Burdock (Arctium Lappa) root, leaves health benefits and uses

The dull, pale green plant, Burdock root plant has large, wavy leaves. It grows 3-4 feet in height and bears round purple flowers. These flowers have stiff scales and hooked tips. The lower leaves are very large, growing up to one foot in length, heart shaped, and gray in colour on the underside covered with fine down. The top leaves are egg-shaped. The hooked prickles at the tip of the involucre attach themselves to the clothes and the fur of animals and get carried away over long distances.

Burdock root benefits, medicinal uses and side effects (Arctium Lappa)

Geographical areas where Burdock root plant grows

It is a native to England but is not seen in Scotland.

Common name

The common names for this plant are Burdock root, Go Bo, Niu Bang Zi, Beggar’s Buttons, Fox’s Clote, Cockle buttons, Gobo.

Botanical name or family of Arctium Lappa

The botanical name is Arctium Lappa. It belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Burdock Medicinal uses

The dried roots from the first year of cultivation are used for medicine. In some cases, the fruits and leaves are also used. Its constituents are crystalline glucoside, lappin, fixed oils and volatile oils, sugar, mucilage, inulin, and tannic acid.

Good for the liver: It shows good liver protective action. It detoxifies the liver and promotes good liver action. This boosts the metabolic activities, and the person gets more energy.

Good blood purifier: Burdock is one of the best blood purifiers. It gets rid of the toxins and helps improve the blood.

Boils: You can get relief from boils by washing the skin with a decoction made from the roots of the burdock plant.

Treats blood pressure: It helps maintain the balance of blood pressure. You can have tea made with burdock roots daily if you have any complaints.

Treat cancer: Though it does not cure cancer on its own, it can be used alongside many other treatments in a supportive role. You can see the effect of the medication only after some time so you must persist with the treatment.

Finds use as a diaphoretic: When you drink a decoction of the root, the burdock initiates action to eliminate wastes. It promotes sweating, and this helps clean the body system. Those having elevated levels of uric acid will have a flushing action via the kidneys.

Scurvy: It prevents the onset of scurvy. Have the decoction of the burdock root daily in the morning and be free from scurvy.

Burdock root, leaves and flower

Help with digestive complaints: It is helpful for treating all kinds of problems related to digestion such as diarrhea or other gastric complaints.

Promote skin health: One can treat the bruises on the skin and inflamed surfaces with the poultice made from the leaves of the burdock plant. Its anti-scorbutic nature helps restore the health of the skin fast.

Good for diabetics: The insulin content of the root helps control the sugar levels in the blood. Fresh root is used for lowering the blood sugar levels.

Rheumatic complaints: The burdock shows good anti-inflammatory property and is used for treating rheumatic complaints. It brings down the swelling in the joints and eases the pain.

Strengthen immune health: Burdock helps clean the body from inside out. This depurative property finds use in curing many common complaints. It flushes out the toxins from the body and adds strength to the immune system.

Skin wash for ulcers: Since it promotes skin health, you can use it to wash the ulcers and scaly formations on the skin. This will give relief from the itchiness and pain. It promotes the healing of the wounds.

Improve the hormonal balance: By balancing the hormones, the burdock will enhance the health of the person. It has a natural action to keep the level of the hormones steady.

Used as a diuretic: It promotes the diuretic action and thus helps remove the toxins from the body. By improving the flow of urine, the burdock helps to make the body clean.

Strength to the stomach: The plant has many minerals and is used as food. It provides strength to the stomach and digestive system and thus makes the person strong.

Use as a poultice: You can treat gout’s and tumors equally well with the burdock leaves and roots. The poultice helps to ease the ailment fast.

Cures long-standing indigestion: For people with a long-standing complaint of indigestion, the burdock root provides the best solution. It cures indigestion and makes the person healthy again.

Remedy for hysterical disorders: Burdock makes the person more self-reliant by strengthening the mind. It cures indecisiveness and helps bring decisiveness into the life of the individual. Drinking burdock tea regularly will help make the person mentally strong.

Used for dropsical complaints: When people have liver or renal disorders or suffer from bacterial infections, they might suffer from oedema or dropsy. This is the accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces.

Helps treat all complaints of the kidneys: Burdock is good for the kidney. It promotes the flushing of the wastes and stimulates the kidneys. If you take it regularly, it will make your kidneys as good as new.

Relaxant property: The burdock root tea is consumed to relax the distraught mind. If a person suffers from anxiety or is troubled by excessive stress, the burdock tea will calm him down immediately. You can make the tea from the leaves and seeds of the plant too.

Both the root and the seed are used in the preparation of tinctures and medicines. They are boiled in water, and then, they are condensed until only the essence remains. Then, they are stored in bottles for later use.

When you prepare decoctions, it is a wise move to prepare fresh decoctions each time. This will make the medicine strong and effective. You can also use the powdered root or the powder of the leaves to make tea.

The use of burdock has not shown any kind of side effects. Though, that does not mean that something untoward might not occur. Always play it safe and at the first signs of an allergic reaction such as a rash or swelling, discontinue use and consult a doctor. You might develop headaches if you are sensitive to burdock root preparations. 


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