How to get rid of dark lips permanently

Black lips fade the beauty of the face. Girls resort to lipstick to remove the blackness of their lips, but how can the boys pink their black lips and how to get rid of dark lips permanently.

Some people also use lip balm and beauty creams to get back the salivation of the lips, but we can treat it at home by taking home remedies for pink lips and prescriptions to remove the blackness of the lips. Today in this article we will learn how to remove the blackness of the lips.

How to get rid of dark lips permanently

Winter season or hot, lips explode often due to weather changes. By the way, lipstick can show the lips beautiful, but with its overuse, natural beauty of the lips begins to finish. If you do not get the benefit after preventing the rupture of lips and after treatment for a beautiful pink lip, read effective tips prescribed here, it will help to increase the beauty of your lips.

In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of the black lips. How beautiful the person’s face is, depends on your lips. If the lips are black then it will be a dark spot on your beauty. In this post, we will tell you how to turn your black lips into pink and what should we avoid to prevent blackness of lips.

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Friends, black lips are becoming a common problem nowadays, but there is no special treatment for pink lips. They just need some care. If the person’s face becomes beautiful then it is because of his lips, a long nose and big eyes, if none of them is right, then you lose your beauty.

Many times the change of weather also results in the blackness of your lips, whereas on your eyes and nose it does not show the effect of the weather. If you take care of lips properly than your lips will be pink in all the weather, they will not change in any way, no matter what the weather changes.

Reason behind Black Dark Lips

Almost everyone’s lips remain pink in childhood but as we grow up, most people cannot keep their lips pink while some people’s lips are always glowing in pink. There may be many reasons for black lips. Because your lips are not black due to one reason, so if you want to keep your lips always pink then they need special care, then you will always be able to keep your lips pink.

  • You may also have black lips with excessive tea or coffee intake.
  • Many times, the use of low-quality cosmetics or too many uses of cosmetics on lips can also be the reason of darker lips.
  • More sunlight, meaning warm sunlight, can make your lips black. Sun-burn is due to being in high sunlight.
  • Due to smoking too many cigarettes or because of any other smoking, your lips can change black and dark colors.
  • You may have blackness in your lips by staying in water for long or by swimming.
  • Use of tobacco.

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It is natural for women to have blackness with increasing age, but there is nothing to worry about. Here are some tips below which can prevent lips being black and about how to get rid of dark lips permanently.

home remedies for pink lips

How to get rid of dark lips permanently / Home remedies for dark lips

  1. Take some fresh milk cream and apply on your lips before sleeping at night for few days. It will make your lips soft and pink. The cream of milk is the natural way of making the lips soft and red. Or mix 1 pinch of turmeric in a little cream and massage the lips with light hands. Continuing this home remedies for some days, lips become pink as well as soft.
  2. After grinding few rose petals, apply on your lips for few days. It also reduces the blackness of lips and lips begin to look pink. Rose flower petals are quite effective for making pink lips remedy. Grate the rose petals and add some glycerin and paste it. Put this paste on the lips before bedtime and wash it in the morning. This remedy is the best answer for how to get rid of dark lips permanently.
  3. In the home remedies for pink lips, raw milk is a panacea treatment. Grind saffron and mix it in raw milk and lightly massage your lip. This remedy will make the lips soft and beautiful.
  4. One way to remove the blackness of the lips is also to cut the lemon and rub on your lips for few minutes before going to sleep at night. Within few days your lips will start to look good.
  5. Oranges are good for lips. Orange juice makes your lips soft and beautiful. Start taking orange juice every day.
  6. You can also use pomegranate juice to get pink lip. To make the black lips beautiful, add a little carrot juice to the juice of the pomegranate and apply it on the lips. This remedy leads to softness.
  7. If you apply some honey on your lips every night before going to sleep, then you can make your lips soft and pink. Massage your lips twice a day with honey. In few days, this home remedies will make the lips soft and pink. Applying a little rose water mixed with honey, the redness of the lips starts coming back again.
  8. Mix coconut water, cucumber juice, and lemon juice. Put it on the lips. Follow this trick for few days.
  9. Add a little bit of Vaseline in olive oil, and apply this mixture to your lips. It also eliminates the blackness of the lips.
  10. You can also use beetroot to remove the blackness of the lips. Cut beetroot and rub its pieces on your lips. Beetroot juice is highly beneficial for your body too. It gives pink color to your lips naturally. Eating sugar beetroots or drinking juice is enough to reduce blood loss in the body; apart from this, it is also perfect for pinkish lips. This remedy is the effective answer for how to get rid of dark lips permanently.
  11. If lips get scratched repeatedly, then massage almond oil on the lips at night.
  12. To protect the lips from cracking, apply some mustard oil lightly on the Navel at night before sleeping.
  13. Mix some saffron in curd butter and apply on lips. It will make the lips pink.
  14. Lip Balm is not good for a long time. Therefore use balm or glycerin containing vitamin E. If the lips are mostly dull than massage the lips by mixing turmeric with a little bit of milk cream.

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Natural lip care tips

Follow these natural lip care tips to have soft and pink lips forever.

  • Avoid Smoking and tobacco intake. These things make your lips black.
  • Lips should not be ignored and should be taken promptly if there is a problem of lip drying and stubbornness.
  • Apart from the home remedies, you can also show beautiful lips from make-up. Cosmetic beauty products are often harmful. So if your skin is sensitive then use herbal products.
  • Drink adequate water. This way lips will remain moist and soft.
  • Apply lip balm to the lips before applying lipstick. This will not affect the lips.
  • The glow of the lips starts falling apart by drinking too much tea.
  • Use good lipsticks and never use lipsticks of others.

If you are thinking about how to get rid of dark lips permanently then these are the answers and tips above. Follow these simple but effective home remedies for pink lips and have soft & beautiful lips forever.

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