Amazing health benefits of clapping to cure body problems

Clapping is a means of social interaction. It expresses appreciation and happiness. Even when we feel happy for any reason, we clap our hands in joy. More than being an outlet for our positive emotions, clapping is a way of correcting our internal rhythm and promoting good health. Here, we will talk about health benefits of clapping.

One cannot see clapping as an exercise because we do not stress out muscles or add to the muscle mass. Yet, it is as useful as exercising and the benefits accruing from clapping our hands include the following things.

8 Amazing health benefits of clapping

health benefits of clapping

1. Clapping improves the digestion and cures heartburn

You can rectify your digestive disorders by clapping your hands. Meditate to bring your mind to a positive frame, like being light and cheerful, and then clap your hands rhythmically.

This should be like you clap when you are in an auditorium, appreciating a vocal recital or dance program. Clap for a short while and then rest.

Then, repeat the cycle again until you feel tired. For those with acidity problems, clapping helps to get rid of heartburn. It improves the digestions and enhances the bowel movement.

2. Relief from back pain and neck pain

Surprisingly, you can cure your back pain by clapping. Set aside some time for this. Say, do this after your breakfast in the morning. Sit in an open space where you will not get any disturbance and clap rhythmically on and off for five to six minutes.

It will ease the knotted nerves in the back and provide relief from the pain. The process of clapping realigns the nerves in the neck and makes the muscles lose. This will give you relief from neck pain.

3. Clapping Help for asthma patients and people with heart disease

Clapping can improve your breathing rhythm and ease the symptoms of asthma. When you clap, it eases the nerves in your chest and back.

This allows the muscles to relax. The phlegm begins to flow out of your chest, and you get relief when the airways open. Do not stress yourself when you clap otherwise there is no use.

Clapping helps stimulate blood flow. It opens up the blood vessels and improves heart health. By clapping daily, you can stimulate your heart, so you have improved health.

It lowers the cholesterol and helps remove obstructions in the veins and arteries.

4. Cure for insomnia and hair loss

Clapping helps stimulate the internal organs. The improved metabolism helps the person have improved energy, so they remain energetic throughout the day.

They will then get good sleep at night. Clap for ten minutes or half an hour in the morning in a relaxed way to get the best results.

Clapping stimulates the blood flow to the scalp. It strengthens the hair from the roots and prevents it from falling out. This way, you can prevent the hair loss.

5. Clapping Eases the symptoms of gout

When you clap, the joints get massaged, and the blood flow increases. This helps to ease the pain that comes from swelling of tissues in the joints.

Do rhythmic clapping for ten minutes daily. It is preferable to clap early in the morning. If you get intense pain, stop clapping and see the health care provider at once.

6. Children study better

Small children who clap will answer questions better and study better. Their brain remains stimulated, and they have a better grasp on the subject.

It helps to keep the metabolism active for the children, so they remain energetic all the time. Clapping improves the motor skills, so they develop neat handwriting. This helps enhance their learning process.

7. Raises the immunity and eases diabetes symptoms

Clapping raises the immunity of the body. This is due to the increase in the white blood cells. The white blood cells protect you from all kinds of diseases.

People who clap regularly have better resistance to diseases. Practice clapping early in the morning for ten minutes at least.

Clapping also gives you relief from diabetes. When you clap, the metabolism remains enhanced, and this helps to metabolize the blood sugars. The blood sugar level drops and you get better relief from diabetes symptoms.

8. Improves the low blood pressure condition and eases the mind

People suffering from low blood pressure will benefit by clapping daily. This improves the blood pressure by improving the blood flow and improving the heart health.

If you have hypertension, you can get immediate relief by clapping your hands.

People with depression can get relief by clapping. Sit alone in the garden or the terrace and clap for ten minutes each day.

You will get good relief from depression because clapping stimulates the mind and improves the heart health. Practice soft and steady clapping, so you get the best benefit.

Method of clapping

The recommendation is to clap daily for 20-30 minutes. There are pressure points in your hands that get stimulated when you clap. From a personal and social aspect, the process of clapping remains associated with happiness.

The various pressure points connect to different organs in the body. By massaging them, we improve the working of these organs.

We can remove pain from the organs or improve their physical condition. One should apply coconut or mustard oil to the palms of the hands to get more benefit.

Wear a soft covering for the legs, so the energy does not flow out. The sensation in your feet must not be empty. Strike the palms against each other while keeping them facing each other.

The hands must remain loose, and the point of contact must be soft but firm. You see five main acupressure points get triggered by clapping. These are Wrist point, Base of thumb point, Hand valley point, Thumbnail point, and Inner gate point.


People who do not exercise much will benefit by clapping. This is a simple means to keep your blood flowing. Do not overstress while clapping.

Striking the palms with excessive force might cause injury and do harm. So, use your soft touch while clapping and try to get a pleasing sound.

If you really want to feel these amazing health benefits of clapping than start clapping your hands from today.


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