Country mallow health benefits, uses and side effects

Country mallow is an erect, perennial herb which grows to a height of 120-150 cm. In this article, we will talk about Country mallow health benefits, uses and side effects.

Country mallow leaves are cordate, oblong, or ovate-oblong and downy on both surfaces. The hairy, long stem is yellow-green. Flowers are small and yellow. The center of the flowers is a darker yellow. Fruits are carpels with a pair of awns.

Country mallow health benefits, uses and side effects

Country mallow common names

The common name of this plant is country mallow. Other names include Bala, Flannel weed, Indian Chikana, Mauve Blanc, Heartleaf, and Vatya.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name is Sida cordifolia. It belongs to the Malvaceae family.

Geological places where Sida cordifolia plant grows

It is a native to India and grows in all the places in Rajasthan. This invasive weed also grows throughout the world. You find it in French Polynesia, southern United States, New Guinea, Australia, Africa, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Country Mallow health benefits and uses

Sida cordifolia contains ephedrine that has serious side effects. Despite this, they use it for treating many ailments.

  • Respiratory tract infections: Preparations of the Sida cordifolia proves useful for treating infections of the upper respiratory tract. You can get relief for cold, flu, bronchial asthma, swine flu, nasal congestion and wheezing. Prepare the tea with the Sida cordifolia and have this twice a day until the symptoms ease. 
  • Improve sweating: You can increase the amount you sweat by having Country Mallow. This will help remove the excessive alcohol, salt, and cholesterol from the body. 
  • A cure for headaches: Drink the decoction of the Sida cordifolia to get relief from headaches. Also, you can use it for curing chills. 
  • Help for urinary infections: By applying the paste of the leaves of the plant directly to the genitals, you can get relief from infections of the urinary tract. Drink the decoction to speed up the process. 
  • Treat sore mouth: The antiseptic nature of the plant proves useful for removing bacteria. Use the infusion of the plant as mouthwash and get relief. 
  • Good for fluid retention: Country Mallow has astringent properties. You can use it to treat wounds and improve the conditions of the skin. 
  • Useful for heart diseases: It improves the condition of the blood and heart. Have the tea made from the leaves twice a day to improve the heart conditions. 
  • Facial paralysis: The Country Mallow preparation is useful for those who suffer from facial paralysis. Drink the infusion twice a day to get relief fast. 
  • Relief from tissue pain: You can treat all kinds of pain in the body tissue by the direct application of the paste of the leaves of the plant to the affected part. 
  • Anti-inflammatory: Bring down inflammation and get relief for joint pain by applying the sida cordifolia over them. This helps relieve the pain by controlling the inflammation. 
  • Relief from pain: You can get relief from sciatica pain through the use of Country Mallow. Drink the infusion of the leaves twice a day for best relief. You can use it for all kinds of nerve pain and nerve inflammation. 
  • Cure for insanity: The plant has good nerve soothing properties. Use the preparations to cure insanity and make the people with mental disturbances calm. 
  • Rheumatism relief: Many people suffering from chronic rheumatism get relief using Sida cordifolia. You must take this under medical supervision only. 
  • Treatment for weight loss: if you begin to lose weight without reason, you can cure it using the Sida cordifolia. Have the infusion of the leaves and roots early in the morning on an empty stomach, and you will stop losing weight. 
  • Tonic: The infusion of Country Mallow plant proves good for augmenting the health of the individual. It helps reduce pain and stimulates the immune system. It is good as a general tonic. 
  • Good for urinary incontinence: Have the tea made from the leaves early in the morning to promote the flow of urine. This helps flush out the toxins and make the urinary tract healthy. 
  • As an aphrodisiac: The Sida cordifolia helps improve the sexual function. You can use it as an aphrodisiac to raise excitement. 
  • Good for cancer patients: The plant extract proves useful for speeding up the treatment of cancer patients. You can use it both before and after the chemotherapy to help improve the condition of the patient. 
  • Improve health: Used with other herbs, the plant proves useful for people who have poor health. Have the infusion twice a day to improve the appetite and augment the health. 
  • Treat erectile dysfunction: People can treat erectile dysfunction by having the infusion of the Sida cordifolia morning and night. This will help improve the health of the patient by acting on the nerves and making it healthy. 
  • Allergy treatment: For people suffering from various kinds of allergies, the infusion of the Country Mallow proves useful. It delays the onset of the allergy and helps cure the symptoms through constant application. 
  • Disease of the throat: You can cure many throat diseases by gargling in the morning with the infusion of the Country Mallow plant. It fights the pathogens and makes the mouth clean. 
  • Useful for sinus problems: Many people have got relief using the Sida cordifolia infusion for their sinus problems. 
  • Treat asthma: You can treat asthma using the preparation of the plant. 
  • Lose weight: It is possible to lose weight with the preparation using the leaves of the plant. It will increase your energy and help you remain healthy throughout. 
  • Good for the bones: Improve the strength of the bones by having the preparation of the Country Mallow daily. It has good nourishing properties that improve the bone health. 
  • A cure for recurring fever: Use Sida cordifolia root along with ginger to cure the fever that appears often. 
  • Treat genital problems: You can use the preparation of the Sida cordifolia to treat urinary urgency. Make an infusion of the leaves and have it with sugar and milk daily in the morning. This helps you get control over the problem. You can also use it if you have vaginal discharge. 
  • Good for the numbness of the skin: Apply the paste of the leaves and roots to the skin if you have any tingling or numbness.

Side effects of Sida cordifolia

This plant is unsafe for any use because it contains ephedrine. People believe that Country Mallow might cause heart attacks, high blood pressure, and death, loss of consciousness, muscle disorders, irregular heartbeat, strokes, and seizures.

You might see the signs such as irritability, restlessness, nausea, lack of appetite, headache, dizziness, tingling, and difficulty urinating. These symptoms increase when you have a stimulant such as caffeine along with the Sida cordifolia.


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