7 Health Benefits of Eating While Sitting on Floor

Taking a plunge in ancient times will highlight quite a few differences in the dining habits of humans. Though the food has only changed for better, as far as taste is concerned, yet the modern sitting habits while dining aren’t much helpful for our bodies. Sitting on the floor while eating is a lot more beneficial for our digestion when compared to the other sitting habits like curled up on your couch or humped up on your sofa or even on a chair.

All Health Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor And Eating

Sitting on the floor, cross-legged, has a positive impact on your entire system. Apart from being an aid to digestion, it ensures an improved blood circulation while keeping the hip and knee joints healthier. Apparently, if you sit on the floor while eating, you will be full faster. Here’s a list of the health benefits one can have from this sitting on the floor while eating.

Health benefits of sitting on the floor and eat


When you sit on the floor for eating, your plate is placed right in front of you- you need to bend down forward to gulp in the nibbles and go back to your straight posture to swallow the nibbles. This continuous movement of bending forward and going back acts as a simulator for digestion, it activates our abdomen muscles thereby increasing the secretion of the digestive juices in the stomach.  So, food gets digested faster. Also, when you sit on the floor, cross-legged, there is a pressure applied to the lower part of your spine, making you feel relaxed, as the muscle tension is released and the blood pressure level is in control. Find Yoga poses to improve digestion.

An impact on your well-being

When you sit on the floor, your shoulders are relaxed keeping your spine all straight and your body pushed back. Being different from the posture of sitting on couches, and chairs, this posture makes your body way too less prone to strained joints and muscles, especially the knee and hip joints. They say a good posture has a good impact on your overall well-being, so sitting on the floor while eating, bring in a key to your healthy well-being.

An aid to your knee and hip joints

Sitting on the floor and eating brings about a back and forth rocking movement, which, in turn, makes your joints of the knees, hip, and ankle to move constantly, thereby making them a lot more flexible. Practicing this posture while eating lubricates your joints making them healthy and reducing back pain. The muscles are less prone to injuries and wear and tear of degenerative diseaseslike arthritis and osteoporosis, the overall impact being a lot more flexible body that makes it easier to sit on the floor. Find Effective yoga for back pain treatment.

A boost to weight loss

Slumped on couches or lying down in the bed are the two basic postures wherein people end up overeating. Though it might seem untrue, as one feels most comfortable in those postures, yet there is a scientific reason to this as well. While eating, signals rather impulses are exchanged between brain and stomach that in turn creates an impulse of feeling satiated and tells you to stop eating.

The nerve vagus that carries signals to the brain from the stomach is more efficient in transmitting signals when you sit straight on the floor and eat. It is due to the fact that you eat slower in this position, giving your brain and stomach a lot of time so as to cognate signals that you are full. Also, the brain is better equipped and calm when you sit in this posture. The best part of it being this posture prevents your over-eating, thereby curbing your diet and reducing your weight.

Better blood circulation in heart

At times, you may feel a little sweaty while sitting on the floor and eating, ever wondered why? Well, in order to digest the food, there is a need of energy in the stomach. Our hearts pump out more blood in order to meet the requirements of the stomach, thereby assisting our digestive system.When you sit at the table and chair arrangements, the blood flow is towards the legs, but, when you sit on the floor and eat, your heart enjoys benefits every time it pumps out to the digestive organs. Therefore, sitting on the floor and eating helps you have a better heart circulation and better functioning of digestive system.

Aids you live quite a longer bit of time

Squatting down on the floor in padmasana needs your body to be flexible enough to get up without any support. A survey in the European cardiology highlights that those who are able to get up on their own from this posture require a better flexibility and comparatively lower strength of the body. Also, it claims that those who are not able to get up from this posture on their own, without any support are less likely to live longer.

Yoga is the other name for this posture

Yes, while you sit on the floor and eat, it is you are actually seated in a yoga pose, sukhasana. It is also popular as siddhasana or swastikasana. This yoga pose relaxes your body to the same level as meditation does. While you sit on the floor and eat, you breathe slower and tensed muscles of your body loosen up, bringing down the blood pressure levels. A calmer mind and relaxed muscles is always the key to better body and health. So, being deep rooted in the Ayurveda, sitting in a yoga pose while eating helps you for the better in multiple ways.

An increased life span, relaxed muscles, less joint pains, flexible body, better digestion, a controlled diet, a calmer mind and to top it all a healthy heart with an improved circulation- whoa! The health benefits of sitting on the floor and eating are quite impressive. Well, apart from the health benefits, there is another aspect to it; while you sit on the floor and eat with your family, the entire family of yours sits together with the children and elderly ones at the same level, with no special chair. Therefore, the bond among you all gets only more strengthened.

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