Top 10 best omega 3 capsules in India – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Omega 3 supplements are used in the body in many ways including preventing an early death. Omega 3 is one of the good times of fat. In this post, we will tell you about best omega 3 capsules in India.

Top 10 best omega 3 supplements in India

Since your body cannot make omega 3, you have to take them as supplements or eat food items that contain Omega 3. But, first, let us look at the uses of omega 3 fatty acids for our health and body functioning. 

Use of Omega 3 for good health

  1. Cuts the fat in the liver.
  2. Shields the hippo-campus.
  3. Might have anti-cancer properties.
  4. Helps relieve depression.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Good for the heart health.
  7. Improve the Health of Your Heart, Brain, Skin and Hair.

Omega 3 foods are helpful for eye health.  It protects the tissues of the eye so we have better eye health in the future. Further introduces attention deficiency in children and this useful so fighting asthma.

The health of the bones and joints of the person improves. Here is the list of the best fish oil capsules in India.

Top 10 best omega 3 supplement brand in India

1. St. Botanica omega 3 fish oil capsules

The leader among herbal cosmetics world brands, St. Botanica is a safe food supplement for Omega 3. It is the supplier of dermatologically proven allergy tested products and renowned for its safe manufacturing processes.

All its products get tested and approved by several International institutes for food safety. St. Botanica Fish oil 1000 mg is double strength fish oil supplement with ingredients of strict standard and quality.

They make it from cold water fish and are an all-natural non-vegetarian product. It contains 330 mg EPA and 220 mg DHA. This is one of the best fish oil capsules in india.


  • Better absorption & avoid fishy aftertaste – enjoy health benefits without fish burps.
  • Each soft gel yields 1000 mg fish oil containing 330 EPA, 220 DHA comprising 600 mg Omega 3.
  • St.Botanica FISH OIL 1000 is manufactured in the GMP certified facility, assuring you that your purchase meets strict standards for ingredient quality and safety. All natural, non-stimulating, and gluten-free.
  • St.Botanica fish oil 1000 mg contains omega-3 essential fatty acids including eicosapentaenoic acid 330mg (epa) and docosahexaenoic acid 220mg (dha). It provides the required dose of 600 mg of daily omega 3.
Buy St.Botanica Fish Oil
Omega 3 Caspules
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2. Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids capsules

Optimum Nutrition is a brand that pays plenty of attention to quality and standards. They use premium raw materials in the manufacturing process and ensure strict quality. They test every ingredient for compliance and issue a certificate of analysis.

Due to the relentless lab testing and strict control over the quality, Optimum Nutrition remains one of the best brands available. This is an enteric coated, mercury-free fish oil supplement.

You remain assured of quality when you buy this product. This is one of the best omega 3 capsules in india.

  • Contains long-chain fatty acids like docosahexenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
  • Enteric coated softgels give you all the benefits of fish oils without the fishy aftertaste.
  • DHA and EPA are essential fats that cannot be made by your body, the fish oil softgels supplements them.
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Fish Oil Omega-3 Caspules
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3. Unived Ovegha DHA Max Vegan Omega 3 supplement

This is a pure DHA oil supplement for all. This Omega 3 supplement is a vegan product that is algae-based. It does not contain any ocean-based contamination. It is 100% free from impurities and one of the best Omega 3 capsules around.

This product gets made in India and has a competitive pricing. This is a good option for vegetarians as it does not contain any non-vegetarian product. This is a good supplement for the entire family.


  • Pure Algae Based Omega-3 Dha, From The Primary Source, Marine-Algae.
  • Omega-3 Dha Ensures The Proper Development And Functionality Of The Brain, Eyes, And Heart, Throughout Life.
  • Ovegha Offers 400Mg Dha Per Serving, And Is Vegan, Vegetarian, And Packed In Hpmc Veg Capsules.
  • No Fishy Taste, Unlike Fish Oil Products. Although, Please Note That Algae Does Have A Peculiar Odour.
  • 40% Dha Oil Better Than Powder – Please Note Many Products Sell Vegetarian Dha Powder, But The Maximum Potency Is 7% For Powder While For Oil It Is 40%, So This Is A Superior Product Compared To The Rest.
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4. Herbalife Herbalifeline Omega 3 fatty acid soft gel capsules

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are Omega 3 fatty acids that our body needs but cannot make. It is present in this Omega 3 supplement capsule and is good for people with diabetes and heart ailments.

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Omega 3 remains renowned for its ability to strengthen and help good body strength and eyesight. This supplement helps to maintain a cholesterol level that is healthy.

You also have Vitamin E and antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage. This is one of the best omega 3 supplement brand.

