Home remedies for earache in kids

Getting the solution for an earache is not easy. We feel helpless and get ready to try the first thing that comes to mind, antibiotics. Here, we will talk about home remedies for earache in kids.

Home remedies for earache in kids

But, you must not always use antibiotics for earaches. Though it is normal to prescribe antibiotics for ear infection, most pediatricians wait for 72 hours before trying it.

A few children may show allergic symptoms to antibiotics and they could become life-threatening. It is better to try a few home remedies for ear infection in children first. Here is a look at some of the tried-and-tested solutions for earache that affects your baby.

Causes of Earache in children

You have many causes for earache. The most common is the earwax itself. It hardens and causes discomfort. Cavities are another common reason. You must check if your child has developed cavities. If so, then you must treat them first. Other causes include sinus infection and tonsillitis. The doctor will check the tonsils and then make his decision.

The symptoms are fever and earache in slightly older children. In babies, the signs will include crankiness and they will tug at their ears.

Home remedies for ear pain in kids

1. Onion Juice for ear pain relief

It is easy to prepare onion juice for help to cure the earache. Your child probably has some infection that onion will take care of. First, take two large onions. Peel and dice them. Put them in the blender and give it a whisk.

Make sure there are no large pieces. When you strain the onion juice, use a thin cloth along with a tea strainer. Do not use bare hands; use a spoon to help drain the juice.

Collect it in a cup and use immediately. Do not store the onion juice but prepare a fresh batch each time. Put two to three drops of the juice into the ear of the child using a dropper.

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2. Olive Oil to treat an ear infection

In olive oil, we see many polyphenols that show excellent antimicrobial properties. Use extra virgin olive oil as these have a good ability to cure the earache. The antibacterial nature helps guard against many pathogens. These include hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, and many more.

Take some olive oil in a cup. Use a dropper to transfer two to three drops of olive oil into the ears of the infant (2-3 drops for each ear). Bacteria cannot grow in oil and so they will soon be killed. This will give relief to the child.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide for ear infection in kids

Used since olden times, people used hydrogen peroxide to cure earaches. In many instances, the pain is caused by hardened wax. Or, it may be due to an ear infection. To deal with both cases, put two to three drops of coconut oil into the ear.

This will soften the wax. Now, use a dropper to put two to three drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear. Let it sit for a while and then tilt the ear to one side to let it drain out. This will help relieve the ear pain in a short time.

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4. Elevation

Another way to give relief for earache is to use elevation. This means raising the head of the baby so that it helps the fluids in the head to drain out. For this, you must use a separate piece of clothing; avoid using the pillows on which the baby sleeps.

Do not rest the baby on the ear that is causing the pain. If it has pain in both ears then put the baby in supine position with the face facing the ceiling. Give the baby enough water to drink. Soon, the dirt will come out of the ear and the baby will have good relief.

5. Homeopathic ear drops for toddler earache 

You can prepare homeopathic ear drops using coconut oil or olive oil as the base. You can crush the leaves and flowers of herbs such as calendula, mullein, and lavender. Add crushed garlic to this.

Mix thoroughly and put in a small dish containing 10-15 drops of the carrier oil. Stir until the mix become homogeneous. Take two to three drops of this oil and put it into the ear of the baby using a dropper. Wait for ten minutes and then tilt the head to one side to allow the drainage to flow out.

6. Ginger for inner ear infection relief

Ginger has good anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps relieve pain and so has been used since the ancient times for treating earaches. The way to use it is to crush a fresh piece of ginger and get one teaspoon of juice. Mix this with two teaspoons of olive oil.

Let it set for a while. Then, use a dropper to transfer two drops of the juice into each ear that is affected. Leave it alone for ten minutes. Then, turn the head to one side to allow the dirt to flow out. This will give relief from the pain.

7. Cold and Warm Compress

You can use both a cold or warm compress to give relief for earaches for kids. Warm some sand and tie it inside a sock. Do not overheat the sand, only make it warm. Press the sock against the region of the ear. This will give relief from the earache.

You can also use a bag filled with ice cubes. The cold compress or the warm compress provides an alternative path for the pain signals that go to the brain. This makes the sensation of pain to reduce and disappear altogether in a short time.

8. Garlic for earache treatment

This is another trusted remedy for earache. Garlic has allicin that fights infections and reduces inflammations. Crush a few pods of garlic and get the juice. Mix this juice with coconut oil. Use two drops for each ear and watch the pain disappear fast.


If your infant develops a fever of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to see the doctor. Also, go immediately if there is any blood or pus discharge from the ear. You must check with the clinic if the ear infection symptoms do not improve within 3-4 days. In most cases, the symptoms will resolve themselves in 3-4 days after using home remedies for earache in kids.





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