Top 10 foods for healthy hair and hair growth

How you eat and how much you eat determines your health. To get the cure, you must re-plan your diet and often this is enough to augment your health. Here, we will talk about top 10 foods for healthy hair and hair growth.

For hair, you need the food items that increase the production of collagen and keratin. These constituents are responsible for our hair health. All hair has the hair protein keratin. The most abundant protein found in the body is collagen. This gives strength and elasticity to the skin and helps reduce the number of dead cells on our scalp.

Best food items for healthy hair and hair growth

Top 10 foods for healthy hair and hair growth

1. Fenugreek for healthy hair

Methi in Hindi, the bitter seed of the fenugreek plant has good hair-restorative properties. Hair follicles get damaged when the scalp becomes undernourished. Fenugreek has mucilage content that makes the hair super glossy.

Apply fenugreek soaked in water and crushed, say at least once or twice a week and you improve the chances of having lustrous hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature that helps make the scalp healthy. This is one of the effective food for healthy hair.

2. Nuts are best food for healthy hair

You find several ingredients needed for proper hair growth and maintenance in the nuts such as walnuts and almonds. The scalp health improves when you include Vitamin E in your diet. This vitamin also nourishes the hair and helps it grow well.

Almonds contain Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6. Besides this, it has mono fatty acids and magnesium. Having nuts on a regular basis helps you grow your hair well. It is one of the best superfoods for healthy hair. Nuts also help develop brain functioning and heart health. Nuts are best food for hair.

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3. Indian Gooseberry or Amla

This item tops the list as a superfood for skin and hair health. Amla promotes blood circulation and destroys the bacteria that could damage the scalp health. This helps keep your hair follicle healthy and prevent hair breakage. Amla is rich in Vitamin C that shows antioxidant properties.

It provides iron that helps prevent hair fall. The Vitamin C helps with the iron absorption and promotes the production of the collagen protein. Rub amla oil into the scalp at least twice a week and see your hair shine. This is one of the best food for healthy hair.

4. Carrot provides vitamins for healthy hair

The list of the top hair superfoods also includes carrots having plenty of Vitamin A. Our body needs this vitamin for the growth of cells. It shows good antioxidant action due to the presence of Vitamin C. The beta-carotene helps promotes the immune system and mucous membrane.

Carrots help strengthen the root of the hair and prevent hair fall. This makes your hair grow thick and long. Besides this, carrots help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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5. Aloe Vera

One of the superstars for hair growth, Aloe vera like amla, carrot, and fenugreek has a good effect on hair growth. Aloe vera is full of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help treat scalp irritation, dandruff, and hair fall. So your hair gets a good supply of nutrients.

It nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It adds volume to the hair strands. Besides this, the nutrients also helps improve health and tones up the skin if you consume Aloe vera juice and use if for topical applications. It helps with cell regeneration and makes the hair strong.

6. Sweet Potato

You can avoid brittle hair by eating sweet potato. Sweet potatoes have complex carbohydrates. This lowers the glycaemic index and promotes good digestion. They have loads of biotin that give you long and glossy hair. It has fibre and antioxidants that promote the health.

Other uses of the sweet potato include help in converting the food into energy during the metabolic process. Have sweet potato at least once a week to augment your hair health.

7. Bhringraj or false daisy

Used since the ancient times, Bhringraj is good for premature hair loss and greying. For hair growth, people consider this the king. When you use this herb often, the hair becomes darker and glossier. It will also increase the hair growth and make it soft.

Mix one or two teaspoons of Bhringraj powder in coconut oil and apply. You can also add Amla and Brahmi to this. This will reduce grey hair within six to eight months. This is one of the best herb for healthy hair.

8. Spinach

With plenty of iron, spinach is a great way to supply the much-needed nutrients for the hair. This is a superfood for healthy hair growth because it has folate and beta-carotene. The antioxidant beta-carotene helps prevent oxidative damage.

This occurs during the normal metabolic process. Iron adds strength to the body of the hair. If you eat spinach two to three times a week, it will contribute to the health of your hair. Besides this, spinach is also good for people suffering from anemia.

9. Cinnamon

To stimulate hair growth and promote the health of the scalp, eat cinnamon. It promotes the circulation in the scalp and so the hair becomes stronger. It helps reduce the stress level in the body and so it is useful for those that suffer from loss of hair due to stress.

Use a cinnamon mask that has powdered cinnamon and coconut oil. Rub the warm mixture into the scalp before your evening bath. This will enrich the scalp and make the hair thicker. Besides this, it helps promote heart health and lower blood sugar levels when taken by mouth.

10. Coriander for healthy hair

Coriander is high in iron, protein, and Vitamin C. It has fame for its healing properties. It helps rectify damaged hair and promotes good scalp health. Both the seeds and the leaves have a good effect and so you can add them in either form.

Crush some leaves and mix it with coconut oil. Apply this to your head and leave it for 20 minutes. This will help get rid of dandruff and hair loss. It makes the hair glossy and smooth. This is a wonderful superfood for healthy hair.


Proper care for the scalp forms the basis for good, healthy hair. A dry and flaky scalp is the first sign that you must pay more attention to your hair. If you get persistent dandruff, consult your doctor for more information. Also, if any of these food items for healthy hair cause a rash or an allergic reaction, stop taking it and try something else.


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