Best diet for 40+ year old woman for weight loss and thyroid

A healthy 40+ years old house woman requires 1800-2000 kilo-calories and a working women requires 2200-2400 kilo-calories everyday.

In this age women mainly develop thyroid, osteoarthritis and molecular degeneration in their bodies which may lead to blindness, fatigue, tiredness, colon cancer and breast cancer like dangerous diseases.

By making changes in eating habits and life style, one can live a healthy and long life. In lot of cases, reasons of fatness, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease are genetic factors or hereditary.

Best diet for 40+ year old woman for weight loss and thyroid

Try to eat raw or uncooked foods at 40+

After 40, women should include protein rich diet like lentils, paneer, eggs, soy products, milk and curd in their diet instead of oily food and butter. For fibers, use green vegetables, fruits, wheat bran and multigrain atta. Consume iron rich green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cilantro, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots and citrus fruits like oranges, lemon water, pineapple etc.

Every woman should burn at least 500 kilo-calories everyday so take a 45 minutes walk with empty stomach, do cardio and yoga. Use high PUFA unsaturated oil like rice bran, Flaxseed, sunflower and olive oil instead of saturated fat oils and butter. For women, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids are very important. So eat almonds, walnuts and pistachios everyday. These foods controls high blood pressure thus saves you from high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Try to limit quantity of salt in food.

Near 40, most women faces menopause and hormonal changes which in turn decreases metabolism rate. Decreased metabolism rate also decreases calorie burn rate. This whole process leads you to fatness, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Calcium is must


During menopause, woman body no longer perform their usual functions to regulate estrogen. Which significantly affect calcium production in body thus generate osteoporosis disease. Normal woman requires 1100 Mg calcium everyday. To fulfill the daily need, every woman should eat paneer, milk, curd, Soya milk, calcium rich fruits & vegetables like banana, sapodilla (chikoo), custard apple (sitaphal), broccoli, spinach etc. For vitamin D, stay under sun rays for 20 minutes in the morning or you can take sunbath. Taking fish oil supplements are also beneficial in this age.

Consume Soya products

soya products for woman

To stop molecular degeneration, consume green vegetables, Soya products and green & yellow lentils. Now a days, breast cancer is getting spread in women very fast. Every woman should take mammography test once a year. In Japan, people use soya products in breakfast to avoid cancer. In USA, we have largest community of breast cancer patients.

Medical tests you should take in this age

By taking some preventive tests, you can understand the stage of disease and treat that properly to avoid any mishap.

  1. Mammography:  It’s a technique using X-rays to diagnose and locate tumours of the breasts.
  2. Pap test: Doctors advice to take this test after every 3 years after the age of 40. It’s a technique of cervical screening to diagnose and locate tumours in the cervix (opening of the uterus or womb).
  3. Thyroid test: Doctors advice to take this test after every 5 years.
  4. Skin test: Its a test to determine whether an immune reaction is elicited when a substance is applied to or injected into the skin. If lumps on skin changes color or size then consult your dermatologist.
  5. Weight: Increased body weight is the reason behind lot of other diseases now a days. Regular weight test and proper fat-less diet can save you from this.
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