Bhringraj medicinal uses and health benefits (Eclipta prostrata)

The Bhringraj is a weed that grows in moist places. The grayish roots are cylindrical. The achenes are narrowly winged and compressed. The white florets of this plant grow as solitary flower heads. These are 6-8 mm in diameter.

Bhringraj medicinal uses, health benefits and properties

The plant is used medicinally for the growth of hair. It has a sharp, dry, and bitter taste. The flowers are either white or yellow. The plant grows without any care save for the regular watering and some manure from time to time.

Considered a sacred herb, the Bhringraj plant with the yellow flower has more potency. It is usually cooked with the onions and eaten as a side dish.

Bhringraj common name

The common name for this plant is a false daisy. The other names are yerba de tago. Sanskrit name of Brhingraj are Bhringraja and Tekarajah and common Hindi names is Bhangra.

Bhringraj botanical name or family

The botanical name is Eclipta prostrata or Eclipta Alba. It belongs to the sunflower family, Asteraceae.

Bhringraj flowers

Geographical areas where Bhringraj plant grows

It grows in warm temperate to tropical areas. You find it growing profusely in India, Brazil, Thailand, China, and Nepal.

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Bhringraj medicinal uses & benefits in treating diseases

Bhringraj has found use since ancient times in Ayurveda for treating various ailments. Here is the list of the uses of this wonderful plant.

Bhringraj used for treating sinus infection

One of the best ways to treat sinus infections is through using Bhringraj. The Bhringraj leaves are used for this treatment. Some peppercorns are broken roughly without making a fine powder.

Organic turmeric powder is added to the peppercorns and boiled along with the Bhringraj leaves. If you make the pepper into a fine powder, then the decoction will become too spicy. When you give this to children, reduce the number of peppercorns.

Used for anemia

Eclipta prostrata is high in iron, and so, it provides the best solution for treating anemia. For this, heat some ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds. Once the seeds sputter, add sliced onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

Add the freshly sliced Bhringraj leaves, add enough water and pressure cook for 5 minutes. Add salt and pepper and once it is cooked, mash the mixture well and strain it. Drink this daily, and your anemia will disappear soon.Bhringraj powder

Good for the skin

This is another age-old remedy for treating all kinds of afflictions of the skin. You can even apply this for skin allergies. Use the yellow flowers and plant for more efficacy.

Crush the leaves freshly each time you want to use for treatment. Apply the juice directly on the skin. Use it for a couple of days and you will see the result. You can apply this juice on the wounds for better healing.

Bhringraj Treats baldness

If you see your hair falling, then you should take preventive action by using the Bhringraj hair pack. To make the pack, use fresh leaves and yogurt.

Apply this mix to the scalp and wait for ten minutes and wash it off. One can use dried leaves too since the leaves retain their power even after drying.

Used for hair loss, graying, and regrowth

The most effective way to get the benefit of Bhringraj for your hair is to use the Bhringraj hair oil. The hair oil will condition the hair well, prevent split ends and nourishes the roots.

You can make the Bhringraj oil with coconut oil. The most popular method is to make small balls of the crushed leaves and dry it in the sun. Then, these balls are added to the coconut oil.

One must wait until the colour of the coconut oil turns dark. Place the coconut oil bottle in the hot sunlight to get the best effect.

As a liver tonic

You can make a wonderful liver tonic with Eclipta prostrata. Most of the food we eat is contaminated through the addition of food colour. They do this to give the food its bright colour.

The addition of Eclipta prostrata to our diet will help stimulate the liver and keep us active instead of sluggish.

Treat coughs and colds

You can prevent coughs and colds if you have Bhringraj regularly. If you do not have the time to cook it, just crush it to extract the juice and add some honey. You can have this once a day to keep a cough away.

Bhringraj oil for hair

Bhringraj for heel pain

The ability of Eclipta prostrata in treating skin wounds is used for healing cracked heels. Make a poultice with fresh leaves and leave it on your cracked heels for one hour. Do this regularly, and you will soon have clean, healthy heels.

Cure for the hearing problem

People use the Eclipta Alba to cure hearing problems. The effectiveness of the Bhringraj leaves is augmented through the addition of crushed garlic. Separately crush peppercorns, Ajwain seeds, cloves, and vasa to make 50-gram powder.

Add the oil of cockscomb seed and milk to the mixture and boil well. The milk will evaporate, and the oil will remain. Cool and store it for use. Use 2-3 drops in your ear every day until your symptoms get better.

Treat Alopecia areata

For all head related ailments, one must use the preparation of the Eclipta prostrata leaves. Take 200 ml of the juice of the Eclipta prostrata leaves. Add 10 grams of the powder of the robustal berries.

Add 200 grams of cow ghee. Now, add 10 grams of yashtimadhuka powder and heat the mixture. Boil it until only the ghee is left behind. After cooling, filter the oil and store it. Use this oil in your nostril, about 3-4 drops daily. Breathe deeply.

For the childless women

It is said that the childless women wear the Bhringraj flowers in the hair while copulating. This will help them have children.

Helps cure dehydration

When you suffer from dehydration, have Eclipta prostrata to get relief. Use the juice of crushed leaves with honey. Drink this twice a day, and it will cure your dehydration problem.

Anti-poisonous and antitoxic

Use the juice of Eclipta Alba with the daily menu. This removes the wastes from the stomach and intestine and makes the gastrointestinal tract clean.

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The Bhringraj balances the Kapha which contains all the anabolic functions, the unctuous tissues that include the fluids and the fats. This is due to the dry, pungent, and bitter taste.

It further balances the vata that includes the nervous system. It governs the catabolic functions. This is because of its hot potency. Use Bhringraj medicinal uses and health benefits to cure lot of body problems.


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