Chamomile herb benefits, uses and side effects (camomile)

Chamomile or camomile is a self-seeding annual plant. This common garden plant has flowers on long stalks. These are attached to branching hairy stems. It has tiny daisy-like flowers that blossom from May to September. The flower is a solid yellow cone surrounded by white petals. The leaves are twice divided. They resemble feathers, are light green and shiny. In this post, we will talk about chamomile tea benefits for health.

Chamomile tea, flower and oil benefits for skin, hair and health (camomile)

Geographical places where Chamomile plant grows

It grows natively in many countries including Egypt, Germany, and France, parts of Eastern Europe, Morocco, Italy, and Spain.

Common name

The common name for this plant is Chamomile. Some people call it the physician herb.

Botanical name and family of camomile

The botanical name of this plant is Matricaria recutita. It belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Chamomile tea benefits and plant medicinal uses

Chamomile is used as an infusion or bath. But, the more common usage is as a tea. And occasionally, you can use it as a tincture.

1. Prevent Dandruff

This is when you use chamomile in the form of tea. Make the tea with the chamomile flowers. Cool it and set aside. Wash your head and dry it. Apply the chamomile tea on the scalp and let it dry. Wait for ten minutes and then wash with plain water. This will prevent dandruff due to the antibacterial action.

2. Enrich the Hair Color and Radiance

This is again tea; you can make the tea stronger for a darker colour. It highlights dark hair with light shades. Brown hair will take the golden colour very well. Regular use will lighten your hair.

3. Skin Moisturizer

Camomile moisturizes the skin from within. You can add it to the beauty packs and apply it to enhance the colour and the get more shine to your skin.

4. Natural Skin Bleach

If you apply it on the bare skin, it will bleach the skin. This action is mild, and you must apply it two or more times to get a tangible effect.

5. Protect Skin from Radical Damage

The antioxidant action of the camomile plant helps fight the free radicals. This protects the skin from infections and diseases.

6. Natural Face Scrub

The chamomile tea is useful for scrubbing your face. It provides the needed exfoliation for removing dead cells. The chamomile tea has antioxidants that help to any pathogens that may be present on the skin.

7. Accelerate the Healing Process

If you have any surface wounds, you can try the Matricaria recutita decoction on the skin where you have the wound. This will help the wound heal faster. This is because of the antibacterial action of the Matricaria recutita preparation.

8. Dark Circles

Those who sit up late will know the difficulty of having dark circles under your eye. This is due to the broken capillaries under the skin. If you apply chamomile poultice to the eyes, it will heal fast.

Chamomile flower and tea

9. Help Fight Against Acne

This is the best thing about the camomile for teenagers. The outbreak of acne is something intolerable for the teens. Using Matricaria recutita preparation on the face will help control the outbreak of the acne. It balances the pH of the facial skin and cleans the pores.

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10. Natural Cleanser

The chamomile flower has natural ingredients that make it useful for our health. The best one is the way it cleanses the body from the inside out. It flushes the liver and purifies the blood. You can apply this on the skin blisters, so you get relief immediately.

11. Soothe Skin Irritation

If you have irritation, applying some chamomile decoction on the skin where you have the irritation will help ease it. Wash it morning and evening so that there are no bacteria or pathogens on the skin. This will help prevent any further irritation.

12. Help Reduce Puffiness under Eyes

Those who read late at night must have experienced this. To get rid of the bags, use a poultice made of the leaves of chamomile. Apply a new one in the evening and morning. The bags will soon disappear.

13. Maintains Glucose Levels in the Blood

The camomile helps metabolize sugar in the blood and bring down the level. The action of the chamomile helps one to keep the sugar level in the blood down. You can have chamomile tea or use the chamomile decoction at least once a day to help you with this.

14. Soothe Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When one has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) he or she passes a motion with irregular frequency. This is due to the irregular muscle spasms in the stomach lining. Matricaria recutita soothes the stomach lining and reduces the incidence of spasms. Drink a cup of camomile tea regularly if you have IBS to get relief.

15. Prevent Allergy and Rashes

The allergy is the skin reaction to substances it does not tolerate. Therefore, to prevent allergies, one must not allow the allergens to meet the skin. The Matricaria recutita acts in another way; it decreases the irritation of the substance by sensitizing the skin to the allergen. This decreases the incidence of rashes and helps one to be more comfortable.

16. Boost Immunity

The body immune system fights the various pathogens all the time. The strength of the immune system is in its integrity and the way it gets nourishment. Chamomile nourishes the immune system and makes it strong. When the immune system is strong, we can resist more diseases. Have chamomile tea regularly to get the benefit.

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17. Menstrual Cramps

Occasionally, most women suffer from menstrual cramps. This is either seasonal or due to the weakness of the body system. Chamomile strengthens the system and regularizes the menstrual cycle. This helps decrease the intensity of the menstrual cramp and increases the strength. Having Matricaria recutita will decrease the incidence of the cramps considerably.

18. Helps Get Rid of Migraines

Migraines might be aura migraines or ordinary migraines. Chamomile eases the tension in the person and releases them. So, the intensity of a migraine is decreased. Have chamomile tea when you have or feel the onset of the migraine. This will mitigate the situation somewhat. Find Migraine home remedies.

19. Calms Muscle Pain

Matricaria recutita can ease muscle pain. If you have too much pain, you can ease it by having chamomile tea. The pain will decrease immediately.

20. Promote Sleep

Matricaria recutita has sedative property; people use it for getting good sleep.


Chamomile plant has so many valuable properties. However, one must use camomile in moderation only.

People who are allergic to pollen may not be able to use chamomile tea benefits. Also, it interferes with blood thinners.


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