Ardha Vakrasana: Steps, benefits and images (Half spinal twist pose)

How to do Ardha Vakrasana

Ardha Vakrasana: Sit down on the floor. Stretch both legs in front. Make the legs parallel to one another. Put down palms on the floor. Breathe normally. Keep the back straight while sitting.

Ardha Vakrasana: Steps, benefits and images (Half spinal twist pose)
Back pose


  • Let one leg remain stretched on the floor. Fold the other leg at the knee and pull it slightly backward.
  • Put the heel of the folded leg at the central point between the knee and the ankle of the stretched leg. Then drop the heel on the outer side of the leg. Keep the heel quite close to the stretched leg. Now the knee of your folded leg should be upward.
  • Lift he hand which is on the side of the stretched leg; bring it up and parallel to the stretched leg. Grab the stretched leg near the heel of the folded leg. Now you have made a lock with the arm and the knee. If you cannot grab the stretched leg, just touch it or keep the fingers near the central point.
  • Lift the other side hand and put its palm on the waist, keeping the thumb and the index finger side upwards. Now your elbow is folded and making a 90 degree angle with the stretched leg. At this stage see that your head, neck and back are straight upward.
  • Start exhaling slowly and at the same time begin twisting and turning the waist, chest, neck and the head area in the direction of the folded elbow. Twist and turn as much as you comfortably can. In this turn, your folded elbow travel 180 degree. For example, if you were sitting facing east and you have to turn right then your face will turn first to south and then to the west while your stretched leg will remain facing east.
  • After making the maximum turn, hold the breath and stay in that position for six to eight seconds. At this stage, your spine should be straight upwards and you should be projecting the vision at a maximum distance.
  • Then start inhaling slowly and return to the position of readiness.
  • Now break the lock, stretch out the legs, relax the body, put the palms on the floor and rest for six seconds.
  • After rest repeat the asana with the other leg, following the same method.

Daily Practice of Ardha Vakrasana

Make four to six rounds alternately. Never do Ardha Vakrasana more than six time (three times with each side).

Ardha Vakrasana front pose
Front pose

Ardha Vakrasana Benefits

The main effect of this pose is on the waist and abdominal areas. It activates all the organs and glands of these parts of the body. This asana has a very good effect on the pancreas, adrenal, grand, ovary in female and the testicles in male.

This yoga asana has several other good benefits. It cures piles, constipation, stomach troubles, backache, stiffness in the neck and spinal disorders. Ardha Vakrasana is easy to do and therefore recommended to every practitioner of yoga.

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