Healthy food to increase platelet count in blood

Blood platelets are the tiny cells in the blood that help the blood clot. In this post, we will talk about food to increase platelet count in blood.

Healthy food to increase platelet count in blood

Blood platelets repair any wounds and openings in the blood vessels and help preserve life. There are instances when the blood platelet count decreases due causes other than injury. Healthy platelet count is must for good health.

Thrombocytopenia is the condition of having a low blood platelet count. You can remedy this situation by supplementing your food with the right food items. Here are some of the foods to increase platelets naturally.

1. Cod Liver and Flaxseed Oil for normal platelet count 

Thrombocytopenia sometimes happens when the immune system attacks the platelets. The cod liver oil and flaxseed oils strengthen the immune system and prevent this kind of attack from taking place.

These oils improve the blood circulation and help improve the blood platelet count. It reduces inflammation in the body. By improving the level of healthy cholesterol, it improves the heart health. When more blood moves through the body, there is more chance of blood production.

Eating lean meat and fish oil helps improve the blood platelet count. It is important to decrease the incidence of autoimmune disorders as these will cause a decrease in the blood platelet count.

Flaxseed oil contains ALA omega 3 fatty acids. The best omega 3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA both found in fish oil. The ALA omega 3 acids help augment the production of platelets in the blood. This is one of the best foods to help increase platelets.

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2. Lean Proteins for healthy platelet count

All body tissues need proteins as this is the building block for all the tissues. These kinds of foods also have a rich content of vitamin B12 and zinc. Both of these are essential for the production of blood platelets.

The vitamin B12 keeps the blood cells healthy. When you are deficient in this vitamin, your platelet count begins to drop. Other than lean meats, you can have eggs and dairy products to get your lean vitamin B12.

Vitamin C and zinc help the body absorb more iron. We need iron for the production of blood cells. By eating the right amounts of food that give you proteins and zinc, you will get better iron content.

This will help improve the blood platelet count. A brief mention here that you need vitamin K to help the blood clot though it does not directly increase the blood platelet count.

foods to increase platelets naturally

3. Milk diet to increase platelet count

Milk has good calcium content needed for the growth of bones. It is also good for the production of blood platelets due to its inherent nutrient content. Besides calcium, it has vitamin K, folate, and vitamin D.

Vitamin K deficiency prevents your blood from clotting. This can lead to severe bleeding. By having milk daily, you can boost your immunity and your blood platelet count.

One of the best recipes for boosting platelet count is to take 2 egg yolks and add a cup of milk to it. Add some sugar and whisk it until it becomes smooth. Now, dip some bread slices into this and fry it.

This makes a wholesome breakfast and is great for improving your blood platelet count. Besides milk, you can also have kale, mustard greens, and carrots. 

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4. Pomegranate for low platelets treatment

This delicious fruit will improve your platelet count because it has a good amount of iron. The antioxidant action of the pomegranates due to the presence of polyphenolic flavonoids helps destroy free radicals and preserve the integrity of the body cells.

It has vitamin C that is an antioxidant and helps boost the immune system. It is also rich in minerals.One of the powerful antioxidants is punicalagins while the other potent chemical is punicic acid.

Remove the inner seeds of the pomegranate and blend it with milk. Strain it and drink this daily. Within a week, you will see the improvement in your blood platelet count. This is the best way to increase platelet count.

5. Folate-Rich Food

Folate, also known as folic acid or vitamin B9, is one of the essential nutrients needed by the body. It helps in the manufacture of new body cells including red blood cells. You have anemia when you do not have enough red blood cells in which case you will feel weak all the time.

Leafy green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and Brussel sprout have a good content of vitamin B9. You can also eat meat, egg, or liver as these too have good folate content. 

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6. Papaya and Papaya Leaf for low platelet count treatment

You can eat the ripe papaya fruit to increase the blood platelet count. Papaya has B vitamins, folate, vitamin C, potassium, and fibre. All these help in the production of the blood platelets.

Papaya has the ability to increase the platelet count fast. Soak some papaya leaves in water. Boil the leaves and let the extract come out into the solution. Simmer until the water reduces to half its volume. Drink this twice a day to improve the blood platelet count.

The antioxidants in papaya help to prevent the damage to healthy cells. It helps prevent any attack on the healthy platelets. Raw papaya has useful enzymes that help the growth of cells in the body. Does papaya increase blood platelets? Answer is yes.

7. Vitamin A Rich Food for platelets normal range

Food rich in vitamin A includes kale, sweet potato, carrots, papaya, cod liver oil, raw milk, and mangoes. Organ meat such as liver and cheeses are also rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A has several important functions including maintenance of the immune system, growth, and development.

This fat-soluble vitamin helps the organs including the heart, kidney, and lungs to work well. It supports bone development that is essential for the production of the blood.

We need Vitamin A is for the production of red blood cells. These come from the stem cells. These stem cells depend on the retinoids for proper differentiation. Vitamin A also takes part in the mobilization of iron needed for the production of the red blood cells.


If your blood platelet count is very low, only supplementing your diet will not do. You will have to consult your physician to see what is causing the low count and take steps to counter it.

The signs of excessive thrombocytopenia are bleeding from the mouth or nose while brushing your teeth, easy bruising, and headache from minor injuries. Eat healthy food to increase platelet count in blood.


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