Ayurveda tips to stay healthy and fit in winter season

Winter is cold and dry, upsetting the vata in the body. This is the time when the contagious diseases increase. This makes winter full of danger, but it need not be.

You can improve the immunity of the body during the winter season by implementing elemental changes that help make the body strong. Here is how we can follow ayurvedic health tips for good health in winter season.

Health tips for healthy living in winter season

Ayurvedic health tips for good health in winter season

Improve strength of the body

In Ayurveda, bala refers to strength, but it encompasses not mere physical strength but the strength of the psyche and the spirit as well.

Immunity in Ayurveda remains connected to the digestion so that when the digestion and appetite is good, the immunity of the person improves. When one of these remains upset, the immunity decreases.

Besides making changes to the diet and lifestyle, there are a few more things that affect your immunity. These are your heredity, the season, and Ayurvedic pattern.

The hereditary immunity remains fixed from your birth so you can do nothing about it. The seasonal immunity changes with the onset of winter and summer. So, we can use this to improve our immunity.

The third is the adoption of the Ayurvedic practices of diet and lifestyle so that we develop immunity. During winter you should consume ashwagandha, shatavari, peanuts etc to improve body strength and power.

Find ashwagandha powder health benefits and shatavari benefits for good health.

Improved digestion during winter

During winter, the digestive fires become stronger. It is time to eat health supporting nutritious food items. This includes fresh organic food such as milk and yogurt. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Ghee or clarified butter is also good. Food that is hard to digest such as junk food full of trans-fats is best avoided. Also, avoid leftover food, canned or frozen food and packaged food that has grown old. They have chemicals that can clog the arteries and create problems for the blood circulation.

Nature supports our well-being during the winter months. The foods ideal for the winter months includes sour, sweet, and salty taste food items. Eat less of astringent, bitter, and pungent tastes until the winter is over.

You should have all six tastes in the diet always. Warm, home-cooked foods are always the best and avoid deep-fried food items. When you use oils, give preference to ghee and olive oil as they are the healthy options.

Change your diet suitably

Kindle the fires within the stomach by adding more oil, butter, ghee, and olive oil so that your metabolism remains active through the cold winter months. Eat boiled foods instead of fried foods.

Soups and stews are healthy choices along with broths made from carrots and leafy vegetables. Also, add beets, nuts and other root crops to the daily meal. Always eat warm food in winter.

Add plenty of nuts – walnuts, peanuts, pecan nuts, almonds, and cashews – as they add good fatty acids and fiber. They promote heart health and provide vitamins that fight diseases. They also aid in weight loss and in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.

Make lifestyle changes

The lifestyle impacts your health and wellbeing to a large extent. The things affecting our health include staying up late and rising late in the morning. This adds stress to the body, and over the time, the health will deteriorate.

Working at night will upset the body rhythms, and if you make it into a habit, you will develop stress in the body. This will lead to major complications if you ignore it.

The other thing that plays an important part in the health is eating at the proper time. If you have the habit of snacking late in the night, the metabolism begins to adapt to this.

The body will expect a snack late in the night, and this becomes part of your lifestyle. Whether this will impact you or not will depend on the type of snack and the amount of nutrition it has.

But, it is not advisable to have more meals than normal. When the bodily rhythms work smoothly it augments the immune system, and your health improves.

During the cold season, your body is prone to respiratory disorders. You can offset this by having warm fluids with your meals. This may be soups, broth, or just plain water.

You can practice Panchakarma to detoxify the body. It helps to balance the doshas -Vamana, Raktamoskshana, Basti, Nasya, and Virechana. You experience complete removal of stress and increased vitality and enthusiasm.

The daily practice of Panchakarma rejuvenates you to higher energy levels. Your productivity increases due to the revitalisation of the metabolism and digestion.

This adds strength to the immune system as you become stronger. Panchakarma is the complete restoration and healing system you need for complete detoxification and relaxation.

You can say part of this power of healing goes to the winter season as it increases the hunger and stimulates digestion.

Keep the body rhythm steady

Try to avoid sleeping during the day as this will upset the body rhythm. Try to sleep earlier so that your body remains fresh during the day and keeps working at a steady pace.

During the winter season, nature is at rest. You have many Ayurvedic food supplements that improve the health. Many of these scavenge free radicals and help prevent decay to the body.

When you enhance your immunity, you decrease the chances of developing a cold or flu.

The use of Ayurvedic supplements helps the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals effectively. Many substances such as tannins block the ability of the body to absorb the nutrition in the food.

By having the supplements, you can improve the absorption of the nutrients and have a healthier life. You can also take nutrients to help the growth of new cells in the body. You can improve the immunity of the tissues when you revitalize growth.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. It emphasizes on the lifestyle solutions and customized behavioral patterns to augment healing and health. You can get guidance for all your health problems from Ayurveda.

Follow Ayurvedic health tips for good health in winter season, and you will notice a change in your life for the better.



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