How painted walls and indoor plants can improve your health?

Indoor plants and wisely selected color shades provide many mental health benefits. In this post, we will talk about health benefits of indoor plants and how painted walls and indoor plants can improve your mental health.

How painted walls and indoor plants can improve your health?

Additionally, these elements are necessary to complement your house design with added beauty. Indoor plants or office plants will keep the house air clean and refreshed because of their abilities to combat with toxic elements such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide and xylenes.

The well-maintained and spacious home provides much-needed stress relief and health benefits. It is thought that cleanliness is the major element that should not be compromised in the house space at any cost. Because if the kitchen or any other area of your home is dirty then your home will give the feeling of congestion and surrounded by germs.

These were the things that we took care of in the back of the days. Now, advanced measures of house maintenance are needed to feel comfortable and peaceful inside the house.

House is attributed to space where you feel relaxed, comfortable and stress-free. If your home environment is not depicting all these feelings then there is something wrong either you are going through some stress due to family matters or your home is not incorporating all the things that would cause comfort feelings.

Creating aesthetic and beautiful home incorporating common indoor plants and painted walls is becoming popular. The reason for the popularity is that trends are changing rapidly.

Home designs are improving and options for home design are varying. Paints are being invented which are responsible for causing you relief and comfort.

Similarly, researches are being carried out to find the best indoor plants that could suit your home environment. It is a natural phenomenon that plants release carbon dioxide during the night time which causes breathing problems for humans.

We are structured to inhale oxygen; therefore, plants cause lack of oxygen during night time. Some plants have been discovered which release oxygen even during night hours. Always use best office plants and indoor house plants. There are five amazing ways to improve your health with painted walls and indoor plants.

5 Amazing health benefits of indoor plants and painted walls

Let’s us know why indoor plants are good for our health.

1. Syndromes and plants

Syndromes and indoor plants

“Sick building syndrome” is famous syndrome which some residents can face when living in a building which is inhabited by congestion, dirt or hub of toxic elements.

Funny thing about this syndrome is that contemporarily people believed that this syndrome is caused by supernatural things which reside in the house.

The common symptoms involve excessive headaches, sudden mood changes, and suffocation. NASA has revealed that there is nothing like supernatural creations that cause you such kind of syndromes but in fact, this syndrome occurs to people who are living in houses which create toxic elements.

It is necessary to have at least one indoor plant in every room to avoid the hazardous impacts of toxic elements. Plants will cleanse the air for your health benefits.

Plants will not only clean air but easy home plants will also create a beautiful and comforting environment of your home which helps to produce pleasing sensations.

Psychologically, the green color of plants is attributed to produce a pleasant mood. You would have observed that when you enter the house then your mind starts producing pleasant feelings.

Mainly, it happens because you meet and see your family which is great for your emotional well-being. Secondly, the environment of your home causes your brain to produce happy feelings.

Most of the times, houses are built considering the psychological aspects of human beings.  Experts say that the air which we breathe strongly impacts our comfort, energy levels, and brain.

Considering all this, we must be taking precautions to breathe in the air which is clean and healthy for us. The important thing would be installing plants in the house. Outdoor plants and indoor plants should be located as much as our house can incorporate easily.

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2. Easy care indoor trees for benefiting human health

Easy care indoor trees for benefiting human health

There are many beautiful easy care indoor trees available which are handful in creating the healthy home environment.

Peace lily

The peace lily is recommended by NASA to use as a best indoor plant for your house. Peace lilies are beautiful plants with small sizes and require little space of your home. It can be located anywhere in your home.

Peace lily helps the home environment by cleansing formaldehyde, ammonia, trichloroethylene and benzene. It produces beautiful flowers which will aesthetics to your living room.

Spider plant

Spider plant is another popular indoor plant. It has been used in homes for adding beauty and aesthetics but it has added the benefit of removing hazardous particles from the air in the home space.

Spider plant removes allergens from the air. It also helps the air to remove pollutants such benzene, carbon dioxide, and xylene.

English Ivy

This beautiful indoor plant is excessively beneficial for homes where carcinogens are polluting the home atmosphere. A carcinogen is produced by smoking inside the house.

So you can say that English Ivy is good to keep in those houses where smokers reside. It fights the carcinogen and removes it from the air. However, you need to place it away from pets as it has a poisonous effect on dogs and cats.

Boston fern

This plant should be grown little outside of your main covered area because Boston fern needs direct light and humidity to grow. It is very important to plant for removing toxic elements from the air.

It is considered that Boston plant has the ability to remove 1863 toxic elements/hour. This plant needs humidity, therefore in winter season there should be proper maintenance required for this purpose.

3. Painted walls and health

Painted walls and health

Painted walls are supposed to affect many things including your behavior, productivity and mind health. Different colors have different impacts just like different flowers are used for different purposes.

Colors are considered to reduce stress, suppress your appetite and stay relaxed. Paint colors are widely used in houses to promote positivity as well.

Sue Kim of Valspar Color Expert shares her views about the bond of colors and positivity in these words “Nature and memories trigger our emotion into happiness, so finding a color that reflects your moment of happiness is the best way to connect with a color.

I would recommend making an image collage of photos and magazine clippings on a table and then see if there is a color that takes you back to a moment of happiness.

Often we assume happy colors would be bolder hues, but for some of us, a quiet place with softer tones provides a moment of happiness”.

Radiant and sharp colors are not considered to promote healthy living in a space where you are going to live for extended hours.

However, these colors only suit best for creative office spaces. Soft color hues are best for home space. The color shade which you choose for your home must be soft so that you would not get perplexed after few hours of staying.

4. Different colors for different health benefits

Just like we described the value of keeping different indoor plants, there are different color shades which have varied health benefits.

Yellow shades

Yellow is supposed to spread happiness and pleasing environment. According to Kim “This yellow has a subtle, luminous quality that feels like warm sun rays and awakens all five senses. Yellow is a natural source of positive energy and sparks feelings of happiness.”

Sky blue

Sky blue is benefits like renewal and cleansing. If you are looking to change your mood patterns then you must paint your walls with sky blue as Kim says “This light, airy blue is instantly calming and helps to restore natural rhythms.

Growing evidence links sleep to productivity and overall well-being and blue provides soothing and restorative qualities that can help improve rest.”


For spirituality and mindfulness, you must select Yellow Green shade for your walls. According to Kim “This balanced yellow-green captures the essence of spring’s first blooms and the excitement for the season ahead. Green also brings positive energy into space and stimulates personal growth.”

Silver sage

Silver sage is great for balancing the color tones and creating harmony as Kim says “This perfect blend of sage green and silvery gray provides balance and harmony. It helps hone the luxury of having fewer things, yet enjoying more of what really matters.”

5. Move to new innovations

Rainwater harvesting, porous surfacing and roof gardening are the new concepts which world is paying attention to meet the eco-friendly criteria by contributing in small actions.

Similarly, you could use furniture that is made of wood instead of plastic. A great quality standing riser is good for pelvic strength. There are many ways which you adopt additionally into your house design for making it more suitable for your mental and physical health.


Indoor plants are inexpensive to decorate and make your home hygienic. Additionally, a little maintenance effort is required to grow these plants inside your home.

This is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to a sustainable environment. It is good for us and also for all the mankind. Collaborative actions are the necessity of the time as we are already being deprived of many natural resources.

Use best indoor plants to get all health benefits of indoor plants.

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