9 Amazing health benefits of curry leaves (kadi patta)

Curry tree, native to India, gives us the natural flavoring agents, the curry leaves. People add it to the dishes because it enhances the flavor and enhances the health of the individual. Here, we will talk about health benefits of curry leaves.

Curry leaves make you healthy, prevent infections and diseases, and boost the immune system. This is because it has many rich nutrients.

Curry leaves have plenty of nutrients. These include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acids, and minerals. The minerals include iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and copper. It also has calories and fiber. Here is a look at the curry leaves benefits.

10 Health benefits of curry leaves

health benefits of curry leaves

1. Curry leaves controls blood sugar levels

The curry leaf is very useful for diabetics because it helps control the sugar levels. Curry leaves have many agents that slow down the breakdown of starch to glucose. This is of immense importance to diabetics who will not have a high glycaemic load to deal with because it slows the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream.

Also, the curry leaves help to stimulate the action of the insulin by reducing the cell death in the pancreas where the insulin production occurs.

2. Curry leaf is good for the digestion

For those that suffer from agastric problem, use of curry leaves help a lot. It controls the gas production and helps get rid of accumulated gas. By stimulating the digestive action you get relief from diarrhea.

Chew on some curry leaves if you have a loose motion and soon you will be free again. The stimulating action of the digestive system it helps the person get a good appetite. Have two curry leaves after your meal to improve the digestion.

3. Curry leaves protect the liver

Studies have shown how the curry leaves protect the liver from damage due to toxic substances such as alcohol. It contains kaempferol, a potent antioxidant that protects the liver against oxidative stresses.

Heavy drinkers will get good protection by chewing a few curry leaves. You can add curry leaves in the side dishes so you have liver protection. Make chutney of the curry leaves with some ginger and garlic and have this as a side-dish.

4. Kadi patta used to treat anemia

The rich content of folic acid and iron in the curry leaves helps treat anemia. It makes up for the deficit iron in the blood and helps the body absorb the iron through the folic acid.

If you have two fresh leaves from the curry plant in the morning, you will get good benefit. Also, you can add two dates to this daily dose. You can add curry leaves to any dish to increase the daily iron intake.

5. Decrease blood cholesterol

If you eat 8-9 curry leaves daily, you will decrease the blood cholesterol. Or, sprinkle some curry leaves powder on your dishes to get the benefit. It helps reduce the incidence of ulcers and finds favor with those suffering from osteoporosis.

It decreases the LDL cholesterol that forms plaque on the walls on the blood vessels and leads to strokes. This is one of the main reasons why people add it to their dishes.

6. Good for the eyesight

The rich content of vitamin A is helpful for the eyesight. The carotenoids in vitamin A help prevent the macular degeneration in the eye tissues. Macular degeneration occurs in older people and they lose their eyesight but the vitamin A helps prevents it from happening. They can prevent cataract. Adding curry leaves to the daily diet helps you preserve your eyesight for your old age.

7. Good for skin infections

To remove acne and other blemishes of the skin, you can use curry leaves. Make a paste of the curry leaves and add some turmeric to this paste. Apply this on the skin where you have acne or blemishes. Do this for a few days and you will see the skin has become spotless and glowing.

If you want to add luster to your facial skin, make a face pack using curry leaves paste, honey, besan flour, and turmeric. Apply this daily to your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Wash with warm water. It will make your face glow.

8. Curry leaves for hair growth

The vitamins and minerals in the curry leaves help nourish the scalp and hair. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and add some fresh curry leaves to it. Cool this and apply it to your head. Do this at least two times a week. It will give your hair a brilliant shine. Also, it will nourish the roots of the hair so that they become strong and the hair becomes thick.

To make hair oil, heat coconut oil with curry leaves and hibiscus leaves. Add some bhringi leaves also. Heat the oil until the leaves become golden color. Strain the oil, cool it and store it in bottles. Use when desired. Do not keep for a long time but use the oil up. Make a fresh batch every fortnight or so.

For the best effect, rub the oil into the scalp, using gentle massaging action. This will help much because it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. It prevents dandruff and hair fall. You can apply the curry leaf paste to the roots of the hair before your bath as a conditioner.

9. Clear a Blocked Nose

Curry leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-congestant properties that prove effective in clearing a stuffy nose. The mucus gets loosened from the inside and so you get relief within a short time. To get relief, boil some curry leaves in a glass of water. Cool, strain, and drink it.


You can include curry leaves in your diet in the form of seasoning. This is minimal but enough for most practical purposes. Once a week, you can make a paste of the curry leaves and have it as chutney with your food.

Or, add the curry leaves to the buttermilk along with ginger and chillies to get all the health benefits of curry leaves. Have this in the afternoon after your meal. Curry leaves do not have any side effects.



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