Guggul tree benefits, medicinal uses and images (Commiphora wightii)

The Guggul tree or Commiphora wightii tolerates poor soil conditions. This flowering tree has another name the Indian bdellium tree. This shrub or tree grows to a maximum height of 4 meters.

The leaves of this tree are simple or trifoliate. It has broad ovate leaflets that are irregularly toothed, 1-5 cm long and 0.4-2.4 cm broad.

Guggul tree benefits, medicinal uses and images (Commiphora wightii)

The bark is thin and papery. It has thorny branches. The flowers are gynodioecious, and so we have a few plants that have both male and bisexual flowers while other plants have only female flowers. Each flower has four or five petals and has red to pink colour. The fruits are small and round. When they ripen, they turn red in colour.

In Sanskrit, guggul translates as – protects from disease. People seek this tree to collect its gummy resin. This guggul gum is fragrant, and people believe that they drive the spirits away. It finds use in incense and fragrances.

Common name

The common names for this plant are guggul, Indian bdellium-tree, gugal, gugul, or Mukul myrrh tree.

Botanical name or family

Commiphora wightii is its botanical name. It belongs to the family Burseraceae.

Geographical areas where guggul plant grows

The Mukul myrrh tree prefers to grow in arid or semi-arid zones. You find it growing in central Asia and northern Africa. In India, it grows mostly in the northern India.

Guggul fruit, leaves and flowers
Guggul fruit, leaves and flowers

Guggul Medicinal uses for curing diseases

This Commiphora Mukul tree finds use in Ayurvedic medicine for its effectiveness in treating atherosclerosis. This practice began several centuries ago. Often, you take Commiphora wightii in combination with other medications.

Lowers high cholesterol

The Mukul myrrh has substances that lower the amounts of triglycerides and cholesterol. We have insufficient medical evidence at present to back this. You can try 3000 mg to 6000 mg of guggul daily. It might reduce the triglycerides or total cholesterol and raise the levels of the good cholesterol or the High-Density lipoprotein. This effect is significant in those following an Indian diet. It has a purification action on blood, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, tones the heart and promotes the health of the arteries.

Treats arthritis

You see a remarkable progress while treating arthritis with Commiphora wightii. You must take 3000 mg of guggul daily for four months. This will alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. In people suffering from osteoarthritis, there is a significant reduction in arthritis pain when patients take guggul 500 mg thrice daily.

Obesity cure

You can use this for treating obesity though the effectiveness varies from person to person. To make the treatment effective, one must adopt a low-calorie diet

Cures Skin diseases

Guggul is good for the skin. It removes infections and pigmentations with equal ease. It makes the skin healthy and supple.


By flushing out the toxins, the Commiphora wightii helps to clean the body from the inside. This is because of the deep penetrating ability of the Commiphora wightii. It has a special affinity for all the tissues of the body. It provides a scraping quality that assists it in cleaning the body fully.

Supports regular menstrual cycle

Women benefit from guggul as it helps to maintain a regular menstrual cycle. It improves the quality of blood and the blood flow in both men and women due to its high affinity for blood.

Improves Digestion

It kindles the digestive fire within a person by improving digestion. The improved metabolic system helps the person to develop better physically.

Promotes bodily health

People who take guggul regularly have an improved immune system. They can fight diseases better and do not fall sick often. Guggul is good at pacifying the vata, pitta, and kapha. It has special renown for elevating the vata aggravations. It has an affinity for the nervous, respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems of the body.

Makes joints supple

By improving the condition of the joints, the herb helps enhance the movement in the joints. It alleviates the pain and stiffness and helps the person move better and faster. You can balance the pitta and help develop better muscle tone. Most of the problems of the people with joint aches and stiffness of the joints happen due to toxicity. Toxic residues accumulate at the joints leading to problems. By using the Commiphora wightii, one can remove this toxicity and get better joint health. The movement in and around the joints remains enhanced, and the person develops good strength.

guggul gum

Fights infections better

The guggul has plenty of antioxidants, and this helps one to fight pathogens effectively. It cleans the channels and the tissues of the body.

Good yogavahi

A yogavahi is a substance that conveys other substances to the insides of the body. The penetrating ability of the Commiphora wightii makes them ideal as yogavahis. The special quality of guggul is due to the scraping ability it has.

Helps to reduce weight

People who are overweight can try this cure for losing weight. However, the effectiveness is not guaranteed. Combine Commiphora wightii with L-tyrosine, hydroxy citric acid, and phosphate and have it. Have a reduced calorie diet and do exercises while having this medication. The guggul has a bitter, astringent, and pungent taste that helps clear excess kapha from the system. It augments the digestion of oils and fats and thus improves the weight management. Typically, one must use the Triphalain combination with Commiphora wightii to help manage weight.

Enhances the metabolic activity

Commiphora wightii has a supportive action for thyroid function. The gum helps scrape the fat within the tissues. It improves the metabolic activity within the adipose tissues, helps proper elimination, acts as an appetiser and haws a stimulating action on the liver.

Removes the pitta

You can remove the deep-seated pitta in your body using a proper combination of guggul with other medication such as trikatu, triphala, and guduchi. This improves overall health and tones the muscles and connective tissues.

For reducing the acne

Guggul contains substances capable of lessening the redness and swelling that comes with acne. You can treat different types of acne. They have the same effectiveness as the antibiotic tetracycline for the treatment of the nodulocystic acne. It works by reducing the pain, redness, and swelling and stops the incidence of further acne outbreaks.


It helps remove the old cells and enhance the growth of new ones. This makes the person feel younger and reacts in a lively fashion.

Alleviate the hardening of arteries

The substances in Commiphora wightii helps remove the scaling of the insides of the arteries. This helps to prevent further hardening of the arteries.


One must not use anything in the excessive. Only take it on the advice of an Ayurvedic expert and If you develop any adverse reactions, then discontinue the use and report to your medical advisor.

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