9 Herbal Remedies to Help Relieve Pain and Help You Relax

Nobody wants to go through life with the burden of pain and stress hanging over them. We’re all pretty clued up on the fact that stress is much more prevalent these days, with society’s high-pressure, super-fast environment that so many get swallowed up in.

When you’re stressed or tired, you might not realize that there’s a pain you’re suffering that is actually worsening as a result. So, we’ve pieced together some excellent natural remedies that can help you alleviate your body pain and help you relax.

9 Herbal Remedies to Help Relieve Pain and Help You Relax

Why do we have natural remedies?

The creation of natural remedies, both for pain and for stress came about through a combination or mixture of historical, cultural and anecdotal evidence.

The University of New Hampshire Health Services states that herbal medicine has its roots in every culture around the world. This can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Celts and Arabs, along with Indians and of course the Chinese.

Relaxing can be hard when stress so readily causes issues that include anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. However, it’s these natural remedies that offer up ways of reducing and even removing those stressed feelings.

It goes without saying that in the ideal world, you don’t want to resort to prescription medication because generally, you’ll find that although they are very fast at quashing the issue you have, the effects are, in fact, temporary and you can endure unwanted side effects as a result of medication.

One of the regular appeals of natural remedies is that they are not only effective, but low-cost, safe, easy to find, and have fewer side effects than their prescription drug counterparts.

First of all, we’re going to look at some of the most effective natural remedies you can turn to as a way of helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, followed by looking at some common herbal remedies for natural pain relief.

Herbs for relaxation and stress

1. Lavender

Simply having the smell of lavender can, in fact, promote rapid relief of stress and anxiety. Have some fresh lavender in a room to help with this, or you can mix roughly five or six drops of lavender oil in your bath and let them soak in the tub teamed with the scent of lavender work its magic!

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published a study, that found students who inhaled lavender oil scent prior to an exam enjoyed reduced levels of anxiety.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has been proven to provide positive properties in regard to relieving stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. Experts found that a 600mg daily dose of lemon balm helped to boost mood, improve states of both calmness and alertness within just one week! You can drink lemon balm in tea form, to feel the benefit of a soothing calm feeling in a matter of minutes.

3. Theanine

Theanine, which is derived from green tea, has established itself as an effectual reliever of stress.

When you swallow theanine, it can be readily absorbed by your body allowing it to easily cross the blood-brain barrier, which speeds up the transit to your brain cells.

There’s suggestion from studies that theanine has the capability to support and promote a healthy brain in terms of function, while also promoting calmness and improving cognitive function.

4. Kava Root

Research has shown that kava might take the crown for being the most potent herbal supplements for combating stress and anxiety. Unlike some of the other herbal anxiety supplements, kava comes prepared to help not just to help rid the body of anxious feelings, but anxious thoughts too.

Kava’s calming influence has been proven to alleviate restlessness, anxiety, sleeplessness, and symptoms that link to stress, including muscle tension or spasm. If you take kava capsules or tablets form, it will be more enjoyable than doing so in the liquid form as it resembles muddy water!

5. Valerian

Including valerian herbs as a natural remedy is a long-established method the world over in the treatment of both anxiety and insomnia. Valerian boasts being one of the most well-known remedies, while also promoting tranquil and harmonious feelings. You can enjoy valerian root in tea form or via pill or capsule.

6. Chamomile

The health benefits that chamomile brings to the table are positively boundless. Feeling jittery? Chamomile helps to calm nerves, relax muscles, reduce anxiety and offers assistance with insomnia.

Chamomile can also improve digestion and reduce the onset of headaches. The most popular way to consume chamomile is in tea form.

Herbs for pain relief

7. Capsaicin

Capsaicin originates in hot chilli peppers, and topical capsaicin has been established as being useful for pain relief.

Capsaicin operates by reducing substance P; this is a compound that conveys the pain sensation from the peripheral to the central nervous system. This isn’t an instant fix and can take up to two days to set in.

8. Feverfew

The National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health recommends feverfew for migraine relief. However, feverfew has been deployed for many a century to treat stomach aches, and toothaches too.

What’s more, rheumatoid arthritis can be treated with the use of feverfew.

There is more research required to endorse whether feverfew is actually 100 percent effective, and the herb is definitely worth looking into before trying. This is because it has been linked to side effects include irritation of the tongue and lips, and women who are expecting should look for another herbal remedy, the Baby Center claim.

9. Turmeric

This spice has long been adopted for arthritis pain and heartburn reduction as well as decreasing inflammation.

At present, it’s not fully understood just how turmeric works against either inflammation or pain, but it’s thought that it might be due to the curcumin chemical found in turmeric.

Curcumin is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is typically safe to use, although high doses and/or long-term use has been known to cause indigestion. Also, people with gallbladder disease should look for an alternative natural remedy.


follow these natural remedies and we are sure that these will help you relieve pain and help you relax.

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