Home remedies for diabetic nerve pain treatment

Diabetic neuropathy or diabetic nerve pain is the tingling sensation or feeling of numbness you feel in your fingers, feet, and hands. In this article, we will talk about home remedies for diabetic nerve pain treatment.

Diabetic nerve pain occurs due to the poor circulation of blood and the presence of excessive sugar in your blood. This damages the nerves resulting in the unwanted sensations.

Home remedies for diabetic nerve pain treatment

Diabetic nerve pain or neuropathy symptoms

The dominant sign is the numb feeling you have in your extremities. This means that you have tingling sensations and experience of loss of appetite.

  • Numb feeling
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Joint instability

Most of these signs appear after you are past the middle age. You can treat them with simple natural treatment for neuropathy given below.

Home remedies for diabetic nerve pain treatment

1. Bath with Warm Water to cure neuropathic pain

A warm bath can rejuvenate the nerves and open the blood vessels. This will improve circulation of blood and this ease the pain because the heat channel will provide an alternate path for the pain signals to the brain. Do not use water that is too hot as this might cause more damage than give relief.

Add some Epsom salt as this can remove the excess acids in your muscles. This will give relief to the muscles and help lessen the pain. Use your favorite aroma oil or essential oil as this will make the bath experience more pleasant. The bath will soften the tissues and help promote growth. This one of the best home remedies for neuropathy.

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2. Rub Down with Capsaicin Cream to treat nerve pain in leg

Make your own capsaicin cream: Take cayenne powder 2 tbsp. and mix it with ¾ cup of coconut oil. And heat in a double boiler for 10 minutes. Put ½ cup of beeswax and stir over the heat. Make sure everything gets melted completely. Chill in refrigerator for later use.

Topical capsaicin cream is a temporary relief for muscle pain. Capsaicin stops the release of substance P by the nerve endings to transmit pain. You get a burning sensation when you use the capsaicin cream but that is something you have to put up with. Use cotton ball to apply this cream on affected area. This is one of the effective natural treatment for neuropathy pain.

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3. Slow Exercises are natural treatment for neuropathy

Exercising can reduce diabetic nerve pain. The nerves get damaged when you have diabetic neuropathy. By adding strength to your muscles, you augment the strength of the associated nerves. You can choose from flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises, balance exercises, and strengthening exercises.

Each of these exercises adds strength to a different group of muscles. Aerobic exercises include swimming and brisk walking. Flexibility exercises include calf stretch and seated hamstring strength.

Strength training has chair squat and seated dorsiflexion. In the balance exercises, you see the hip extension, hip flexion, and side leg raise. These are simple exercises you can do in your house without any special equipment. 

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4. Bring down your sugar Level for nerve pain relief

The simplest method to do this is to change your diet habits. This includes drinking more water, snacking on protein-rich items, and exercise. This means cutting your carbohydrate intake but do not starve yourself as this will damage the tissues in the body.

Reduce carbs, increase protein intake, and drink water. The exercise will help you burn up the excess calories. Again, there is no “must do daily” compulsion. It is the way you feel, if you want to get rid of the excess sugar, you have to exercise and stick to your diet. You can do this easily if you set your mind to it.

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5. Apple cider vinegar neuropathy for nerve pain treatment

Add some sage leaves to the Apple Cider Vinegar and allow it to simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Use a soft cloth to soak in the mixture and apply this cloth to the place where you have pain in the leg.

Keep applying this repeatedly for three of four minutes. Then, use a fresh batch with new sage leaves. Do this continuously for 10 minutes. This will help ease the pain due to diabetic neuropathy. Do this in the morning and the evening for best results. You can also use it to treat peripheral neuropathy.

You can also add 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to one glass of water and have it in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to control your blood sugar and keep it under control.

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6. Ginger Tea for diabetic neuropathy treatment

Nerve damage happens due to the toxicity happening due to the high blood sugar level. Use of ginger will help to manage blood sugar levels. The active substance in ginger is gingerol that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

This helps reduce the pain due to the diabetic neuropathy. It also helps stimulate the digestion and reduce the sugar levels in the blood. For the best result, make and drink at least 2 cups of ginger tea daily. Boil tea leaves in water and add slices of ginger to it. Strain, cool, and have it. This is one of the best natural remedy for neuropathy pain.

7. Ashwagandha for diabetic feet pain relief

Long known for its multiple health benefits, Ashwagandha helps control the sugar levels in the blood. It enhances insulin sensitivity and increases the production of insulin in the pancreas. Ashwagandha helps the pancreatic beta cells from damage.

It prevents fatty deposit in the liver by mobilizing the digestion. It helps balance the lipid levels. By doing this, it reduces the stress linked to diabetes. Have 1 teaspoon of the powdered leaf or roots of Ashwagandha along with 1 teaspoon of honey twice a day.

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Complications due to Diabetic Neuropathy

Nerves are vital for many body functions. These include blood clotting, digestion, sexual functions, and more. The first thing is you develop infections in the hands and legs. The sensations in these areas become less and so sores and cuts go unnoticed.

They become infected and lead to complications. When the nerves in your leg get damaged it could lead to a Charcot’s joint. In this condition, you experience swelling and joint disability.

Urinary problem is the other major complication. Nerves play a major role in your bladder and urinary system. When the nerves get damaged, you will not recognize when your bladder is full. You will have poor control over your bladder.

People might experience sexual dysfunction. This could be in the form of erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal issues, impaired stimulation, and vaginal lubrication problems.

Other problems relate to digestive issues. The person may experience vomiting, constipation, impaired hunger, and nausea.




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