Ayurvedic treatment for bronchial asthma attack

Asthma is a disease in which patient feels difficulty in breathing. Asthma may attack women, men, and children. Some people take allopathic medication to treat asthma, some people also treat asthma with homeopathic medicine. Today in this article we will learn about ayurvedic treatment for bronchial asthma attack.

Ayurvedic treatment for bronchial asthma attack

A breathable tube moves the air inside and out of the lungs and becomes swollen inside the tube after getting asthma. These swelling make the respiratory tract sensitive, causing any discomfort that quickly gets allergic and causes less air in the lungs.

Asthma disease is of two types, specific and non-specific. If the problem of breathing is due to an allergy than it is specific and when the problem of asthma is due to the effects of the weather or exercise, it is non-specific asthma.

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Bronchial asthma causes

  • Wrong eating habits, adulterated food and extra spicy things.
  • Anger, stress or fear of something can also lead to asthma.
  • Any kind of problem in the blood.
  • You can also get this disease from pets.
  • Consume some intoxicants.
  • Long-term cold, dizziness and chills.
  • Weakness of intestines and lungs.
  • Dust particles in the breathing tube.
  • Smoking and tobacco consumption.
  • If there is already an asthma patient in your family, then you are more likely to have this disease.
  • Excessive medication and coughing can also lead to asthma.
  • There may also be asthma from allergy to pollution.

Asthma Symptoms

  1. The main symptom of asthma is difficulty in breathing.
  2. Feeling exhausted and sweating.
  3. This disease comes with a dry cough and tightness in the chest.
  4. The cough of asthma patient is smelly.
  5. Difficulty in breathing with redness in the face.
  6. While breathing, there is a light sound of whistle.

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Foods to eat in asthma diet

  • Asthma patients should take care of eating and always eat a lightly digested diet.
  • Eat more garlic, bottle gourd, fenugreek, ginger, apple gourd and snake gourd.
  • Consume roti (Indian bread) and porridge made with thick flour.
  • Eat dates and currant.
  • Always drink lukewarm water.

Ayurvedic treatment for bronchial asthma attack

The problem of respiratory illness and asthma can be treated and controlled by ayurvedic remedies.

  1. Mix a cup of fenugreek decoction, a little honey and a spoonful of ginger juice. Consuming this mixture is beneficial in asthma attack treatment.
  2. To reduce the attack of asthma, mix two teaspoons of honey and one spoon turmeric and consume it.
  3. Garlic intake is very useful in asthma treatment. Boil four to five garlic buds in 30 liters of milk and eat it daily. Apart from this, grind two buds of garlic and mix it in ginger tea. Drinking this tea in the morning also benefits.
  4. Drinking hot coffee also provides relief in asthma. The breathing tube gets cleaned by coffee, which does not make breathing difficult.
  5. Put a little bit of camphor in mustard oil and heat it and after cooling it massage the waist and chest. Asthma symptoms start decreasing when massage with this oil every day.
  6. To treat asthma with natural remedies, take few dry leaves of peepal tree and burn them in a vessel. Now after the burn, filter these burnt leaves by a cloth. Now mix honey with this and consume. Asthma patient gets relief when this treatment is done two to three times a day for two months.
  7. Put the basil leaves in the water and grind it, then mix two teaspoons of honey and eat it. This home remedy provides relief in asthma.
  8. Cardamom is also beneficial in the treatment of asthma attack. Eating large cardamom gives comfort from both asthma and hiccup. Take large cardamom, dates and grapefruit in equal amounts and grind them. Mix it with honey and consume. It removes asthma and cough.
  9. Mix one spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and consume it. This Ayurvedic remedy keeps bronchial asthma and allergy under control.
  10. Drink ten to twelve glasses of water daily and do not drink water while eating.
  11. Put two spoonful amla powder in one cup, then add one teaspoon of honey to it and mix it well. Consume this mixture daily in the morning.
  12. Put four to five cloves in half glasses of water and boil for five minutes, then filter it and add some honey and drink it. This ayurvedic treatment of asthma can be done twice a day to three times a day.
  13. Mix one third of the spinach juice and two thirds of carrot juice and drink a glass every day. Use of Bathua (Chenopodium Album), garlic, barley and ginger is beneficial for asthmatics.

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Homeopathic medicine to treat asthma

Homeopathic medicine is given only on the basis of the symptoms of the disease. Homeopathy focuses on eliminating the causes of asthma and allergies in treatments.

There are many medicines available for homeopathic treatment of asthma, but here we are giving five names of homeopathic medicines that we used for treating asthma. This is just for your information. For personal treatment, you must consult a homeopathic doctor.

  • Thuja
  • Iodium
  • Allu Cepa
  • Carbo Veg
  • Dulcamara

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Precautions to prevent asthma

Asthma attacks can occur at any time, and this disease can also be fatal, so it is extremely important to know the remedy for bronchial asthma.

  • To treat breathlessness, instead of breathing in the mouth, try to breathe through the nose. Cold can be inside if you breathe through mouth, which can lead to trouble.
  • Always keep your inhaler pump near you.
  • Avoid using perfume-like items.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco.
  • Use less chilies and spices in the diet.
  • Avoid the place of smoke and dust.
  • Reduce intake of food which is responsible for making mucus.
  • Keep informed about changes in weather.


Asthma is not incurable. If at the right time, asthma treatment is done by identifying this disease then treatment can be done easily. Therefore, immediately test the symptoms of asthma and start aAyurvedic treatment for bronchial asthma attack.

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