies for irregular periods, which can diminish your pains and cramps. So, there is absolutely no need to panic!

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