Crataeva religiosa tree medicinal uses and images

Crataeva religiosa (Varuna/Mother Tincture) is a deciduous, medium-sized medicinal tree that grows up to 10 metres in height. It has the names Crataeva religiosa and Crataeva nurvala, and the tree grows well along the streams. The bark of the tree has 2-3 mm longitudinal wrinkles.

The bark is smooth and grey-white in colour. Flowers are bisexual and creamy white in colour. It has tri-foliate leaves that alternate and ex-stipulate. This medium sized, deciduous tree prefers wet soil with a pH of 7 and plenty of sunlight.

People usually grow Varuna near temples due to its numerous healing qualities. The branches of the tree have white patches, which have purple or yellow tinges. The leaflets are oval,and the flowers are fragrant.

The flowering occurs in March while the fruits appear in June. The fruits appear as ovoid berries and resemble a lemon. This is 2.5 cm in size and upon ripening, turns red. You can use the bark, flower, root, and leaves to prepare medicinal portions.

Crataeva religiosa tree

Since the olden times, people considered this as the medicine tree. The people wore the garland made from the bark of this tree and offered the leaves to God. They built the delivery ward with Crataeva religiosa wood.

Since those days, it has found use in treating fevers, piles, and an abdominal tumour. It finds use in Unani medicine also as it promotes appetite, removes urinary organs disorder, and decreases the secretion of bile and phlegm.

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Varuna finds use in topically dilating the superficial capillaries. They do this to stimulate circulation. In this way, Crataeva religiosa will help cardiac health by keeping the blood vessels supple and open.

Crataeva religiosa flowers

We find mention of this tree in Siddha medicine where mention is made of its use as a laxative. It promotes appetite and stimulates the liver. Flowers are cholagogue astringent.

Using Crataeva religiosa, you can make the body to discharge bile from the system. They use it in snakebite poisoning diseases of vaatam, skin eruptions, and urticaria.

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Chemical constituents: The stem bark contains quercetin, varunol, and rutin. Other than flavonoids, it also contains saponins, alkaloids, plant sterols, tannins, and triterpenes. From the bark of the tree, we get betulinic acid, diosgenin, friedlin, lupeol, and alcohol. Fruits have a rich content of betasitosterol, triacontanol, and cetyl alcohol.

Common names of Crataeva religiosa plant

Three-leaved caper is the common name. People sometimes refer to it as Mother Tincture. Other names include barun, holy garlic pear, and scarred lingam tree.

Botanical name and family

The botanical name of Crataeva religiosa is Crataeva nurvala. It belongs to the family Capparidaceae. It has the synonyms Crataeva magna.

Crataeva nurvala leaves

Places where Crataeva religiosa tree grows

It grows in abundance in Kerala, Assam, Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. Other than India, this tree also grows in Bangladesh.

Medicinal uses of Crataeva religiosa

Crataeva religiosa is sweet, pungent, bitter, and astringent in nature. They use the leaves and the bark of the tree for medicinal purposes. Crataeva religiosa proves to the best medicinal herb for various kinds of urinary disorders. This litholytic herb is used to cure people of benign prostate hyperplasia.

  • Used extensively in blood purification.
  • Treat the people with calculi.
  • Helps treat BPH – enlarged prostate.
  • You can treat lymphadenopathy.
  • Can use for erysipelas.
  • Corrects urinary bladder problems.
  • Expels gravels from the body.
  • Enhances the digestive strength.
  • Useful in correcting cardiac problems.
  • Correct blood disorders.
  • You can make corrections to Vatadosha.
  • Treat worm infestation.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of dysuria and urine retention.
  • Can dissolve kidney stones (renal calculi).
  • Will relieve a migraine and headache.
  • Can use it to treat diarrhea.

You can address the issues related to vata doshas such as bloating, constipation, paralysis, neuralgia, and more. With the use of the Varuna flower, one can correct bleeding disorders such as menorrhagia, rectal bleeding, and nosebleed.

The fruit of the Varuna tree is oily and induces purgation and mobility. Thus, it helps people with constipation. It balances all the three doshas.

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People with anorexia will benefit by taking the decoction of Crataeva nurvala daily until they begin to feel better appetite. The anthelmintic and anti-amoebic nature help you clean the intestines and liver thoroughly.

Used as a poultice, Crataeva nurvala helps treat cervical adenitis. People with enlarged spleen will get relief by taking this Ayurvedic herb. It helps you deal with abscess effectively.

Crataeva nurvala fruits

Patients who have rheumatic joint pain can use the herb to find relief. You can treat oedematous wounds effectively. You can use it to treat kidney diseases. Kidney disease does damage to the kidney and reduces its effective functions.

Kidneys are vital for the proper functioning of the human body and mental acuity. Good functioning kidneys keep your stamina high and both your mind and body will function well.

Common causes for kidney disease are through injury, diabetes, diarrhea, dehydration, snakebite, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, infections, or blockage in the renal artery.

This it achieves by decreasing the oxalate production amounts. To do this, it deactivates glycolate oxidase enzyme. When oxalate production decreases, the production of calculi slows down.

You can reduce the pain due to urination because of an enlarged prostate. The herb strengthens the bladder. It will restore extra bilirubin levels. You get protection against liver diseases.

The herb will force flatus and faeces down and work up an appetite. All extra body toxins are removed especially urea. It removes impacted stools and abdominal distension gets relieved.

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You can treat the blood flow and improve your breathing. It helps pacify both the Kapha and Vata dosha. Drink the decoction of Varuna, and it will heal suppurated inflammations that are internal and deep-seated.

Dosage: You can take Varuna in the form of tea or tincture. The normal dosage is 50 ml twice a day. In tincture form, you can take 200 mg orally twice a day.


It increases Pitta dosha. The leaves and bark exhibit little toxicity under normal dosages. However, the advice is to use the directions of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner to make the medical preparations. Blistering of the skin in sensitive people could occur. Do not use herbal knowledge if you are not a medical professional.

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  1. One lady patient was suffering from systemic lupus erythromatus (SLE) disease .Her age is 22 .Can she use this plant tea or decogtion .She was using mycept ,wysolon ,losarton,and soo on tablets for her treatment. Can she get rid of her disease by using this sort of medicinal plant.Please suggest me …..And due this disease she wasb suffering from severe inflammation and red spots on her skin.

    1. Yes you can use tea made of this plant’s bark. Remember, the quantity of bark should be little and you should consume the tea for only 5 days in the starting. With that, she must also consume giloy juice and turmeric every day. GIloy juice is available in the market. Mix some turmeric powder in milk and consume at every night. The idea is to increase her immunity power. It will surely do the magic if she does the everyday. She can have giloy juice and turmeric every day for a long time. Turmeric will cure all skin problems and inflammation. But she must do this regularly because this is the key.

      Let me know if there is any confusion.

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