Ferula Persica medicinal uses and health benefits

Ferula Persica is a herbaceous perennial which grows up to 30-120 cm in height. The stems are succulent, hollow, and stout.  Its finely divided leaves are trip-innate. It has a stem clasped by a basal sheath. Flowers at times are white but are usually yellow and occur as large umbels. Ferula persica gets pollinated by insects. 

Ferula Persica medicinal uses and health benefits

Common name of the Ferula Persica plant

The common name is Ferula. 

Botanical name and family

The botanical name is Ferula persica. It belongs to the Apiaceae family. 

Geological places where Ferula grows

You find this plant growing in the Mediterranean region and Central Asia. In specific, you can find it in Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iran. 

Ferula Persica medicinal uses and health benefits

The medicinal nature of the ferula plant is due to chemicals such as sesquiterpene coumarins. We find it more in the roots than in the aerial parts. It also has many volatile and non-volatile sulphur compounds. 

1. Ferula Plant used for treatment as laxative

It finds a use a medicine for constipation. Add the extract of Ferula persica to fruit juice and have it when you have trouble passing motion. It will improve bowel movement. 

2. Carminative properties

When there is excess gas build up in the intestines, the use of the decoction of the leaves of the plant helps relieve this. Have it twice a day or after the midday meal to get the best effect. 

3. Use as an anti-hysteric

The plant extract shows good sedative properties. It helps people calm down when they are highly excited. Make a decoction of the plant by boiling the crushed parts in water. Strain and cool it. Drink this when you are excited and it will calm you down.

For people who have a history of hysterics, prepare the decoction in the morning and set aside for use through the day. Drink one glass after your morning meals and one with the evening tea. 

4. Helpful for the treatment of diabetes

You can control the level of blood sugar in your body by having a regular dose of the decoction of the leaves of Ferula persica. The plant has the property of increasing sugar absorption and sensitivity to insulin. 

5. Cure Rheumatism

Ferula persica has anti-inflammatory properties that help people with joint related diseases get relief. It reduces the swelling and so the pain comes down. Apply the poultice of the leaves on the joints twice a day for good results. 

6. Backache treatment

You can use the poultice for getting relief from backache. Use fresh leaves each time and leave the poultice on for 20 minutes. This will reduce your backache. 

7. Anti-pigmentation

Prepare a paste using flowers and leaves and apply this on the places where you have pigmentation. This will unclog pores to remove the underlying cause of your pigmentation. It tones skin and makes it youthful.

8. Apoptotic

Ferula persica will increase the tendency of cells to die on their own. Even otherwise, there is apoptotic death of cells that are no longer needed. By having the decoction of this plant, you will increase this process. This is useful for preventing cancers. 

9. Antibacterial action

The sesquiterpene coumarins in the Ferula persica are responsible for many things including antibacterial and antiviral action. You can have the decoction of the leaves and flowers to get relief from a bacterial or a viral infection. Also, apply the paste to open wounds to keep them safe from infection.

10. Reversal of multi-drug resistant

At times, patients develop resistance to many drugs at the same time. This prevents the proper treatment that they need. By giving them the decoction of Ferula persica, it is possible to reduce this resistance. This will help the patient respond to the drugs and the treatment. 

11. Reversal of cyto-toxicity

The process of cytotoxicity makes cells to die either through accident or by programming it. Cytotoxicity increases due to many reasons, using Ferula persica helps reverse this effect by lowering the action of the cytotoxic elements.

12. Presence of bio-active compounds

There are many bio-active compounds in the plant such as Auraptene. Due to this, the extract shows anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, and cancer chemo-preventive properties. You can use the extract to reduce the swelling on the tissues and give respite to the patient. 

13. Chemo-preventive properties

Another bio-active compound umbelliprenin shows cancer chemo-preventive and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the proliferation of cancer cells and helps the apoptosis of the cancer cells. The anti-inflammatory nature of the umbelliprenin helps in the healing process. So, this is very good for people who are recovering from cancer. 

14. Anti-tumour properties

Angalbanic acid present in the Ferula persica shows anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor properties. In many instances, the tumours grow their own blood vessels. This is called angiogenic nature. The extract of Ferula persica helps prevent this kind of growth and so it stops the tumor from spreading.

15. Help for people suffering from seizure

Compounds in the Ferula persica help people with seizures because they possess anticonvulsant nature. You can use extracts of the plant to prepare the decoction. Drink this twice a day to keep yourself free from attacks.

16. Helpful for organ disorder

Preparations from the plant leaves and flowers helps in the treatment of people with organ disorders. The compounds in the Ferula persica helps mobilize the nutrients and prevent shock to the patient. Drink the juice of the leaf and flower of the plant to get best relief.

17. Shows anti-hemolytic activity

In some instances, the red blood cells undergo rupture and the contents spill out. The Ferula persica helps in preventing this kind of rupture. This might occur due to an infection or it might occur due to the dysfunction within the individual. By having the extract of the plant you can preserve the integrity of the red blood cells.

Side effects of Ferula persica

There are no known side effects of using Ferula persica. But, overuse may cause vomiting and digestive problems. If there is, consult your physician immediately.

Improve your health by using Ferula Persica medicinal uses and health benefits. Stop taking it if you get rashes or have other allergic reaction such as headaches or vomiting.




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