Arnica montana benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

Arnica montana is a perennial herb which is a flowering plant that grows 20-60 cm in height. In this post, we will talk about Arnica montana benefits, medicinal uses and side effects.

Arnica montana benefits, medicinal uses and side effects

Its ovate cilitate leaves have rounded tips and are basal green in color. The flowers are orange-yellow and 5-6 cm in diameter with 10-15 ray florets. It also has a multitude of disc florets. The flowering season is between May and August. It grows well in partly shaded to full sun conditions.

Arnica montana common names

Its common name is Mountain Arnica. People also call it Leopard’s Bane and Wolf’s Bane.

Botanical name and family

It has the botanical name of Arnica Montana. It belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Geological places where Arnica plant  grows

Arnica grows natively in many parts of Europe. You can also find it in northern Portugal, Scandinavia, eastern and southern Russia, and Balkan countries, northern Italy, and northern and eastern Spain.

Arnica montana benefits and medicinal uses

The main constituent of Arnica Montana is helenalin. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic property. For this, it is used in many medications used to treat injuries. 

  • Arnica is an effective ointment for pain and swelling: Arnica Montana is well known for its property to reduce swelling. It also brings down the pain. It stimulates the healing process in the body so that we feel relief soon after we apply this to the wound or blister. 
  • Helps ease the pain due to sprains: When we have muscular aches and sprains, we can get the needed relief with Arnica Montana. It is a safe alternative for NSAIDs because it does not have the side effects. 
  • Pain from disease: When one has a disease such as arthritis, the pain is unbearable due to the swelling. By applying the paste of the Arnica Montana flowers, you can treat arthritis pain. 
  • Treats infections of the mouth: You can use an infusion made from the Arnica Montana flowers to get rid of the infections of the mouth. Gargle with the infusion twice a day and you will see the infection disappear soon. You can also use arnica gel or arnica cream.
  • Reduce the swollen veins: This is quite remarkable and useful since the veins can look very ugly if left untreated. Apply a little paste of the Arnica plant on the skin surface where you have the swollen veins protruding out of the skin. After a few days, the swollen veins will disappear. 
  • Pain after abortion: One can use the preparation made from Arnica Montana to ease the pain one gets after abortion. Have the tea made from the flowers both morning and night and this will ease the pain. 
  • Pain in the gums: After the wisdom teeth fall out, you get a pain in the gums. You can use the infusion of the Arnica Montana flower to get relief from tooth pain.
  • Good for the superficial skin and hair care: The use of Arnica Montana helps relieve the pain from insect bites and clear acne. People use it in shampoos to remove dandruff and lice infestation.

Arnica montana side effects

When used in large doses, helenalin can cause severe irritation to the skin. It could lead to death if the dose is big.

The Arnica Montana has a number of uses such as use as a sedative, augmentation of liver health, used for the treatment of stomach and intestinal cancers, and other uses that are not used because the plant has cytotoxic effects.

If they are used today, it is after extreme dilution to prevent such damage from occurring to the cells.


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