Health benefits of noni juice for hair, skin, and health

Noble ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, or noni juice has great medicinal value. Here, we will talk about benefits of noni juice for hair, skin, and health.

It comes from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia, found growing in Southeast Asia. This tree grows next to lava flows. Other names for noni are dog dumpling, Mengkudu, and Kumudu. The extract of the noni leaf is used extensively in medicine. Here are some of the noni juice benefits we get from the noni plant.

Noni juice benefits for skin, hair, and health

Health benefits of noni juice for hair, skin, and health

1. Noni juice is good for Hair

Noni juice prevents hair loss due to the presence of immune-boosting substances. The vitamins and minerals it has that add to the lustre of the hair and the health of the scalp.

The hair loss stops because the roots become strong. Noni juice strengthens your immunity system. Butyric acids and glycerol in noni juice help strengthen the hair follicle and moisturise the scalp and prevent dandruff from occurring. Chemotherapy patients are given noni juice to help good hair growth.

2. Noni fruit is good for the Skin

The high vitamin C content in noni juice helps promote the health of your skin. You must drink the juice daily to get the best benefit. It corrects all problems such as pimples and dark spots. You can also get relief from acne and make the skin supple and soft.

If you have sunburn, apply the noni juice to the skin, and it will give you relief. This is due to the presence of proxeronine, an alkaloid needed for good cell functioning and health.

It helps abnormal cells become normal again. It helps ease the symptoms when you have hives and other allergic reactions. Apply the juice on the skin, and you can even treat burns. You can also use noni cream for skin.

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3. Morinda citrifolia Help fight cancer

The morinda citrifolia fruit juice has good amounts of antioxidants. This prevents the action of free radicals that attack the body cells. Drinking the noni juice often will stop the formation and proliferation of cancer.

It was noted in a study conducted on smokers that taking noni juice reduced the incidence of cancer significantly. It does this by preventing the formation of carcinogenic DNA from normal DNA.

4. Improves energy levels

Noni is an excellent source of carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fibre. It boosts the energy levels instantly. You can make a juice by blending the ripe fruit. Dilute with water if the consistency is too thick. Add any sweetening agent and have this whenever you need an energy boost. This is one of the best morinda juice benefits.

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5. Decreases the incidence of stroke

Noni juice has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent damage to cell structure. The incidence of stroke thus comes down. Noni juice has nitric oxide that allows the blood vessels to expand and prevents blockages.

6. Improves wound healing process

By decreasing the amount of sugar present in the blood, noni juice helps wounds to heal faster. Wounds take time to heal when there is sugar in the blood. Also, it augments the health of the skin.

7. Noni juice and diabetes

The noni juice is helpful for bringing down the blood sugar levels. This is useful for diabetics. Having a glass of noni juice daily will help control the blood sugar levels. Benefits of noni juice for diabetics are really effective.

8. Morinda improves the digestion

The high fibre content in the noni fruit helps improve the movement of food in the GI tract. It cures constipation due to its laxative properties. People have used this traditionally for curing their stomach and digestive problems.

9. Lose weight with noni fruit

The noni fruit helps increase the rate of metabolism. It augments the digestion of the triglycerides inside the fat cells. This helps the person lose weight. Make sure you eat enough noni fruit or drink the juice.

10. Decrease cholesterol levels

The studies show that the cholesterol and fats level decreases in those who take noni fruit juice often. It does this by augmenting the digestion and enhancing the metabolic functions.


Though there are no known side effects in consuming moderate amounts of noni fruit in any form, yet eating excess might lead to complications. Have Morinda citrifolia every day to get all health benefits of noni juice.


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