How to get bigger boobs naturally

The reason why people diet and engage in regular exercise is that they want their body to become more attractive. In this article, we will tell you how to get bigger boobs naturally.

How to get bigger boobs naturally

When it comes to women with smaller breasts, their only desire linked to their body is to increase breast size. If you belong to this lot of women, then it would be valuable for you to know that it’s not only surgery through which breasts can be enlarged; breast enhancement can also be done through natural remedies. 

Women, who get their breasts enlarged through surgical procedures, often have to face complications later in life. So, the best bet would be to try out the following natural remedies to get big breast naturally.

Natural remedies to get bigger boobs naturally at home

1. What to eat to get bigger boobs?

foods that increase breast size

With the right foods, you can get big natural boobs. You should generally eat food items containing estrogen and phytoestrogen. The following foods will not just help you grow your breast size, but food items containing phytoestrogen also save your breasts from developing stretch marks. So eat foods that increase breast size.

Food items containing estrogen –

Consume fruits like plums, cherries, and apples. You can also take vegetables such as clover, garlic, beets, parsley, cucumber, carrots, etc.

Almonds, cumin, fennel, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews are the nuts and seeds that you can consume for breast enhancement. If you take cereal grains, then take loads of wheat, rice, and barley. White chicken, chickpeas, and soy can also help you to get big breast.

Food items containing phytoestrogen –

Winter squash, prunes, raspberries, watermelon, strawberries, etc. are the fruits that contain phytoestrogen in high amounts. Vegetables like green beans, collards, bean sprouts, etc. can also be consumed for phytoestrogen.

Nuts like pistachios and walnuts are also good. You can take beverages like black tea, green tea, white wine, and red wine for better results.

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2. Exercises for breast enlargement

Exercise for breast enlargement

The right exercise can also enhance breast size considerably. Here are some breast enhancement exercises that can be of help:

  • Push-ups – Push-ups builds muscles that create the illusion of larger breasts. If you can’t do the routine push-ups, then trying out the modified version in which the knees touch the ground would be the best bet.
  • Chest press – Use dumbbells those are light. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and lie down on your back. Lift one of your arms and then bring it down. Alternate the arms so that each side of your chest gets worked out.
  • Chair dips – Chair dips enhance the chest muscles besides making your triceps grow. For this exercise, use a bench or chair’s edge.
  • Arm circles – Arm circles are not difficult to do because it’s a low-intensity exercise. For this exercise, you will require a dumbbell set that is light-weight. Bend the knees at around 40-60 degrees angle. Hold your arms straight out in front of you; bend your elbows a little with your dumbbells in hands. Use your arms to make small circles. Do this in sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.

3. Breast massage for large natural breasts

Breast massage has always been one of the most important ways of large natural breasts. Massaging enhances the size of breasts in the safest way possible. But the massage must be done properly and on a regular basis. Within a few weeks of starting the massage, you should start getting results.

The right way to perform the breast massage –

To make sure there is no friction during the massage, you must use some oil. You should do the message for at least 10-15 minutes. If that’s too much for you, you can do it for five minutes. For effective results, do the massage twice daily.

For flushing the toxins out and triggering the growth of the breast tissues, you should do a gentle massage using your palm and fingertips. Do the massage with an inward motion. Try not to massage the nipples.

For faster growth, you should undertake the massage before going to bed. During this time of the day, hormones are in their most active state.

Try not to wear a bra. If you feel you should wear one, then do wear it. But make sure you stay away from the wired variety. Wired bras can hamper blood circulation.

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4. Herbs to make breast bigger

Herbs too can be used for breast enlargement. With the use of herbs, you can stimulate the production of estrogen in the body in a natural way, which, in turn, will enhance the size of your breasts.

Some of the most important herbs that can be used in this regard include Saw palmetto, Fenugreek, Hops, Goat’s rue, Dong Quai root, Licorice, Black cohosh, Pueraria Mirifica, and Wild yam.

5. Correct your posture to increase breast size without surgery

Do you remember your mom warning you as a child not to slouch? Well, she had something in mind when she asked you to avoid the slouching posture.

Actually, the slouching posture is not just bad for your backbone, but also for your breasts and causes them to sag. Besides, the slouching position can make your breasts look smaller.

With the right posture, you will be able to make your breasts look plump, firm, and large. What more? It will also boost your confidence.

Women who love to hunch over, cause their breasts to look sad and sagging. By avoiding such a posture, you can prevent your breasts from sagging.

6. Yoga for boob enlargement

Yoga for boob enlargement

If you don’t like engaging in rigorous exercise for your breasts, then trying out some yoga steps would be the best bet. There are many yoga asanas that cause the breasts to grow.

Enlargement happens because fats and glandular tissues in the breasts grow upon practicing certain yoga steps religiously on a regular basis.

Ustrasana or Camel Pose, Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose, Stabdhasana, Gowmukhasana Or Cow Pose, Dwikonasana, Dhanurasana or Bow Pose, Vrikshasana or Tree Pose, etc. are the poses that can help you in this regard.

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7. Sip on some tea

We are not talking about routine tea; we are rather talking about marshmallow root tea. Marshmallow root tea can help your breasts grow naturally.

With regular intake of this tea, you get fuller and firmer breasts over time. For this remedy, you will need marshmallow roots, which you will have to dissolve in water along with a pinch of sugar. Take this concoction daily for sure-shot results.

If you want faster and more effective results, then you can try out all these remedies simultaneously. Since all of these remedies are natural, they don’t cause side effects or burn big holes in your pocket.

These are some amazing home remedies for breast enlargement using which you will be able to grow your breasts to some size you desire.


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