Amazing health and beauty benefits of having sex

Health benefits of sex is a big topic of discussion everytime. It is not necessary that beautiful and vibrant skin can be found only in any cream or cosmetic products. Rather, the skin of those people are attractive and beautiful, who have sex in a natural and healthy manner.

However, in a research, it has been found that the glow on the face comes more from having sex than using cosmetics. In this post, we will talk about amazing health and beauty benefits of having sex.

health and beauty benefits of having sex

Do you know that sex makes the skin shiny? Today we will tell you how the skin becomes shiny by doing sex. When we are having sex, a hormone is produced in our body, its name is “Estrogen hormone” and these hormones prevent osteoporosis disease in your body.

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When we have sex, it increases our body’s “endorphin hormone” and this endorphin hormone helps in making the skin shiny, beautiful and smooth.

How sex improves your skin

1. Sex Improves glow on face

Sex is not less than any exercise because when you exercise it increases blood circulation in the body. Due to which, the level of both blood and oxygen increases in your body, and this is the reason why glow comes in the skin. Similarly, even during sex, blood circulation increases, so that the skin gets glow. Skin benefits of sex are unlimited.

2. you can have good sleep after sex

After making a sexual intercourse with your partner, your body gets a lot of relief. This is because your body generates a hormone called oxytocin, which relaxes you. This is probably the reason why people get good sleep after sex.

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3. Appearing to be young

Making daily physical relationships increases the levels of good hormones in your body. A hormone called cortisol is considered responsible for wrinkles. Because of high levels of estrogen during sex also promote collagen production in the skin which makes you look younger than your age.

4. Sex Increases strength of hair and nails

Sex not only shines on your face, but it also strengthens your hair and nails. One research has found that sex improves the ability to absorb nutrition in your body. Perhaps this is the reason that hair and nails get stronger through this.

In such a situation, sex in a healthy and natural way is considered appropriate for beautiful skin.

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You can stay tension free from regular sex

“Estrogen hormone” acts like a miracle in our body, which gives us a unique feeling of happiness and comfort. Research has shown that couples having successful and regular sex are healthier than others.

And their cordiality remains intact for a long time. In such a way, the enthusiasm, excitement, and self-confident in the people remain even more. While people avoiding sex, surrounded by shame, guilt, and mental stress.

Sex is an exercise

Sex is considered a kind of exercise too. But you do not need any special suit, shoe or expensive exercise machines for this. For this, you just need to shut the door of your bedroom.

Sex stretches the muscles of the body and removes the stiffness of the hands and makes your body more flexible than ever before. One-time good sex shows more effects than exercise or swimming of 10-15 rounds. According to some sex experts, it also proves to be very helpful in removing your obesity.

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Kiss and Burn calories

It may seem strange to you, but our physical energy is spent during the time we do sex, which reduces fat. Almost your 500 to 1000 calorie energy is spent in making one-time sex.

And research has shown that kisses have taken at the time of sex also prove to be helpful in removing your obesity. According to the hormones experts, a kiss taken during sex burns about 6 to 9 calories. And in this way, your 350 to 400 kisses can lose about 1/2 kg weight.

Avoid diseases by sex perfume (pheromones)

Friends, this is the opinion of scientists and doctors, and research has also shown that if you do good sex with a good heart, mind, and mentality, then in your body, chemicals called pheromones are released.

It produces a kind of odor, which can be called sex perfume in scientific language. This sex perfume gives unlimited happiness and peace to the heart and mind. Apart from this, sex also keeps you away from heart disease, mental stress, blood pressure and heart attack. People who avoid sex suffer these diseases.

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Friends, during sex, many types of hormones are produced in our body, which is very helpful in maintaining the health and beauty of our body. Friends, before this, many scientists have proven that healthy sex is a cure for various types of diseases.

Sexuality in life brings pleasure, joy, and belonging to one another, and also maintains one-to-one healthcare and beauty. It is said that consumption of pure milk regularly for a few days can increase the capacity of sex. Have healthy sexual intercourse on regular basis to get all health and beauty benefits of having sex.

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