How to ease cramps before period

Health care is for your own needs. This work can make you feel happier, healthier. So, you’ve never asked yourself that you had the health care habits prior to how to ease cramps before period?

About 85% of women faced with one or more premenstrual symptoms, including cramps before period, fatigue, bloating, difficulty sleeping, and lightheadedness. Then usually the general feeling of anger as the people around always crazy.

How to ease cramps before period

What are cramps before period?

Cramps before period are muscle spasms situation sudden, intense pain in a muscle usually muscle contraction caused by cold or strenuous activity, do not continue to patients move anymore.

But all the muscles can cramp, but the disease occurs in the legs, thighs, hands, feet and stomach muscles. Cramps are dangerous if you are swimming underwater, sitting near the fire, while driving.

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Natural ways to ease cramps before period

Although there is no cure to maintain these changes, you can take some steps to reduce the appearance and feel better yourself when cramps before period appeared. The healthcare habits for menstrual cramps two weeks before period below will help you are:

1. Drink plenty of water every day for period cramps

To reduce the risk of cramps during period caused by dehydration, you should drink at least 1.9 liters of water a day or more if you want to offset the amount of water lost during cramps before period. Some experts even recommend using more water (about 9-13 cups) per day.

2. Reduce salt intake to prevent pms symptoms

Raising too much salt in the body will cause you to have gas. The best at this time, let’s say no to salt, cut canned foods, processed foods, and condiments.

3. “Immerse” in foods rich in protein and good fats

Cramps before period syndrome make you feel exhausted, irritable and craving to eat the donut. However, the cake is dubbed “sugar bomb” and will make your symptoms worse. Your energy will increase dramatically and then collapsed, affecting mood, perception and even the degree of bloating in the abdomen.

Instead, replace the meal pastry with vibrant, full of protein and good fats, such as yogurt and avocado, fried egg, chicken salad. Protein plus fat have health benefits such as omega-3 reduces inflammation, reduces muscle tension, while whole grains will provide protein and magnesium suitable for little rest and control stress levels.

4. Orgasm one time (even two, three times)

Sex will help you about how to ease cramps before period, and also bring many more effects. Sex will help soothe the nerve pain and orgasm will cause the brain to relax, oxygen circulation to the mind better produces the hormone oxytocin which makes you comfortable and happy.

If you are single or do not want a man to support this, you should look for a camera shake or even masturbate to feel more comfortable.

cramps before period

5. Sweating in a favorite gym class to prevent menstrual pain

That may be the last option that you want to go but you will undoubtedly happy after each workout to sweat. 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise can help improve mood and a general feeling of comfort, thanks to the release of endorphins enhance feelings.

So even if you’re forcing yourself into a yoga session or dance class, always thought this would minimize premenstrual syndrome and a lot better for the days of cramps before period coming.

6. Snacks with almonds

Nuts are rich in magnesium, which can help reduce cramps before period and tension. Keep a bowl of almonds at the desk to eat legibly or consume other magnesium-rich foods such as spinach and kale. Every day you should add 400 mg of magnesium to prevent severe cramps before period.

7. A long bath in a hot tub

Heat makes everything easy and, of course, it will help you relieve stress and relieve abdominal pain before period. More useful for pain relief, experts recommend adding Epsom salts in hot tubs. Magnesium in salt will relax the muscles and make your body feel happy.

8. Get enough sleep every day 7-8h

In the days of pms cramps before period, you’ll inevitably sleep disorders. Disruptive-energy-level-Hormone in your body these days require you to maintain sleep habit of enough 7-8h every day to make your body feel refreshed the next morning.

Sleep is a natural medicine to help restore a natural mood. When we go into REM sleep, the body will begin to repair the damage in the body after a long day, including muscle pain related to premenstrual syndrome.

9. Walking is good for really bad cramps

Walking helps the leg muscles activity is also a measure to help you avoid cramps before period phenomenon. You should also regularly take massage, and this is a great idea whether you have cramps before period or not.

You can use painkillers without a prescription, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), or naproxen (Aleve). To ensure the safety of the medication, you should read and follow all instructions on the medicine label or follow the directions given by your doctor. Upon the occurrence of any dangerous condition, you should go to the hospital immediately to get the timely treatment.

Alternatively, you can treat cramps before period by using an ice pack or cold water. You should remember to always keep a cloth between the skin and the ice pack slightly.

How to manage if you get cramps before period suddenly?

1. Stretch muscle for pms cramps before period

The best way to overcome cramps is stretch the muscles. Cramps before period usually happen in the leg muscles (calves, hamstring, and soles of the feet), so when going to cramp, you should stand up and overcome by pulling the muscles in the opposite direction. Cramps are muscular spasticity and sudden, so that stretching helps reduce pain by stretching the muscle fibers.

For example, when you feel the leg muscles begin to shrink and withdraw, you should stretch out sore legs after forming fencing posture. Bend your front knee and slowly bend forward with two feet on the floor until the foot feels tense.

To treat muscle cramps, you should stretch at least 30 seconds while breathing deeply and see if that’s enough or not. You should repeat some times to remedy the situation absolutely cramps.

Boot then pull your leg muscles before walking or sports activities to help prevent spasms and cramps.

2. Gently massage the cramps

The cramps are the condition partly to tight muscles causing pain and loss of function. However, if the cramps were so intense and lasted more than a few seconds, then the situation becomes dangerous. Strong sclerosis or points of stimulation of muscles always cause muscle cramps.

Meanwhile, you should feel the painful stimulation point and then massage the muscle fibers affected by thumb until you could reduce cramps. Force to excitation point to overcome pains. This method is called point stimulation therapy by massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy conducted.

If cramps occur in the feet, you can use a tennis ball, soda bottles, or small wooden sticks to massage the spasm.


With these simple measures, you know how to ease cramps before period and do not worry when facing severe cramps before period. If the pains are beyond control, you should see your doctor to get the best treatment.


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