Fumaria officinalis medicinal uses, benefits and common name

Fumaria officinalis is a bush-like annual herb growing up to 30 inches in height,which is sometimes seen as low trailing bush. Here, we will talk about Fumaria officinalis medicinal uses, benefits and common name.

Its pointed leaves are grey giving a smoky appearance. The long stalked leaves are alternate. This is why it is called Fumitory. In spring, it bears pink and purple flowers with small, black seeds. Inflorescence’s are about 20 though they may number as many as 40. The root is small and yellow. The nut or fruit is ovoid or globosse, valveless, and having one seed. 

Fumaria officinalis medicinal uses

Fumaria officinalis plant common name

The common name of the plant is common fumitory. It also goes by the name of earth smoke. Other names include Beggary, Scheiteregi, wax dolls, drug fumitory and Kaphnos. 

Botanical name and family of common Fumitory

The botanical name of the plant is Fumaria officinalis. Its family is Papaveraceae. 

Geological places where fumaria plant grows

This is native to North Africa and Europe. You also find in many parts of Europe, Western Siberia, and Western Asia. It has become naturalised in other places around the world like Australia, South Africa, the United States, China, and Canada. 

Fumaria officinalis medicinal uses and benefits

Fumaria officinalis has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. The aerial parts of the plant are used to prepare medicine. It is powdered with henna for use but first you have to extract the juice.

1. Action as a blood purifier

The decoction or distilled extract of the juice of the leaves of the Fumaria asepala helps open obstructions of spleen and liver. It improves the abundance of urine that helps drive out the toxins and clear the blood. You can mix this juice with vinegar and wash the face to remove blemishes such as pimples and scabs. The entire plant finds a use as a blood purifier and is also used for cosmetic purposes.

2. Anti-inflammatory phytomedicine

Boil the plant in milk and have it with your food. It will help reduce the inflammation due to gout and arthritis. This relieves the pain and makes the symptoms of the disease better.

3. Helps relieve migraine

The dried powder which included seeds is taken to improve morbidness in the patient. It helps you rid headaches and migraines. Often, it is used in the form of tobacco that you smoke. It relieves problems of the head and gives you relief.

4. Common Fumitory cures hepatobiliary problems

In Germany, patients with colicky pain are administered common Fumitory extracts. It is seen to improve their condition affecting the gall and biliary system.  The patients felt pain in the GI tract before taking the extract. Fumaria asepala has protopine as one of its major constituents. This contributes to the hepatoprotective activity.

Due to its hepato-protective nature, it finds a use for people with problems of the liver. People with biliary dyskinesia have poor gallbladder functioning. The use of common Fumitory helps improve conditions and it acts as amphicholeretic. This means it helps to increase or decrease the bile flow.

5. Best used as anti-allergic agent

It has antiseptic properties and helps remove the impurities in the blood. It stops the activation of irritants through its anti-inflammatory properties. This is useful for those who have allergies. Drink the decoction and apply the paste of the leaves on the skin if you have skin reactions.

6. Common Fumitory as a Laxative

The extract of the plant taken internally helps to stabilize the GI tract. It helps to solve all kinds of stomach problems and improves the appetite. By mobilizing the motion inside the GI tract, it removes obstructions. So, the person with constipation will be able to pass motion without worries.

7. Calms Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Though there is insufficient evidence, people have used the extract of Fumitory to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is because it showed good action in treating diarrhea and constipation. In a study, the patients administered tablets of Fumaria asepala extract showed improvements in the symptoms.

8. Helps people with GERD

There is evidence to show that the Fumitory as a cholagogue is effective in controlling gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The gallbladder has smooth muscle. Fumaria officinalis seems to modulate the smooth muscle action so the symptoms of GERD decrease. It is suggested that you have the extract of the plant three times at the beginning of each meal.

9. Treat dermatologic conditions

The common Fumitory is useful for skin complaints including leprosy and eczema. It repairs the damages to the skin and promotes skin health. Use the paste of the leaves topically and drink the infusion for best results.

10. Common Fumitory is a Good diuretic

A few drops of the extract of the leaves of Common Fumitory are useful for promoting the passing of urine. This unblocks the passage that remains obstructed due to the formation of stones. By having the infusion of the leaves often, it is possible to remove the stones and get a clear passage for urine.

11. Cure for mange

A powerful cure for mange in dogs, the extract of the plant is fed with the food to the dogs. This removes the mange immediately and gives relief to the dogs. Apply the powder of the leaves on the fur of the dog.

12. Help people with cardiovascular disorders

Most of the cardiovascular problems begin with the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels. Use of the Fumaria asepala helps remove this build up by lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol. Take the infusion of the leaves with your morning tea daily. This will reduce the cardiovascular disorder and give you good heart health.

13. Help colic conditions

Though it is seen that the use of the extract of this plant helps improve the conditions in patients affected by colic, yet it is not recommended that you give this extract to very small children. 

Side effects of Fumaria officinalis

When taken in medicinal doses, Fumaria is completely safe. But, you must not use common fumitory for small children. People with seizure disorders are also not recommended for treatment with this extract as there are contraindications noticed. 

Preparing the extract of common fumitory

The traditional method involves crushing the plant and extracting the juice. This is then evaporated to get the essence. They use this for the treatment of various disorders. 

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