Best superfoods to treat anemia and iron deficiency

Anemia treatment: Our metabolic activity depends on the movement of food and nutrients to various parts of the body in the blood. At time, the amount of healthy red blood cells decreases impairing the metabolic activities. This results in fatigue because the organs are not receiving enough nutrition. Here, we will talk about best superfoods to treat anemia and iron deficiency.

Anemia occurs due to blood loss, faulty production of blood cells, or destruction of the blood cells. Anaemia happens due to the deficiency of one of these – iron, Vitamin B6, folate, or Vitamin B12. To prevent this problem we should eat iron rich foods everyday in any amount and follow anemia diet.

superfoods to treat anemia

Superfoods to combat anemia

Red meat

Red meats such as beef, pork, and mutton contain elevated levels of heme iron. This type of iron is easier to absorb than the plant iron that is non-heme iron. Liver has loads of vitamins and iron.

One serving of beef liver provides you with 600% of the daily need of vitamin B12 and iron. This is one of the best superfoods for anemia as it has many other nutrients needed by our body.


Egg is rich in proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is one of the top superfoods. You can eat eggs to replenish the vitamins lost during anaemic attack.

You absorb more iron when you have Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) along with the iron. One large egg gives about 7% of the daily requirement of iron. Have one glass of orange juice with the egg to help the body absorb the iron better.


You can have beetroot juice or cook it as a side dish and have it. This superfood is one of the best sources of iron. You can also make salads and eat it. Beets have folate, copper, manganese, and potassium.

They have good amounts of dietary fibre that augments the bowel movement and improves the metabolism. The choline present in the beetroot helps improve our memory, learning, muscle movement, and sleep.

superfoods to treat anemia and iron deficiency
Red meat, egg, beetroot, dates and honey

Whole grain bread

The non-heme iron in whole grain bread is much needed by our body. The bread also contains phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of the iron but because the bread undergoes a fermentation process, the amount of phytic acid gets reduced. Just one slice of bread gives you about 6% if the daily iron requirement.

Raisins and dates

People prefer these superfoods because they have no fats or cholesterol but are rich in fibre and iron. By taking 100 grams of seedless raisins you get 10% of the daily requirement of iron.

You also get 4 grams of fibre. Dates give you 5% iron and has 7 grams of fibre. The raisins contain resveratrol that has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties though it inhibits the absorption of iron.

So, you might not get the benefit of the iron. In this way, dates pip the raisin as the better source of iron. Find benefits of dates for weight loss.


This is a superfood that has benefits for many functions of the body. A mere 100 grams of honey gives you 0.42 mg of iron. Honey also contains copper and magnesium that is useful for increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body. Have honey with lime juice to fight anemia effectively.


Seafood has loads of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals while remaining low in sodium and cholesterol. They are a source of high-quality proteins and poly-unsaturated fats.

It has Vitamin A and iron beside the heart healthy protein. One must have seafood thrice a week only as this will restrict the mercury poisoning.

Pumpkin seeds

This popular snack item has plenty of iron. You get over 2 mg from just one cup of pumpkin seeds. One cup of kernels has 10 mg and this becomes an effortless way to add iron to any dish. Add a handful of seeds to boost your iron intake.


This is an iron-rich food with plenty of choice for your dinner plate. Choose from soy, pinto, kidney, and navy beans. They have useful content of proteins too.

However, they have phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of iron. So, the amount of iron you receive will be less compared to what is present.

Anemia foods to avoid

These foods below are rich in iron but have some inhibiting factor. This differs for each of the food items. Read why we need to avoid these nutritious food items.


Spinach binds with iron and prevents the body from absorbing it. So, you should avoid this if you have anaemia. The spinach is low in calories and fat with 100 grams of the leaves having only 23 kcal.

It has copper that is needed to produce red blood cells. Potassium helps maintain the blood pressure and the heart rate. It has lesser amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Red Wine

The resveratrol in the red wine prevents iron absorption but is useful in fighting heart disease. Since white wine helps iron absorption, you can have it instead.

Back and green tea

Back and green teas chelate with iron and make them impossible to absorb by the body. However, this is only for the iron from plant sources and the teas do not have any effect on the iron one get from meat sources.


This beverage prevents the absorption of iron from an iron-rich meal. So, do not have coffee one-hour before or after a meal.

Soy meals

Though soy product are rich in iron, the phytic acid in the soy interferes with the absorption of the iron. This is especially true of non-fermented soy.


This is another superfood filled with high-quality nutrients. It has elevated levels of iron also but the downside is that it contains phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of iron.

One can use fortified oatmeal that has added iron and other supplements. If you have one cup of oatmeal, it will take care of 60% of your daily iron need. In the fortified oatmeal, you have B-complex vitamins also.

You have food items rich in iron but not beneficial for anaemic people. Watch the items and pick those that will help you get more iron out of your daily diet. Also, eat foods rich in Vitamin C as this helps the body absorb the iron and prevent anaemia.


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