Top Health Benefits of Carrots: Is it Superfood only for Eyesight?

Carrot benefits: Surveys say that five out of every ten people suffer from impaired vision. For some, impaired vision can be owed to genetic variations while others develop short sightedness or long sightedness over a substantial period of time.

Not always medicines are the only ones to depend upon; the risk of diseases can be effectively reduced by adopting a healthy diet as well. After several rounds of research and experiments, nutritionists and doctors have come up with a list of life-saving teas, veggies and fruits termed as ‘Superfoods.’

Green tea, blueberries, nuts, citrus fruits and as the long list goes on, you will come across the familiar orange veggie: carrot, which has evidently been serving as a ‘Superfood’.

Top Health Benefits of Carrot

This carrot vegetable piled up in your platter of salads, soups, and many other delicacies have a rich content of nutrients. Carrots have a rich content of antioxidants and several vitamins A, C, K, B8, of which vitamin A is an essential for improving eye-sight.

The rich content of beta-carotene and fiber results in carrots being highly beneficial to health. Though carrots come in a number of delicacies, yet it is best to include boiled carrots in your diet, so as to keep the nutrient content intact.

Among the other carrots nutrition present in carrot, manganese, iron, potassium, copper, folate and pantothenic acid are also beneficial for health.

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Apart from the orange carrots, another variety of carrots- the purple carrots are also highly beneficial to health. A round of several types of research has yielded the results that purple carrots possess higher contents (around 28 times more) of antioxidants like anthocyanins than orange carrots.

Consumption of purple carrot can reduce the risks of several diseases as well;thus, making a way through the long list purple carrots are the next big things in superfoods.

Bid adieu to impaired vision with a carrot enriched diet

According to the recent surveys, every year nearly five lac children suffering from an acute deficiency of Vitamin A become blind. Also, there is a risk of losing the proper healthy cornea if people are subjected to prolonged deficiency of Vitamin A.

Including around five ounces of lightly cooked carrots in your daily diet along with some of the other vitamin A enriched veggies, goat liver and amaranth leaf, certainly compensates the deficits of Vitamin A in your body.

Vitamin A is naturally prepared in the intestinal walls of our bodies from a pretty good intake of beta-carotene through carrots. As far as the issue of night blindness is concerned, intake of vitamin A improves night vision as well.

A common vision related problem that is usually observed among the ageing individuals is macular degeneration, which refers to impaired macula. Consumption of carrots also aids in reducing the risks of senile cataracts and macular degeneration.

Also, with the consumption of vitamin A, our eyes get a good supply of rhodopsin, as it is obtained from opsin (protein) and the vitamin itself in our retina.

carrot benefits

Health benefits of carrots

1. Skin exfoliation

Exposure to the sun over prolonged periods and stress causes pre-ageing of our skin. The free radicals that are liberated in our bodies due to higher metabolism rates are harmful to the skin as well.

The rich contents of antioxidants like beta-carotene, folate, and vitamin A help in neutralizing the free radicals and rejuvenates our skin. Along with three or four servings each day, this orange veggie, you can also extract its juice and pulp for skin application.

This has been an age-old secret behind the healthy and glowing skin. All the attention that carrot acquires for being a brilliant exfoliating agent can also be owed to its retinoic acid content.

2. Prevent Cardiovascular diseases

The antioxidant reserves in carrots also improve blood flow and prevent cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants like folate along with other B vitamins present in eliminates the free radicals, which are often produced as metabolic by-products, and also, reduces levels of homocysteine in the blood.

Lowering of this homocysteine levels in blood makes us less prone to cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants also aid in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in blood.

Thus, consumption of superfoods with high antioxidant content prevents accumulation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels and increases the flexibility of blood vessels. Flexible blood vessels enhance blood flow and lower risks of stroke.

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3. Maintain proper concentrations of essential compounds

While carrot juice makes your skin glow, it lacks the fire content. Baby carrots are soft enough to be chewed uncooked leaving behind a sweet taste. In the case, you do not prefer uncooked veggies; you can always go for the slightly boiled ones.

The slightly boiled carrots enrich our bodies with a pretty good amount of fiber. Fiber absorbs bad cholesterol, low-density lipo-protein and also tends to prevent spikes in sugar levels in our blood. It also has a slowing impact on digestion, which lets you feel full for comparably longer periods.

We can get a supply of about four hundred milligrams of potassium with every one cup of carrots. Potassium and sodium concentrations in blood have significant impacts on our health. Potassium regulates the essential salt balance in our body. Thus, an inclusion of carrots in our regular diet can make way for a healthy heart.

4. Help in cancer prevention

This orange vegetable served in several delicacies, the most nutritional of which are the salad platters, is found to be evidently anti-cancerous owing to its antioxidant reserves. Falcarinol produced in carrots acts as a natural pesticide.

From rounds of researches, it has been inferred that this falcarinol exhibitsanti-cancerous properties. Beta-carotene, found in abundant proportions in carrots, can lower risks of colon cancer on consuming over substantial periods.

Also, five to six ounces of carrots a week make you less prone to lung cancer. Retinoic acid, another name peeping out of the bag of nutrients in carrots, provides a shield to the prostate tissues from the fatal disease of cancer.

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5. Improve functioning of liver

Carrot consumption aids in the better functioning of our livers as well. Carrots owe this boon to its ability to lower fats and bile in the liver. Exclusion of these certainly leads to a healthy liver.

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, carrots do have other healthy aspects. Owing to its vitamin reserves, carrots boost up our overall immunity. Natural remedies for cuts and small wounds include an application of mashed carrots, as it has antiseptic properties as well.

Thus, carrots aid in preventing infections. So, count on the carrot as a mandate in your regular diet and enjoy the super healthy powers of this superfood and step forward to a healthier, immune life.

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