Coconut oil benefits, uses for skin and hair

Coconut oil, one of the oldest secrets for beautiful skin and hair, has been consistently stealing the limelight as a part of several types of research. Yes, experiments say that this oil has a pretty good content of vitamins and nutrients that can do wonders when combating some medical issues. In this post, we will talk about coconut oil benefits and uses for skin and hair.

It has been used to heal cracked skin or skin irritations since years, and even today, you can find elderly women applying this pure coconut oil for good hair and skin.

In winters, it acts as a good natural moisturizer and applying it on your lips, can never get you cracked lips again. Also, it is used as a cuticle oil, that is, it makes wonders to the nail enamels and foot cracks.

We are already familiar with its beauty benefits; now here we will take you through the list of health benefits of this natural oil as well.

Coconut oil benefits, uses for skin and hair

Coconut oil benefits and uses for skin and hair

Aids in brain disorders

Coconut oil is absolutely enriched with fatty acids rather saturated fatty acids. Though questioned earlier on its role in cardiovascular diseases, yet recent researches say that these saturated fatty acids do not harm your healthy heart.

The saturated fats contained in coconut are not the same as those present in steak or cheese. Instead, they are not long-chained, and these medium chained triglycerides are so metabolized that they form compounds therapeutic for neurodegenerative disorders.

The fatty acids or triglycerides of coconut oil act as a rich source of energy in the liver. Yes, these medium chained triglycerides are taken to the liver right from the gastrointestinal tract unlike the long-chained fatty acids and ketones are obtained from these.

These ketones have proven to be soothing for disorders like Alzheimer’s. People suffering from Alzheimer’s disorder mostly are unable to utilize carbohydrates as the source of energy in some brain cells. Certain researches say that ketones improve the cognitive skills in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Ketones are supposedly being the energy sources for brain cells in those patients compensating the issue with carbohydrate utilization for energy.

Reduces Obesity

Keep a check on the calories you consume a day. Obesity is a very preliminary issue, causes of which if not checked at the earliest can lead to other serious health issues.

Though junk food seems to be blissful at first sight yet the oil and saturated fats contained in it are just the other way around to your body. A healthier way of enjoying delicious food can be using coconut oil instead in the recipes.

This way you cut out the long-chained saturated fats and consume medium-chained triglycerides instead. More interestingly, the fatty acids contained in coconut oil helps burning some more calories thus reduce the body weight, by a percentage of five to be precise, every twenty-four hours.

Destroys harmful microorganisms

Well, talking about the benefits of coconut oil and the role played by its fatty acids, it should be mentioned that half of these fatty acids comprise a 12-carbon Lauric acid.

This compound of carbon is broken down into simpler monolaurin while digestion. These two compounds have been proven to be potent enough to discard harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi from our bodies, thus improving the immune system.

Keeps you full for longer

The compounds formed during the digestion of fatty acids called ketones are observed to have a reducing impact on your appetite. Thus, consuming food prepared in coconut oil makes you feel less hungry for a while.

Also, it has been evidently proven through medical researches that those consuming coconut oil in a meal consume noticeably lesser calories in the next meal.

Aids in epilepsy

The good amount of medium-chained fatty acids obtained from coconut oil increases the ketone concentrations in our blood.

This type of diet wherein the supply of carbohydrates is less as compared to fats or ketones is getting a pretty good response from those suffering from epilepsy, especially those, who are resistant to multiple drugs.

This diet has been evidently reducing the frequency of seizures in those patients.

Reduces the levels of bad cholesterol

The healthier saturated fatty acids contained in coconut oil increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein, good cholesterol, in the blood.

Also, it lowers the content of low-density lipoprotein from our blood by converting it into a simpler compound, which is not as harmful. Thus, coconut oil prevents clogging of arteries, in turn cardiovascular diseases.

Hair protection

Even today, you will find elderly women advising coconut oil as a better product for your hair than any other chemically manufactured hair products.

Coconut oil enriched with vitamin E, vitamin K and iron is indeed a natural conditioner for hair- an overnight soaking in this oil renders your hair nourished and smooth.

Mostly we do not prefer a greasy hair but applying coconut oil on the length of your hair excluding the roots- just a thin layer by finger-combing helps you do away with the all day long frizzes.

The most significant part of using coconut oil on your hair is its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Undoubtedly, it owes its popularity in hair care since ages to these properties.

Scalp and hair- as they are always exposed to sun and pollution, become prone to a higher level of bacterial growth.

Another hair issue faced by many is the one with dandruff. Due to heat and dryness, our scalp gives way to dandruff. No matter whichever shampoo you use, an absolute remedy of this issue seems to be unattainable.

Coconut oil has a good content of fatty acids, which can do away with the never-ending dandruff issue.

Skin protection

Coconut oil replenishes the moisture content of your skin and renders it softer. The natural oil balance of your skin that is often damaged due to pollution is compensated by this oil.

Free radicals are also one of the reasons behind early signs of skin ageing like wrinkles. The fine line which can be marked in the under-eye area as a sign of early skin ageing can also be smoothened out with this natural oil.

Coconut oil also helps in combating this issue with its antioxidant reserves, thus rendering your skin glowing and young. Also, it has been known for removing heavy make-up, be it your face or eye, the stubborn kajal and mascara comes off smoothly when wiped with a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil.


Apart from hair and skin protection, coconut oil also makes the beautiful smile of yours even more beautiful by preventing accumulation of plaque and whitens your teeth by oil pulling.

A little beauty tip for ladies- shine up your cheek bones with a drop of coconut oil, after you are all decked up with make-up- you won’t believe how it highlights your cheek bones. So, refill your stock of this natural oil and enjoy its benefits with a ‘beautiful and healthy you.’

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