How should you drink water? What are the benefits of drinking water?

Drinking water is essential for our health and well-being. We lose plenty of water each day and replace it when we drink it. The fluid loss occurs in the form of evaporation, sweat, in the stool and urine, and while breathing.

If one does not take in enough water, they become dehydrated. Fluid loss is more when the place is situated at a high altitude, the person is old, or one is doing strenuous exercise.

benefits of drinking water

Advantages of drinking water

Helps normal bowel movement

When you have enough water in your diet, it helps to move the food along in your gastrointestinal tract. This prevents the incidence of constipation.

This is because the colon extracts water from the stool when the body does not have enough water. When you have enough water and fiber in your diet, they act like a broom with a sweeping action and sweep the stools out of the colon fast.

Keep the calorie intake under control

Drinking water to lose weight is a strategy most of the weight watchers adopt in their normal routine. But, in fact, drinking water by itself does nothing to help with weight loss.

One must use it with another strategy such as using energy drinks to get the needed change. Plan the diet so that you have plenty of water-rich food items. When your food has more water, it tends to look larger.

You must chew high-volume food more, leading to slower metabolic rates. You tend to become full quickly. So, opt for more oats, fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, and beverages.

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Helpful for the kidneys

About 60-70% of the human body is made up of water. Every part of the body needs it for working properly. The kidneys filter the wastes and sends it out as urine.

When you become dehydrated, this filtration system does not function as well as it should. The first thing to remember is that eight glasses a day is the ideal amount but considering that one does different amounts of work, the water requirement will vary. Also, men need 13 glasses while women need 9 glasses.

When you suffer from kidney failure, you must drink less water. When you are dehydrated the color of your urine turns a darker shade of yellow. Low amounts of water can promote adverse conditions in the body such as Urinary Tract Infections and kidney stones. Find what causes kidney stones.

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Energize the muscles

When cells do not hold enough water and nutrients it shrivels and muscles shrink. To keep your cells and tissues healthy and functioning as they should, drink enough water.

The nutrients provide the energy for your body cells. But, the cooling, the hydraulics, and the lubrication come from the water. Drinking plain water does not have the same effect as drinking electrolyte solution just before you exercise.

The term electrolyte refers to the sodium that is needed for the cells of the muscles to remain full and healthy. You would have noticed that we send salt out with our sweat.

We need to replenish this by drinking the electrolyte solution. Decreased sodium levels keep the body dehydrated. To build muscles one must exercise. And, to avoid dehydration you must have enough electrolyte drink.

Maintain the fluid balance

Every organism maintains a balance between its fluids. This process is known as homeostasis. When you are healthy, your body maintains homeostasis and send fluids out easily.

Fluid imbalance occurs when sufficient water is not ingested leading to dehydration. The other extreme condition occurs when fluids collect in the cells of the body. This condition is known as edema. One sees this condition in people who have undergone surgery.

Their body remains swollen because the body retains fluids. When heart failure occurs, fluids collect in the blood vessels, lungs, body tissues, and liver. Fluid overload also occurs when a person has chronic kidney disease.

The kidneys do not move the fluids out of the body. Lack of a diuretic hormone might result in kidneys getting rid of too many fluids. You experience excessive thirst and dehydration. You can correct this condition through medicines. This medication is called water pill.

Good for the skin

When you drink enough water, the skin pores open out and the pigmentation disappears. It renews the health and makes it bouncy and youthful. The water helps flush the toxins out of the skin.

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Disadvantages of drinking too much water

Just as we need a good amount of water a day, excessive water can have a deleterious effect on our body.  You come across situations where the body cannot handle copious amounts of water.

Excessive water has a negative effect on the brain

Water helps the brain in its memory and focus functions. Water dilutes the blood. If you keep drinking more water and the kidneys find it difficult to get rid of the excess water, it enters the cells.

The cells swell more and help remove the pressure on the kidneys. Cells in the body can stretch because they connect to flexible tissue such as muscle and fat. But, this does not happen for the neurons. The skull accommodates the tightly packed brain cells along with the cerebrospinal fluid and blood.

When there is no more space due to the excess water entering the blood, the person experiences respiratory problems, coma, seizures, and even death.

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Too much water interferes with waste removal

The body removes the excess water in the form of urine. You might think that when you urinate more, you remove more waste from the body. Actually, the kidneys become stressed when you keep on urinating.

They work to keep the system stable. When you have too much water in the blood, the kidneys must filter it fast and maintain the sodium balance. This condition called hyponatremia exhibits symptoms such as fatigue, frequent urination, vomiting, and nausea.

Strain on the circulatory system is excessive

The body swells to accommodate the excess water and in the process, the blood vessels walls become thinner. Your body needs a minimum amount of sodium concentration to keep functioning.

This concentration is diluted when you drink more water than you need. This starts a vicious circle where your body experiences strain due to the lack of enough nutrients due to the dilution and the body for its part tries to move the blood faster through the body to get the nutrients to the cells and the organs.

The bottom-line

Water is the basis for all existence and activity in the human body. We must maintain it properly at optimum levels to have the best benefit.


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