Chelidonium majus benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

Chelidonium majus is an herbaceous perennial herb that grows up to a height of 30-120 cm. In this post, we will talk about Chelidonium majus benefits, medicinal uses and side effects.

Chelidonium majus benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

Greater celandine’s blue-green leaves are pinnate with wavy margins. It gives out yellow-orange latex when injured. The flower is yellow and has four petals that are 18 mm long. Flowering is in late spring.

They appear as umbelliform cymes of four flowers. The seeds appear small, black in long capsules. They have elaiosome to attract ants that help disperse the seeds.

Chelidonium majus common names

The common name of this plant is Greater celandine. It also has the names Chelidonium, BaiQuCai, Celandine root, Celandine herb, swallowwort, nipplewort, and tetterwort. Other names include garden celandine, common celandine, and felonwort.

Botanical name and family of Greater celandine herb

The botanical name of this plant is Chelidonium majus. It belongs to the Papaveraceae family.

Geological places where chelidonium plant grows

It grows natively in European countries, North America, North Africa, and West Asia. In North Africa, you find it growing in Madeira Islands, Algeria, Macaronesia, and Morocco.

In Western Asia, you can find it in Turkey, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran. In Europe, you can see it in Albania, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Portugal Spain, Romania, Macedonia, and Norway.

Chelidonium majus benefits and medicinal uses

The above ground parts of the greater celandine, the rhizome, and the roots are dried and used for making medicines. The latex contains proteolytic enzymes. It also has phytocystatinchelidostatin. This is a protease inhibitor.

  • Use as a sedative: The greater celandine has potent substances that act as a central nervous system sedative. This is useful for keeping soothing the anxiety and calming people who are agitated. 
  • Mild analgesic nature: It can alleviate pain to an extent. You can use the Chelidonium extract for relieving mild pain. 
  • Oncostatic nature: Agents that have antioxidant and antiproliferative nature can be said to be oncostatic. The Chelidonium is also oncostatic and helpful for treating cancer patients. 
  • Antimicrobial action: The plant shows good antimicrobial action. It can be used to treat fungal infections such as vaginal yeast infections and toenail infections. 
  • Use as a cholagogic agent: Use the extract of the plant to improve the flow of bile. This helps to improve the digestion, and hence, the appetite improves. 
  • Treat cancer: They make the cancer treatment medicine Ukrain with the Chelidonium. There are indications that the drug may have a deteriorating effect on normal body cells too. More studies are underway into this. 
  • Reduce swelling and pain: Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the greater celandine, it finds use in treating people affected by diseases involving the swelling of the body tissues. This includes gout and arthritis treatment, the diseases of the joints of the bone. 
  • Ulcers: You can use the extract of the plant to treat ulcers. The Chelidonium will cure the ulcer and soothe the intestinal lining. You will get relief from the irritation and have better digestion. 
  • Antiviral: Chelidonium shows good activity against the virus. So you can use them to defend against viral attacks. 
  • Treat ailments of the digestive system: The antispasmodic nature helps them to soothe the spasms of the intestinal muscles. This will help rectify irritable bowel syndrome. Have the decoction made from the Chelidonium to get relief fast. 
  • Helps support the liver and the bile duct: The supportive action of the Chelidonium on the liver is useful for augmenting the health of the person. It also improves the interaction of the bile, and so your appetite improves. You can have a glass of Chelidonium tea in the early morning to help improve the health of the liver. 
  • Gastritis: When you suffer from the inflamed lining in the stomach, you can use Chelidonium extract to get relief. This is useful and effective. You only need to have the decoction of the Chelidonium twice a day for the best results.  
  • Abdominal pain: If you have pain in the abdomen, you must have the Chelidonium extract with tea or with water. This will remove the stomach pain and help you to have a normal functioning again. For the best effect, use the extract twice daily. 
  • Remove warts: It is possible to remove warts using the sap of the greater celandine. This substance is acidic and erases tissues. It can soften corn and make the skin surface smooth again. Use this with discretion as it might affect healthy tissues as well. 
  • Use for eye irritations: Use a mild solution of the extract of the Chelidonium to help soothe the eye irritations. Do this twice a day and use a new solution each time. 
  • Remove bad teeth: If you have bad teeth that you need to remove, you can use the greater celandine extract to do the job. It helps remove the rotten tooth by acting on the rotten parts of the tooth and loosening them. 
  • The cure for enteritis: Enteritis is a condition where the intestines remain swollen. The extract of greater celandine will help to remedy the condition fast. Have the tea made with the extract early in the morning on an empty stomach for the best results. 
  • Heal minor wounds: Due to its antiseptic property, you can use the solution of the extract in water to enhance the healing minor wounds and cuts. Apply this to the skin, and you will find the wound is healing fast.

Preparing the Chelidonium tea

During the flowering season, they gather all the above-the-ground parts and dry it at high temperatures. In autumn (August-October), the roots are harvested and dried. Fresh rhizome is also used to make the tea. Alcoholic and hot aqueous extractions are prepared. They use this to make the tea.

Side effects of Greater Celandine

The entire plant is toxic, and you must take it only in the proper dose. When you take Greater Celandine, you might experience dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. It has a toxic effect on the liver. So, long-term use must be avoided. You might also develop skin rashes. It is possibly unsafe to take it by mouth.

You cannot store the herb as it loses its efficacy if stored for more than six months. Consult with your doctor to take all the Chelidonium majus benefits and medicinal uses.


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