Buy Herbalife Herbalifeline
Omega-3 Capsules

5. Health Viva Omega 3 Supplement

Among the many health and wellness brands in India,HealthViva stands out as one of the fastest growing health products. You can use a high-quality dietary supplement to take care of all dietary deficiencies.

It has a series of quality checks in place to ensure that the ingredients are of the highest standard. The facility for manufacturing the scientifically formulated fish oil has certification from ISO, FSSAI, and GMP. It does not contain any mercury contamination.

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6. Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules

Manufactured by Wow, this fish oil supplement has Omega 3 they get from sardines, mackerel, anchovy, and salmon. It helps build your immunity by improving your heart health.

Get 3-4 times more of the important omega-3s compared to many other brands. Every capsule contains 350 mg docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 550 mg eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 100 mg other omega 3s.

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It is costlier than the normal brands because of better quality and manufacturer has experience in supplying quality food supplements. You can choose this brand If you want assured quality.

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Fish Oil Capsules
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7. Sunline Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil Omega 3

This brand of sea fish oil undergoes molecular distillation to ensure high quality. Sunline Alaska is well-known for its adherence to quality. You get 1000 mg capsules of oil made from deep-sea fish.

The soft gels do not have a fishy aftertaste. So, even vegetarians can have this without any problem. You can try this brand for its good quality and low price.


  • Helps maintain optimum health
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Pristine marine source
  • Distilled for purity
  • No fishy after-taste
  • 100 Softgels, 1000 mg
Buy Sunline Alaska Deep
Sea Fish Oil Omega 3
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8. Seven Seas cod liver oil capsules

Synonymous with cod liver oil of the highest quality, Seven Seas makes omega 3 fish oil capsules. It started in 1935 with the cod liver oil and went on to make different types of supplements. But, almost everyone identifies it with the cod liver oil.

Choosing this brand is a guarantee of quality, standard, and purity.  They make this oil from the liver of the Atlantic codfish. Codfish has the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This is helpful for building immunity and brain development.

Buy Seven Seas Cod
Liver Oil Capsules
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9. Inlife Healthcare Omega 3 supplement fish oil

This brand has many products in the Healthcare division.  Of late, it has started the Omega 3 supplement fish oil product. This product is scientifically validated and effective.

It gives us a good improvement in overall fitness, health, and wellness. All the ingredients are of high-quality and natural.

They do the molecular distillation of fish oil to ensure the highest quality in their product. They make the oil sardine fish. You can buy this reliable brand for a low price (compared to most of the other brands) at most the stores of the top suppliers in the country.


  • The ultimate natural source of Omega 3. Helps to maintain a healthy body for overall wellness. Mood, brain power, eye, skin, hair, heart health, and joint relief may be benefits of high quality Omega 3! This product can be combined with multivitamins, vitamin d3, coenzyme q10, zinc and vitamin e for extra health benefits! For optimal results, take 2 capsules 2 times a day after meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Purity through molecular distillation. Our fish oil is purified with molecular distillation – one of the few current methods that can purify from heavy metals, PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable limits for human consumption. All supplements are made in GMP certified facilities.
  • 1000 mg Fish Oil per serving with 600 mg Omega 3 (360 mg EPA, 240 mg DHA), Double Strength. Fish oil must have an adequate amount of EPA and DHA to have positive effect on your health.
  • Their fish oil is encapsulated in liquid filled hard shell capsules that are having many advantages over soft gels. It contains 4-5 times less gelatine, requires no other additives, consists of water and gelatine only, are stable in hot climates thereby do not stick together and become gluey like soft gelatine capsules, will disintegrate faster due to the capsule wall being 5 times thinner than the walls of soft gelatine capsules, less product migration into the shell, less diffusion of odours.
  • INLIFE Healthcare stands by every quality product they make. They manufacture only premium and extra pure but high potency vitamins, capsules, tablets, powders, multivitamins, herbal supplements and natural herbal skin & personal care products for men, women, and children.

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Omega 3 Capsules
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10. HealthVit Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement

Omega 3 fish oil from HealthVit gets manufactured by West Coast Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. in their Herbo-Nutra segment. They put a lot of hard work and research into their manufacturing process, and this result in high-quality products.

For their fish oil, they use natural fish oil concentrate and this makes them highly potent. They check for the mercury levels to make sure that they are in the healthy range. Using high-quality supplements help to lead a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

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Fish Oil supplement
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The recommended amount of EPA and DHA combined is 250 mg – 500 mg per day. This amounts to eating cold water fish two to three times per week. Having best omega 3 capsules in India reduces the trouble of having to cook and eat fish. Get the best fish oil capsule brands online and improve your heart and total health. 

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