Chaparral plant benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

Chaparral plant is a small, evergreen thorny bush that has branches and grows up to a height of 2-6 meters. Here, we will talk about Chaparral plant benefits, medicinal uses and side effects.

Chaparral plant benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

It has small, dark-green leaves that turn bright green after the rain. Chaparral leaves are elliptical and resinous. The yellow flowers have five petals. Flowering is during October-November. The fruit is a dry capsule containing five seeds and hairs. The white fruits resemble white fuzzy cotton balls. It survives in dry, desert conditions well.

Chaparral plant common names

The common name of this plant is chaparral. Other names include jarilla, greasewood, creosote bush, gobernadora, and hediondilla.

Chaparral botanical name and family

The botanical name of the plant is Larrea divaricata. Another name is Larrea tridentata. It belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family.

Geological places where Larrea tridentata grows

It is a native to South-western South America. You see it growing in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.

Chaparral plant benefits and medicinal uses

The therapeutic properties possibly occur due to polyphenolic compounds called lignans that we find in the resin. 

  • Treat cold and bronchitis: You can use the chaparral tea to get relief from cold. It opens the airways and gets rid of chest congestions. You can use it to treat all manner of upper respiratory tract infections. Drink this tea twice a day for best relief. 
  • Get relief from pain: Having mild analgesic property, the extract of chaparral is used to get relief from stomach pain, rheumatic pain, and pain from a snake bite. Chaparral gives an alternative path for the pain signals to the brain and hence alleviates the pain. You can use it to get relief from back pain. Also, if you have pain from minor wounds, you will get quick relief. 
  • Used for stomach disorder: The use of Larrea tridentata has been known since the olden times for treating stomach disorders. Drink one glass of tea made from the extract of chaparral daily morning, and you will soon be rid of your stomach problems. It helps settle the stomach and gets rid of gas. It helps alleviate stomach cramps and all kinds of disturbances of the stomach.
  • Help with menstrual disorders: Women who have problems with menstrual cycle can use chaparral to get their system under control again. Have the tea made from chaparral twice a day and you will soon have relief. 
  • Good for arthritis: Having anti-inflammatory properties, chaparral can be used for controlling the inflammation due to arthritis. It keeps the swelling down and gives relief from the pain. 
  • Relief for premenstrual syndrome: It helps alleviate the PMS in women and so having tea made from chaparral extract helps immensely. 
  • Diabetics benefit from Larrea tridentata: The Larrea tridentata is helpful for keeping the blood sugar under control. It does this by improving the insulin sensitivity, so more sugar is absorbed by the body cells. 
  • Treat skin disorders: You can treat many chronic skin disorders using chaparral. Apply the paste on the skin if you have eczema, acne, or skin discoloration to get immediate and lasting relief. Also, use this for infections such as gingivitis and impetigo. Impetigo causes skin blisters and is highly contagious. 
  • Correct problems with the gallbladder: You can correct many gallbladder problems using chaparral juice. Have one glass of the decoction made with the chaparral extract twice a day, and soon your problem will disappear. 
  • Help for urinary tract infections: The chaparral helps get rid of infections of the urinary tract. Have the preparation of the chaparral, and you can get rid of your urinary tract infection. 
  • Cure for diarrhoea: There is this easy way to cure your diarrhoea. Take one glass of the decoction made with chaparral twice a day. This will cure your diarrhoea. 
  • Used as a deodorant: You can use chaparral as a deodorant for the feet. You can also use it for the armpit. 
  • Good for weight loss: The tea made from chaparral is useful as a weight loss remedy. Drink the tea twice or thrice a day and get the benefit. People suffering from obesity can get good benefit from this treatment. 
  • Used for cancer patients: The use of chaparral helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. So, they give the chaparral tea for augmenting the curative process during the treatment of cancer patients. 
  • Helps people with tuberculosis: There is a good effect for tuberculosis patients if you use Larrea tridentata. The chaparral helps fight the bacteria in the lungs and gives good relief. 
  • Cure for sexually transmitted diseases: People suffering from sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and syphilis can use chaparral for getting relief. This acts to fight the disease through topical applications on the skin. You can also have it orally to improve the curative process. 
  • Good for treating CNS conditions: These conditions affect the working or the structure of the brain and the spine. It might happen due to an overdose of drugs. You can use chaparral extract to control the symptoms. 
  • Treat chickenpox: If one has chickenpox, use of chaparral will help to alleviate the symptoms. Drink the tea made with the chaparral morning and evening. 
  • Detox agent: To get rid of the toxins in the body, use chaparral decoction. It pushes the toxins out and makes you healthy again. For this reason, it is called as the blood purifier. 
  • Remove heavy metals: You can use chaparral to chelate the heavy metals from your body. It helps protect you against radiation side effects and also the bad effects of sun exposure. It helps prevent the formation of tumours and cancer cells.
  • Use as mouthwash: Prepare a decoction of the chaparral and use it as mouth wash. This will prevent any kind of infections and destroy the bacteria. 
  • Helps hair growth: Use the preparation of the chaparral for augmenting the hair growth. It helps stimulate the hair growth and make the scalp free of infections. This is due to the presence of lignans that help protect the skin and enhance their health.

Side effects of Chaparral

Chaparral toxicity includes jaundice and fever, nausea and fatigue. People with severe kidney or liver disease should not use Chaparral plant. Do not take more than 1.5 to 3.5 grams of the crude herb in one day.


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